w19 News and World Update

March 23, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19, look we have a post already!  There’s no major news to report in w19 in the last week, but I’m working to get some new interviews out soon, so that is one thing to look forward to.   Let’s have a quick look at the maps:

No huge visible changes here, and a little investigation on TWStats reveals much of the same trends we are seeing on public forum PnP… Asylum has more conquers on the BBC, XLR is ahead in conquers on OutFit/Bonded, and while Virtus/Origin/Magyar are up on conquers against Candy, their rate of nobling has seemed to slow. Disclaimer: Yes, this is a short overview and I am not accounting for individual players who may have moved or left tribes or how any individual tribe is performing compared to another against a common enemy (that’s what PnP is for *wink*).  I wanted to put some conquer maps up for a better analysis, but that feature is down on TWStats (hopefully it will be fixed soon =( ).

Power Rankings

Here are this week’s Power Rankings (thank you as always to the lovely Persempai!)

Major Powers (10+%)

ASYLUM 307,224,493 11.93% -34,793,959 -1.35%

PANDAS 257,668,385 10.00% 3,554,579 0.14%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)

OutFit 244,861,177 9.51% 902,685 0.04%

BRAINS 240,621,023 9.34% 16,345,795 0.64%

VIRTUS 211,929,003 8.23% -132,870 0.00%

~EP~ 167,230,574 6.49% 5,648,452 0.22%

CANDY 162,081,027 6.29% 1,712,522 0.07%

ORIGIN 159,767,701 6.20% -4,929,575 -0.19%

XLR 147,560,834 5.73% 14,622,948 0.57%

All* 126,603,863 4.91% 1,091,320 0.04%

~TA~ 115,479,727 4.48% 6,003,182 0.23%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & Less than 20M)

NIR 67,822,381 2.63% 354,805 0.01%

WDW 63,781,891 2.48% 1,335,229 0.05%

BRAINZ 62,981,986 2.44% -4,324,963 -0.17%

Bonded 59,374,158 2.30% -286,597 -0.01%

cC 53,990,348 2.10% 1,655,142 0.06%

Wolf 47,678,236 1.85% 1,342,326 0.05%

Magyar 40,309,013 1.56% -2,129,422 -0.08%

HEROES 38,996,049 1.51% 10,184,702 0.40%

Blog Question of the Week

No one responded to last week’s question about the new 6.0 updates…I’ll leave that open for responses because I would love to hear some feedback about the new features.  For fun though, I’ll throw another question out to w19 for this week:

Who do you think is an unforgettable or irreplaceable w19 personality and why?

This person can be anyone…someone you like, someone you don’t =p Someone who is a tribe leader, a forum troll, an extremely skilled (or unskilled) player, a world clown, any criteria that you like.  Just give me good reasons =)  ***another disclaimer — pointless jabs and petty insults directed toward fellow w19er’s will be ignored =P ***

And a final note for forthcoming updates:  I am looking for guest contributors! I’d like to start adding a section to the blog for other people in the w19 community to share their thoughts on the blog, so if you are interested in writing a guest spot, let me know!!  You are all cordially invited!

Well, that’s all for this week folks.  Come back soon =)