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March 13, 2009 in World 018 News

First W18 Blog Post

World 18 was launched on April 6th 2008 along with world 19. Settings at the time prevented players from joining both worlds.  The setting of growing barbarian villages made W18 a very popular world, and the server was full by July 9th of 2008, even before world 15 was closed. Aspects that make W18 unique are that its barbarian villages grew even up to 9’000  – 11’000 points in some cases, before the limit of barbarian point values was made. W18 also has a “World Center” in the form of a 500|500 village, that was believed to be a “black hole” of sorts, since no amount of troops or even scouts sent there ever returned. World 18 today, has around 5’000 registered players, and a little more than 400 tribes. And that’s W18 in a nutshell ;D

Current W18 Wars:

Unholy Alliance vs. Legion & Allies: Many of the current wars fit into this category. This conflict is commonly referred to as “World War 18″ due to is scope, and the sheer number of players and tribes involved. Legion has lost several continents worth of territory, but more to defection than ennoblement. Despite this, Legion remains the #3 ranking tribe (for points) in W18, largely due to the fact that it is still actively recruiting. It is also considered an achievement of its own that Legion has lasted so long against the UA as it is. Although the war progresses with due course, history will most likely remember it as several independent tribes vs. one of the largest families in Tribal Wars history.

Mayhem Makers vs. Aggression Family: This war is by far the most viewed and talked about in W18. Its forum topic alone has over 2’800 replies and close to 53’000 views since the war started in late December – early January. Although the current #1 tribe in W18, -MM- was the favorite to win, the war stats have been breaking relatively even, all things considered. The war takes place in the Eastern continents of W18, and neither side seems ready to give up just yet.

DS Family vs. T~S: Although this war can be considered a part of World War 18, it has its own unique roots, and remains a major conflict on its own. Most of the fighting takes place in K25 and surrounding continents, an area that used to be quite diversified with its tribes: K24, T~S, Hawks, DS and ANL to name a few. T~S was an official ally of K24, then K24 recruited a large part of ANL in K15 and became a big tribe. In that period T~S was conquering into K36. After which, the larger part of UK merged into -MM-. Conflict started after Hawks joined the DS family and became DS-14, leaving few, if any, neutral parties. (History credit to Slumpi)

TWA-NE vs. MINE!: “MINE!” is a tribe best known… by some other name. they have also held the names: OM/L, xGoCxL and LunE. Geographically, they are the most north-eastern tribe on W18, holding vast majority in K9. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they have been leading a successful war against the UA branch, TWA-NE, with a warstats score of about 300 to 50. Perhaps being cornered leaves them only one direction to expand, but they are definitely proud of their success, because 2 separate members messaged me requesting that the war be covered in this blog.

=FUSE= is another tribe fighting against TWA-NE and TWA-ST, however, TWA-NE seems to be losing more tribes to conquers by MINE!, than they are getting by conquering players of =FUSE=.

-INF- vs. UAN: This war is a smaller conflict taking place in K87 and surrounding continents. The fighting seems to have escalated lately, as about half of the conquers made during the course of the war were made in the past week. The fact that several players from UAN have left recently left seems to indicate that the conflict may be drawing to a close.

Current W18 Public Alliances & Families:

Unholy Alliance: “The Unholy Alliance is a collection of tribal friends and family acting as one to unite, protect each other and destroy any enemy that threatens them.” (From TWA profile) Basically a family of families controlling more than 50% of W18’s landmass. Members include: TWA family, RKN family, DS family, [BA] family, and DVA family.

The Elite Brotherhood: The Elite brotherhood is a name given to the bond between the tribes Legion and G.Khan. Although this once included KoT, after a separation and war, the Elite brotherhood remains between Legion and what is left of G.Khan.

Although never technically part of the brotherhood, the current #1 tribe on W18, the Mayhem Makers (-MM-) Make it publicity known that Legion is their only ally.

List of Families: (courtesy of Delphina)

  • Red Knights of Nobility: Family: RKN-C, RKN-W, RKN-R, RKN-N, RKN-S
  • Tribal Wars Addicts: TWA-N3, TWA-N1, TWA-NE, TWA-X, TWA-W, TWA-ST, TWA-S
  • Dark Imperial Syndicate: DS, DS-14, DVA, DVACAD
  • Balken Alliance: [BA], {BA}
  • Aggression: [A~N],[A~S],[A~W],[A~KS]
  • United Alliance of Nobles: UAN, UAN~VC, UANK91
  • Dark Lords of Sun-zu: FOSt-1, FOSt-2, FOSt-4, FOSt-5
  • Inferno: -INF-, INF-AM, INF-PM
  • Fear no One: FEAR, PAIN, SUFFER

W18 Milestones and Firsts

There have been several updates in “W18’s Milestones and Firsts” (credit to “never…” for source information)

  • TelMaar and chtungTW became the 2nd and 3rd players to reach 500 villages, following Zain-BA-I
  • Legion became the 3rd tribe to reach 10’000 villages, following -MM- at 1st, and RKN-C at 2nd
  • -MM- became the first tribe to reach 100’000’000 (one hundred million) points in their top 40 players.
  • -MM- became the first tribe to reach 750 million ODA (Opponents Defeated: Attacker) points, and Legion became the 2nd tribe to reach 500 Million, following -MM- at 1st
  • Legion became the first tribe to reach 500 Million ODD (Opponents Defeated: Defender) points, followed by -MM- at second. T~S also became the 3rd tribe to reach 400 Million, following Legion and -MM-
  • Legion also became the second tribe to reach One Billion total OD points, following -MM-

A full list of the “World 18 Milestones and Firsts” is available Here

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope this has been a good summary of world 18, and I am looking forward to covering more events as they develop. If anyone finds any incorrect information, please mail me and I will fix it ASAP.