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April 24, 2009 in World 018 News

World News

Honestly… not much worth mentioning. Since last week, no new declarations of war/peace, tribal founding/disbandment, uprisings, revolutions, or much of anything that makes good reading. If anything DID happen and I’m missing it, you can count it to the fact that:

  1. I was not personally involved
  2. Nobody bothered to tell me about it. Remember, I always accept user submitted content

There was one new thing though, the political map is now a feature available on all worlds. A neat little toy for premium users, but also likely to spite non-premium players with the fact that another premium only feature was released.

This is also one of the first times a world 18 blog has been released on a Friday like I promised I would.  But wait! I have an excuse…. a lame excuse… My Friday night is early server-time Saturday, so usually by the time its finished, I’ve usually missed my mark.

World Stats

Tribal Ennoblement Winner: The ennoblement winner for this week is the tribe TWA-S, having nobled the most villages out of any other tribe in the past 7 days, with a total of 434 conquers. Closely followed by -INF- with 402 conquers, and a tie at third place. Tribes TWA-N1 and {BA} both scored 389 conquers at the time I checked the stats. (3:42:24 24/04/2009)

Tribal Ennoblement Loser: The ennoblement loser for this week, shockingly… is the #1 tribe -MM-, having lost 269 villages in the last 7 days. This is followed by TWA-U with 261 losses, and LEGION with 215 losses.

Player Ennoblement Winner: The player to conquer the most villages in the last 7 days is Martin Longbow of Cknhwk, with an unprecedented 52 conquers. Not-so closely followed by notverygeordie with 39 conquers, and peau with 31 conquers.

Player Ennoblement Loser: I feel that it is in poor sport to list the players that have the most conquers on them. Not because they are in my tribe or anything, but because singling them out publicly is not ethical. If you wish to see the stats, Here is the link.

Tribelss Ranking: The top tribeless player on the world right now is mccurtain36, with a point total of 2,187,183, and a village count of 228.

Top Tribe Jumper: the top tribe jumper on W18 within the last 7 days is the player never…, with a total of 6 tribe changes since April 20th. You hear that never…? you finally got your name mentioned in the blog! Congratulations buddy. Next time you see never… on the public or tribal forums, be sure to give him a pat on the back for his accomplishment.

W18 Terminal Countdown:

  • 3’725 players – down from 3’875 last week
  • 345 tribes – down from 350 last week

W18 Interpritive question of the Week:

What is the difference between Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom?

Answer correctly, and I will send you 10 gold coins from my private stash.

… Ok, ya got me. The transfer of gold coins between accounts is not a feature supported by the game. But you got excited there for a minute right? ;-)