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April 18, 2009 in World 018 News

World Stats

3’875 players, 350 tribes, down from 4130 players and  370 tribes last week.

TWStats isn’t the only place to get information about the game. On the tribal wars main page, the link to the right of TWstats is “statistics”. Here you can find all sorts of neat statistics, that although cool, really cant help you in any way. Here are a few stats I thought were interesting, calculated today at 02:58 server-time.

  • 460 Million messages have been sent (1170.6 per player)
  • The Combined value of the worlds farm space is 5’352’38 Million units
  • There are exactly 88’358 Nobleman in the world (22 per player)

These are some other interesting stats:

  • The total number of Defensive troops outweighs the total number of Offensive troops by about 5:3
  • There are exactly 4287 paladins in the world… while their are only 3875 players.
  • The total surplus of wood in all the worlds villages is enough to build a ladder to the moon 5.7 times over
  • All the food produced in the worlds farms could feed the population of the earth for 6.29 days.
  • I made the above 2 statistics up
  • In fact, 65% of all statistics are made up ^^

World War 18

Although it is the larger, better known tribes that hold the worlds eye in the world war, Many other tribes are involved as well. Even in the top 20, the only tribes not involved are -MM-, *A*, and the INF tribes.

The world war is raged on 74 Continents, roughly 3/4ths of the worlds landmass. It Involves 16 of the top 20 tribes on world 18. What began 7 months ago as a boarder skirmish has since erupted into the most widespread conflict our world has ever seen. Virtually every UA tribe not already landlocked by their allies are actively fighting as well.

The war between the UA and FEAR seems to be at a stalemate, every conquer for one side is matched with a conquer for the other. The UA seem to be making the most progress against Legion and Cknhwk, but are comparatively losing ground in the north eastern corner of the world.

Just for Fun

The WorldPress program that the Tribal Wars Blog is built on. It really has an amazing amount of capabilities. Many things that I haven’t even tried yet. The insert options also allow to host image files, embed video files, add audio, and “add media” which i’m assuming would be flash animations, etc. There are a series of you tube videos titled “W18 over time” that detail how the map changes.

…. At this point, your probably expecting me to use something that I describe above. Unfortunately though, I havn’t gotten any of them working, despite watching several video tutorials. So the best I can do is link to them. If I can ever get it working, I would like to embed video of time lapse maps, like This one.