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August 15, 2009 in World 018 News


World News

The center of the world, the village 500|500, was conquered from Korlik (-MM-) By Rashelle (Apoc-D) on 14th August 2009 at 03:43:40. This is a symbolic transition for both the conflict between Apoc and -MM-, as well as the state of W18 as a whole. The 500|500 village has been under control of  -MM- since September 2008, and has long represented -MM-‘s dominance over the world. The fact that Apoc now controls this important village shows that they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

There is still a major flame war progressing on the world forums between players on the east and west sides of the world, as well as a lot of general forum activity. Things in W18 are quite double edged and interisting right now, and Im sure a lot of the players left are glad they stayed this long. Our forum moderation is also excellant thanks to our most recent forum mod O Great One. I get the feeling now that someone actually cares about our forums, something that most W18 player’s aren’t used to.

Tribal Progress

The map below (courtasy of bnaujok) shows the Total tribal gains of W18 tribes. The values have been calculated by subtracting the losses from conquers to create a more accurate representation of the tribes power and influence.

Top 20 Tribal Village Gains (Click to Enlarge)

The xGoCx Story

(Content Courtasy of Zephyrus7353)

The tribe “Gods of Chaos (xGoCx) is down to its last player, having once dominated the north eastern continents of the world. Zepyrus explains the process that brought the tribe down.

xGoCx began falling apart about a month ago, people were leaving due to the leadership issues. But our first duke step down and gave leadership to ABNSAPPER, as Dougie321 was also helping with leading the tribe, I guess Dougie321 was getting to bossy and people weren’t liking it. So they started to leave and find other tribes and starting new tribes. That went on for about 2 weeks and finally ABNSAPPER stepped down from leading and Dougie321 sent a message saying xGoCx was being disbanded.

ABNSAPPER on 04.08. at 21:00
Members of xGoCx it is with a SAD heart that I have to step down and leave the tribe I have worked so hard to build the last 16 months. Personal reasons for leaving and the fact that this tribe is deffinately not what it usto be and myself and 2 others can not fix it. Take this to heart xGoCx we were once a tribe that EVERYONE feared in W-18, when we attacked players would QUIT. That is not the case anymore the few carry the many here and it saddens me to see what the few have worked so many hours, days and months to build just fall apart. I would say to any active member wanting to continue to play talk to your new Duke Dougie321 and push for a merger with ~S~ it is the only way you will survive to the end of this world. No one can make it alone here we all need a tribe and tribe members to be sucessful in this game, and I want to thank everyone who made this game fun and sucessful for me!!!

Good luck and may your Pally stay sober and your Axes sharp. Always remember it is not points that win in this game it is TROOPS!!!!


Terminal Countdown

  • 1903 players
  • 175 tribes