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August 3, 2009 in World 018 News


A Note on the Blog

So, as most people will see, there’s more than just a few guys doing the blog now. There are now 11 out of 41 worlds represented by a blog author. It was my pleasure to help review the applications for this new group. This is great for me, because now I have a new group of people with new ideas to copy off of. ^_^ But seriously, I think that with a greater talent pool, and the free association of ideas, that everyone’s work will be much more dynamic.

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about W18’s blog or on the W18 blog thread lately. Its hard to tell if people are loosing internist in it, or if im just not that popular of a guy anymore. :P So If anyone has anything they would like to see in the blog, like interviews of important people, or specific maps or statistics, dont be afraid to give me a shout. Then again, if anyone has any content they would like to submit directly, that works great too.

W18 News: Let the Propaganda begin!

Ground Rules: Both sides ready your incendiary devices. Now on my mark, turn 90 degrees and walk 10 paces. Once these paces have been reached, you may make an about face, and proceed to flame your opponent….. Aw screw it, THERE ARE NO GROUND RULES!!!

limited war has begun between the Apoc family, and the Mayhem Makers. (-MM-) As is traditional on world 18, being a year and a half old speed one world, there is as much fighting done through propaganda as there is on the frontlines. After a few weeks in the doldrums, and a short growth race, W18 seems to be back in action!

-MM-/Apoc Conflict Logistics

True, I do not refer to, or consider the conflict between Apoc and -MM- to be a war. First is an official reason, neither side has actually made a public forum decloration. Following precident from past major wars, a forum topic is created specifically for the war, containing the decloration in the first post. Since I havn’t seen one of those yet, I really cant call it a war. Second is because of scale. Apoc is really just launching on the players that they consider to be refugees, so just a few select players, this makes things very easy for -MM- in my opinion, as they now know exactly where to stack all there defenses.

So here’s the logistical breakdown: The Apocolype family, with their family branches and allies, has control over much of the western half of W18. -MM- has all of their players in one large mass starting from the eastern half of the core, and extending outwards towards the rim. Although -MM- is not a family tribe like Apoc, they do have influence over much of the eastern half of the world with the tribes that share Apoc as a common enemy.

But the main thing about all else keeping Apoc and -MM- from total war is the lack of a common boarder. There are just too few places that the tribes actually come into contact. The end of the Legion wars created a huge buffer zone of neutral players in the core that both sides have to work through, recruiting or nobling, to get to the other. If things continue at this pace, we are looking at a glorified boarder skirmish that could take years to resolve.

Another New Forum Mod

Yes, we have another new forum mod. Goes by the name of O Great One. I believe a problem that we have had in the past, is that W18 would be assigned to the newer forum mods, who just didn’t have the experiance to keep up with the posters on the W18 forum.  But OGO has been around since November 2007. For a forum world to convince an old TW vet like him to hand up his spurs and battle axe would be quite a feat indeed.

As the author of W18’s blog, I feel that it is my responsibility to represent our world, with our unique internists, as best I can. This includes talking to our new mod on the terms he moderates our forum with. One of the most popular new threads on the forum, the “Apoc and MM trash talk thread” recently caught the eye of our new mod. OGM was ready to lock the thread unless a good reason was not found to keep it open. It takes a substantial knowlege of W18, our history, and our current situation to understand why a trash talk thread between Apoc and -MM- is necessary right now, so I hasend to take up the argument. Through some mutual understanding between OGM and I, we agreed that the thread should remain open, and I believe that OGM now has a better understanding of just how W18 works. A full record of the conversation can be found on page 8 of the thread linked above.

Terminal Countdown

  • 2’017 players
  • 195 tribes