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July 25, 2009 in World 018 News


I would like to make a new blog banner for next week, in the form of a collage of the CoA’s of “W18’s most notable tribes. If your tribe its thinking about a new CoA, please have it updated by Friday.

World News: The Doldrums Continue!

I dont know anything interesting thats happened lately, do you? If anyone wants to put in any content, please hit me up with a forum message here. Otherwise, this works to my advantege, because now I get to post whatever the heck I want. ^_^

The W18 superpowers Apoc and -MM- still seem to be at a standoff, yet from where I sit, it seems that they are edging away from war. The tribes are coming to agreements on territorial boundaries and nobling area. Both sides also seem to have enough enemies to keep them busy for quite awhile without fighting each other. This might just be a facade that one side has put up to lure the other into a false sense of security, but if either side was planning something, someone would have spilled the truth by now.

The Growth Race

Ah, the world breaths easy, everyone gets to grow as much as they can before the next major war starts. I know, boring isn’t it? ;D Here is the spread of the W18 top 10.

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 -MM- 171.980.377 266.407.929 92 2.895.738 26952 9.885
2 Apoc-D 169.061.552 250.821.629 95 2.640.228 25234 9.940
3 Apoc-W 117.251.251 176.808.421 96 1.841.754 17835 9.914
4 -INF- 103.737.279 161.152.346 92 1.751.656 16817 9.583
5 Apoc-C 101.072.367 132.515.977 91 1.456.220 13484 9.828
6 Apoc-F 96.419.921 123.668.498 81 1.526.772 12688 9.747
7 {BA} 94.560.091 122.306.149 86 1.422.165 12395 9.867
8 xGoCx 90.884.231 116.400.413 79 1.473.423 11781 9.880
9 ~S~ 84.006.938 105.287.805 81 1.299.849 10970 9.598
10 [BA] 80.395.746 103.629.607 98 1.057.445 10445 9.921

Weekly Kerfuffle

Oh Boy! I get to make up another crazy and ridiculous story!

Have extra nukes and want some OD? Feel like letting luck decide a players destiny? Want to pick out a random target on the map for really no reason at all? And how do you do all this? Simple, just take out a map of W18, and throw a dart!

*I imagine at this point you have a dart stuck in your computer screen, so allow me to enlighten you. The choice of a random target on the TW map is made easy with a new widget I call “The TW Dart Simulator”, just press the button, and throw a dart!

Here’s how it works, whenever you press the throw button, a random six digit number will be generated, corresponding to a random position on a standard hundred continent TW map. For example, my first throw was 967601, making my coordinate 967|601, which is unfortunately an unoccupied space in K69. But fear not! should you fail to strike a player village, all you need is to throw another dart. Have fun and happy hunting.

This has been another Weekly Kerfuffle brought to you by Akitar.

Terminal Countdown

  • 2’301 players
  • 201 tribes