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June 20, 2009 in World 018 News


News This Week

New this week, the members of the tribal wars forum are color coded based on what position they hold.  Blog staff got fancy purple forum names to go to the title. Just felt like mentioning it to someone, might as well be here XD. In addition, Red for moderators, green for game staff, cyan for wiki staff, Blue for Senior In game staff, and pink for LiZy. ^_^  (This update is a result of my observation only, so sorry if this information is inaccurate, or there is anything I’ve left out.)

Happy Birthday to Lord Leon Towasoki! He is  23 years of age as of June 19th. Yes, this is also a reminder to everyone that I accept user submitted content. I write the blog, but it is ultimately for W18, so it is of great help when people let me know about things that happen outside my corner of the world. I’ve even been known to write for World 38. So if your on W18 or W38, just shoot me a mail and I’ll be happy to tell your story.

The End & Death

The merge between “The End” and “Death” tribes is now quite official, but not in any particular direction, as players have been going back and forth. Although The End, and Death’s new policy changes seem fairly straight forward, there is a definite Grey area considering their classification. It seems to me, that two tribes together would be considered Brother/Sister tribes, and three or more would be considered a family, but with all sorts of speculation, it is difficult to tell for sure.

And yet to some degree, it doesn’t matter what The End and Death are classified as, the fact remains they are working together. And the tribe once known as -MM- never really did care what others thought of them, they were tough, and they knew it. Legion is living (or dying) proof that a fancy name or title won’t win you a war.

Top 10 Reasons to Play World 18

With more and more people quitting every day, I think it would be good to remind everyone what’s so great about w18 that keeps us logging on often enough to keep from going inactive. So I present to you the top 1o reasons to play W18, enjoy.

  • #10: The growing barbs- There once was a time that the growth of barbarian villages was limitless.  W18 is one of those lucky worlds were you can find high point barbarians for your farming or nobeling pleasure.
  • #9: We are Speed One- You can comfortable log on much less often than you could on a newer world, or one of a higher speed. Because of this, everyone has gotten kind of lazy, meaning its only a little extra effort to play quite a bit better in comparison with everyone else.
  • #8: 15 months of play history- There are no n00bs on W18.  This server has been going for well over a year now, and the fact that everyone has stuck through this game for so long is really quite remarkable.
  • #7: The Blog- World 18 is the only world with a blog updated every week, thanks in no small part due to me ;D If you miss out on the forums for awhile, quit the world and want to see whats up, just log on the blog and filter for W18.
  • #6: Infrequent Server Crash- W18 used to crash constantly the first few months. Now we are on a great server, and crashes are infrequent.
  • #5: Our world has a 500|500 village- Currently owned by Korlik, and account co-played by keee & swordnuke , represents the “King of the Hill” in a way. As long as you do not own this village, you will forever be driven to do so, like a game with infinite replayability.
  • #4: W18 Families- This world has huge families…. so how is this a good thing? well you will never run out of a topic to flame about on the forum. XD
  • #3 The Gold Coins- With your stockpile of gold coins, even if your brought down to one village, you can always come back to your previous point total with relative ease.  kippywho is the only player I’ve known to have done this.
  • #2: The Diminishing Competition- People are quitting these days at an ever faster rate. This has tons of advantages, mainly because new opportunity for real estate, but also because good players are hard to come by, and are always an extremely valuable tribal asset.
  • #1: Sam’s Cookies- The player Sambrer0 makes really good cookies. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried his mint chocolate chip. This is my way of congratulating sambrer0 for being this weeks ennoblement winner. Out of the last 7 days, Sambrer0 nobled 44 villages. Congrats to sam!

Terminal Countdown

  • 2’579 Players
  • 236 Tribes