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June 5, 2009 in World 018 News


Name Change

The tribe now formally known as the Mayhem Makers (-MM-) changed their name earlier this morning to The End, with the tag TheEnd. to fit their new tag line:

When you see TheEnd coming, just sit back and relax, no need to get flustered and worried; sooner or later we all will face The End and cannot resist it.

This is not the first time they have changed their name and if it is not kept in this configuration (and if my count is correct) it would be the third time their name change has lasted under 48 hours. So for the purposes of this blog post, I will continue to refer to them as the Mayhem Makers, until it becomes apparent that their latest name change is permanent.

Top Tribes and Current Wars

Lord Leon Towasoki has an updated description of top tribes and current wars, that he was kind enough to submit to the W18 blog. Accurate as of June 4th. Everything here besides the name change and terminal countdown was submitted by him and only lightly edited by me. This is also a reminder that anyone who players W18 can submit content for the blog, with credit where it is due.

Current Top Tribes

Apoc Family The product of a merge between RKN family and TWA family, they seem to be growing at an amazing rate and are now by far the biggest and seemingly strongest family. However despite there strengths there current weakness seem to be Apoc-U in the north and Apoc-R in the South. The future for both Apoc-R and Apoc-U look bleak unless something major happens soon although Apoc-R has gotten away with minimal losses to there original members using ex-UAN/WarGod as meat shields.

Apoc-D, Apoc-F, Apoc-W, and Apoc-C all seem to be on the rise benefitting heavily from the merge while Apoc-R and Apoc-U seem to be on the downfall. Apoc-H seem to have some activity but are still mainly inactives. It is also a question to many weather TWA-W are part of the Apoc Family although they still seem to be going strong.

Many players here that are up for special mentions, Zain, Zurtle, Wolfhunt, and Andrew Done all seem to be masterminds behind the Apoc Tribe along with many other highly skilled players and dukes from the other Apoc Tribes. Are down from 10 tribes in the RKN/TWA familys combined to 8 tribes, both RKN-N and RKN-R have been dropped completely in the merge.

-MM- is still at war with *A* and growing at an amazing rate. Still the undisputed number 1 single tribe although the amount of single tribes seem to be decreasing even more as Apoc picks them off. Have sorted out alot of there issues and gotten back on track still pushing back and forth for ground with *A* while also able to keep up a steady expansion outside of the war. Special notes to joann, msbella, TheMudge, and rmeints for keeping the tribe together. Have also been told to mention myself for putting in lots of work and stepping up with Super Sweet having left.

-INF- Family the second strongest family tribe they seemed to have already finished UAN/WarGod and turned the remainders of those tribes into clean up. However due to the recent merge between Apoc-R and UAN/WarGod INF has recently had a large number of boarder skirmishes with Apoc family in the South as they pick off ex-UAN/WarGod players. Special Note to Rudegar, the man who kept INF alive and brought them to the glory, now lead by others who seem to do a fantastic job in his place. Also SecretAgentBarbie and Maddawgmike who have flown fairly under the radar despite being top 100 ranked players and extremely skilled.

BA Family is the third strongest family tribe. have just recently merged DS into them and so will have to prove there full strength in the coming months. Is the first tribe to break away from the UA in a long time and seem to have been joined by DS as well now. They’ve been growing steadily and due to recent additions look for them to be an even tougher and more formidable opponent then before. Special Note to Peter Paine, a very good player and seemingly a good leader as well.

xGoCx is still the number 2 solo tribe. Due to there merge with MINE! not to long ago they control the majority of the NW and are expanding at a good pace. Seem to still be highly active and underestimated look for xGoCx to be a power house for many more months. Kierfry and Branola both recieve special notes as some of xGoCx’s stronger players and leaders.

*A* is the third strongest solo tribe, was once a family tribe but is now down to over just 110 players, the extras all seem to be small inactives that *A* and -MM- haven’t rimmed yet. Still fighting strong against -MM- there expansion has mostly be thru in tribe inactives and leaning down into a single tribe. Run by a number of elites that do the majority of the work both in tribe affairs and in wars they’re still going strong. ZZ, Curtain, jmk, sword, and hanny all recieve special notes along with Cadara who although has a new player is still defending admirable.

LEGION is the fourth largest solo tribe but there war with the UA has weared them out. What was once the biggest powerhouse on W18 is but a husk of its former glory. Look for them to continue dropping ranks, players and villages as Apoc moves closer to the core. Akitar and Sam still seem to be the main strengths behind the tribe and what is keeping the tribe alive to continue fighting Apoc.

Fear Family the fourth strongest family tribe they’re being hit hard by the UA and being pushed back. There’s still chance for a come back but that chance seems to be slipping every day as they get pushed back. Special notes to owlmaster, poolboy and Alf Hucker for keeping the tribe together in there darkest moments.

=FUSE= the fifth largest single tribe the have suffered from some inactivity issues but seem to still be going strong against the UA. Special mentions go out to Bnaujok, jen* and Spack, they’ve kept the tribe together so far and seem to being doing a good job against Apoc-U. They make up the third major tribe of the NW.

CKNHWK the sixth largest single tribe the Chickenhawks have fought extremely hard and the UA has paid for every village they took however are being pushed back slowly and are suffering from the lose of many key players recently. They do seem to be doing better recently and added a nice addition in Foxbite to the tribe.

Past Major Tribes

Major tribes that have recently fallen either in war or through merge.
RKN Family- for the longest time they were number 2 for family tribes only behind there strongest allies TWA. Still going strong but now fly the banner of Apoc

TWA Family- For a long time was the number 1 family tribe, are still going strong since there merge but flying a new banner now and thus will recieve mention as a past tribe.

UAN/WarGod- was once a powerhouse in the south consisting of 3 tribes is now nothing but a husk of its former self and have merged into Apoc. Were all but destroyed by INF

Wolf- wasn’t much of a power house but was still one of the larger tribes. Now has disbanded since it could not keep up with the more power tribes surrounding them and the active players have moved into Apoc and INF

DS- has just recently merged into the BA family ending an era of merges and tribes lost.

Blade- once a powerhouse for a long time have been a husk of its former self now riddled with inactivity and on a downslide with LEGION

Major Wars across W18

-MM- vs *A* is still one of the hottest wars on W18 having been going for 5 months now neither tribe is willing to back down and are pushing back and forth. Both tribes have been hit hard from the war but have recovered from there problems and are still going strong.

Apoc vs LEGION, Blade, and CKHNWK is still a fierce war but Apoc is winning by a land slide and its just a matter of time. Uprise is a new tribe of former CKHNWK players that is also fighting this war now. BA still seem to also be a factor in the war but have also started in on =FUSE= and xGoCx.

Apoc vs =Fuse= and xGoCx is the one war Apoc isn’t winning as Apoc-U are pushed back. Already TWA-NE disbanded due to this war and Apoc-U very likely could be next. The war however has slowed down alot as both sides are riddled with inactivity and BA has pushed to the frontlines and seems to be a major power in the war now although still having limited strength on the frontlines.

Apoc vs Fear war has been going on for a couple of months now and once again Apoc has overwhelmed there enemies and the future looks bleak for Fear.

INF vs Apoc and UAN/WarGod started a while ago between INF and UAN/WarGod. Now it is mainly clean up of ex-UAN/WarGod players and boarder skirmishes between Apoc and INF. Look to see things heat up in the coming months turning this into a fierce war.

Past 5 months- The UA era is over

Recently we see an end to what is the middle stage of TW as the past 5 months seems to be slipping W18 into the end game. A new tribe emerged as the Top dog knocking off -MM-‘s good 8 months or so as rank 1. This is also the end of an era with many merges and tribes disbanding although that isn’t completely done yet. Look for over the next couple of months to go from 20 major tribes to 15 or so as Apoc finishes its wars and finishes merging.

This also seems to be the end of the UA as RKN and TWA recently merged and even more recently BA left the UA and has just started merging with DS signling that they too have left the UA.

Over the past 5 months TWA-NE, RKN-N, KC17, O/M, DS, T~S, |TF|I, G.khan, A~W, INF-PM, INF-WL, Blade, UAN, WarGod, and MINE! have all merged and been disbanded or pretty much disbanded and just contain mostly inactives. In that time the world has gone from 30 or so major tribes down to just 20. Moving at a faster pace than most other worlds W18 has been a flurry of activity these past months and has lost many good players and good tribes.

Look to see the number of tribes over 25 mill pts continue to drop as Fear, LEGION and CKNHWK are pushed back by Apoc, Apoc finishes its merging and clearing out of inactives, and possible an end to the power struggle in the East between -MM- and *A*

Terminal Countdown

  • 2862 players (down from 2′985 players last week)
  • 262 tribes (down from 268 tribes last week)