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May 29, 2009 in World 018 News


Balkan Alliance

The BA family council sent this message on Monday to the leaders of the UA as a decoration of the independence of [BA] and {BA} from the Unholy Alliance. Note that this message was given to me directly from BA as player submitted content.

The creation of the UA was a monumental step in World 18 development and has shifted the entire battlefield over recent months. It has been an honor and privilege to work with the players in these tribes.
However, as the UA has grown, it has become evident to the BA Family leaders that the current management structure is not ideal for us and will need to be overhauled in order to make the UA as effective as possible. We don’t believe this change can occur easily or overnight, and our ability to wage war has suffered due to it. We spend too much time on UA management issues and not enough time planning assaults. This is a game, and our members have expressed dissatisfaction with the cumbersome governance structure that an organization the size of the UA must have.
So, it is with complete respect and appreciation for the experience we’ve had, that the BA Family has decided to leave the Unholy Alliance. BA will maintain all diplomatic relations it currently has. We view the UA tribes as our closest allies, and this will continue. We will maintain our nobling policies and will continue to fight and support our allies as we have done. However, we will be cutting our ties to the UA management structure and charting our own course.
This is not a decision against the UA. This is a decision that the BA family has thought long and hard about. Indeed, a vote was taken by the BA membership and the debate was thorough, respectful, and robust. In the end, there are 2 tribes full of players that consider themselves to be BA, and this means a lot to them. The BA tribe has a long proud history on this game and in Knighthood. The caretakers of this name now feel it only honorable to carry that name forward to the best of their ability.
We look forward to continue working with the UA tribes, and we thank all of you for your support and friendship.
The BA Family Council

It seems to me, that BA’s Departure from the Unholy Alliance was promoted by the merge between TWA and RKN into Apoc. But BA’s motives are their own.

So just what does this turn of events mean for the Balkan Alliance? for the UA? and for World 18 as a whole? Only time will tell.

Bringin Back Blade

Blade made an official public announcement this week that they are back to their original name of Blade, in favor of “Legion of the Blade” that is has been for the past couple months. The name has not gone back to “The Brotherhood of the Blade”, that it was before that, its just simply “Blade”. It is unclear what connection they had with The Last Legion (Legion) that caused their name change in the first place. Certainly legions leader would know what connections these tribes have, so I tried to set up an interview with him.

Unfortunately, he’s really a bully and a jerk, so I didn’t get any info from him. But it was pretty clear that nobody has any clue what is happening between legion and blade. Legions leader did say that the name change was never part of the original plan. After the interview, he stuck bubble gum in my hair, and kicked my dog… and that made me feel sad….

Ok, I know what you guys are thinking

“Akitar is making jokes again about the fact that he leads legion and writes the blog. He must be doing this because its a slow news week.”

I am also obliged to write what the other half of you are thinking

“These jokes are so lame, definitely not funny. Get over yourself.”

The thoughts of the other half of you hurt my feelings…

Terminal Countdown

  • 2’985 players (down from 3’072 last week)
  • 268 tribesĀ  (down from 277 last week)