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May 15, 2009 in World 018 News


The Banner

Yes, I know it pwns ;D.  W18 players voted and found that this collage of the Coats of Arms of various Top World 18 tribes should be used to represent our world and its players.  The only draw back to this, is that tribes, and their Coa’s change constantly. If that is the case, the second banner is good as well.

Major World News!!!

Its official today, the world dominating power of the Unholy Alliance has merged the best members of their top tribes together. The best of the TWA and RKN family will now be known as Apocalypse (Apoc). The tribe has officially taken the number 1 spot from the Mayhem Makers (-MM-) and is currently leading by approximately 7 million (top 40) over -MM-.

Critics of the merge say that -MM- still has a 200’000 average player point lead over Apoc, and 8 million more total points, despite having 3 fewer players. The tribes -MM- and Legion also still hold the #1 and #2 spots respectively for both ODA and ODT at this point in time.

Major Tribes and Current Wars

Credit to Lord Leon Towasoki for creating a very nice status update for W18. His recent forum post, although already outdated by the Apoc Merge,  is very descriptive and encompassing. The following has been lightly edited.

Major Tribes


The New #1 tribe in World 18. The name was changed from TWA-N3 following a merge with RKN-C.


Though now the #2 tribe in W18, still rank 1 for individual tribes in points, ODA, and OD and second for ODD. Expansion has been slower with the loss of there duke Super Sweet and a recent string of inactivity but they’re still going strong against *A* and still have many great leaders amongst the tribe.

TWA Family

Though now seems to be a shell after Apoc, is still the strongest and largest family left on W18. Currently fighting in many wars with there other family tribes and allies in the UA. Led by Zain they’re a force to be reckoned with. TWA-U however seems to be a sinking ship as they are constantly losing villages to xGoCx and =FUSE=

RKN family

Joined TWA to create Apoc, the second strongest family tribe left on W18. They’re also in multiple wars and are led by numerous people although the most notable ones are Wolfhunt and Andrew Done. There main tribe is current rank #2 and have made a good push to pull from over 30 million points in the top 40 behind -MM- to 15-16 mill. There is still much speculation on how tested RKN is in more close range combat and weather they will be able to withstand those situations. They’ve recently dropped down to just 4 tribes, one of which seems to be mostly inactive and another which seems to do very little. RKN-C and RKN-S are the most notable tribes.


The second strongest tribe in the East half of the world and currently at war with the UA. Making good progress there not having to worry about its back being attacked as there long standing allies *A* are at there backs, there right flank reaches to the boarders of the world and there left flank is protected by current allies in =FUSE=. With only 1 front with the UA there’s a good chance they can go far in the war.

-INF- family

Tthe third strongest family tribe in the world. INF has recently enjoyed major success over the UAN/WarGod familyand look to be in minor boarder skirmishes with TWA-S. They’re also part of the *A* war helping -MM- in K59. Many notable leaders although Rudegar is the most notable they’re going strong and moving west. They currently have 2 sides touching the edges of W18 and there Northern side is mostly protected by -MM- which will allow them to go very far in the world.


The oldest tribe left on W18. Have been in a recent decline as they continue to take a beating from the UA, having recently dropped to the #9 spot in W18. Inactivity and war are starting to take there toll as LEGION only has 68 members left and are being pounded back. They are however still going strong and trying to survive waiting for other key Eastern tribes to jump on the UA. So far they’ve been like the spartans defending the Hot Gates from Persian invasion.

Balken Alliance

The fourth strongest family now down from several tribes to just 2. They’re currently going strong and look to pushing into both =FUSE= and CKNHWK. Peter Paine is there most notable leader and seems to be keeping the tribe moving foreward right now.

Aggression (*A*)

Another strong and powerful family tribe that once plagued by inactivity seems to be coming back at -MM- with a vegence in there back and forth battle. Many notable leaders here once again in ZZ, jimy, jmk, and sword. Also other notable players include cadara, curtain and hanny and have all been a large part of there recent success.


Another strong family tribe although largely untested. They’re the only tribe left on the West side of the world besides the UA and have been boxed in for along time now. Seem to be holding there ground against the UA.


One of the many powerful eastern based tribes =FUSE= has been in war with the UA for a long time. A recent merge in Jan, 2009 =FUSE= started weak but seems to be going strong and have already aided in the dismantling of one UA tribe so far. Most notable leaders include bnaujok the map maker, jen and lord bade originally from KC17 and a couple from O/M.


A tribe that came together shortly before G.Khan and T~S both disbanded and has since then been the tribe those players continue to fight the UA from. They’re getting pounded on 2 fronts and seem to be slowly losing ground but are putting up a valiant fight and make the ground red with UA’s troops for every village they give up.

Dark Syndicate (DS)

Most likely the weakest and smallest UA family and is now down to just there main tribe. They however have enjoyed success with the help of there allies in the UA against T~S and are now fighting CKHNWK.


The last of the major tribes also based in the Southern area and are getting killed quickly by INF. Have also had numerous boarder clashes with -MM- in which they came out much worse for wear.

Major Wars

-MM- vs *A*

War seems to be the hottest topic in the W18 forums and easily the harder paced and most interesting war so far. *A* got off with a quick start but quickly got over taken by -MM-‘s skill, activity and there own mass of inactives. Now that they are leaner, down from 4 tribes to 2 and with 150 or so less players*A* has made a good comeback and are now pushing back and forth with -MM-, although most numbers and stats are in -MM-‘s favor this war could still go either way. The end of the war is predicted to which leader cracks first and is either rimmed or quits.

-INF- vs WarGod/UAN war

This war seems to have turned into a route as INF continues to go strong against WarGod, UAN and UAN-VC have already fallin apart and have little to nothing remaining of there once formidable tribes. Now down to one main stronghold in K96 the future doesn’t look bright for WarGod.


This war is the longest running war dating back to October of 2008. The UA’s numbers seem to be showing thru now though as LEGION has major problems with activity and loss of key players to the UA. Many notable tribes have also disbanded due to this war. |TF| family, DUSK family, G.Khan and T~S have all disbanded and LEGION seems to be on a downward spiral. This war however is still heated and raging foreward but things don’t look good for the Eastern tribes in it as they’re pounded from 2 fronts each.

UA vs =FUSE= and xGoCx

This is the most recent major war to start and so far seems to be going strong. Already the UA has lost control of K8 and are losing more ground in K8 everyday. K5,6,7, and 16 still seem to be strongholds for TWA-U but how long that lasts is debateable. TWA-NE already has disbanded along with MINE! the tribes merging into TWA-ST(U) and xGoCx respectively.

TWA-S vs INF family

So far they’ve seen many large boarder skirmishes in K86 as the K once controlled by UAn is up for grabs and both are making valliant efforts along with -MM- to grab pieces of the continent. Look for this to turn into all out war once INF is finished with WarGod.

UA vs Fear war

Fear took off to a good start but seems to have fallen behind slightly. They’re however still fighting strong and are still holding there ground.

W18 Milestones and Firsts

(pointed out by Lord Leon Towasoki and Andrew Done)

  • Zain-BA-I Becomes the first to reach 55 Million ODA
  • -MM- becomes the first tribe to reach 2 Million average player points
  • Legion becomes the 2nd tribe to reach 1.5 Million ODT following -MM-
  • Apoc becomes the Second to reach 15’000 villages, behind -MM-
  • Apoc becomes the 3rd to reach 100 Million points (in top 40) behind-MM- and RKN-C

World 18 Terminal Countdown

  • 3,229 Players (down from 3’345 last week)
  • 307 Tribes (down from 313 last week)