W17 Weekly Updates With a Twist

September 7, 2010 in World 017 News

Hello and welcome all W17 blog readers. Today we will see The World Map, Top 20 players, and Top 20 tribes. The blog is open for suggestions and/or ideas.

Lets start with the NickJer’s map like always.

Now Top 20 tribes from Twstats.

Here is the Top 20 players also from Twstats.

And finally for the interview with vallas1999 the duke of Tao.

Abdel: Welcome, Matt. Would you mind giving some background on yourself? Where you started TW and such?

Matt: Well as you know my names Matt, lol, and erm… I’m from England and I’m 16. I started tw a couple of years ago. A couple of months before my first conquer actually which would make it… I can’t check… god dam internet’s so slow.

Abdel: Well then, would you happen to remember what world you started on?

Matt: w17

Abdel: Wow… so you started here… a native I see.

Matt: yes lol

Abdel: When did you join your tribe or were you the founder?

Matt: I joined October 19th.

Abdel: How did you get your Duke Privs and when?

Matt: When I left my old tribe i was good friends with a guy called gorgonians, he managed to get baron a long time back and automatically made me his number 2 with baron privileges which lead to me becoming a council member.
I then proved myself to the tribe massively by sending out all my support to front and launched ALL my nukes. A duke position came up and when i applied i got in because everyone on the council liked me as i made myself well known by organizing ops and general things like that . (This was i think 4-5 months ago).

Abdel: Do you still act the same way as when you proved yourself today?

Matt: yes absolutely, although I don’t send as much support out I am always sending nukes out for people- I clear and they noble. I’m very helpful.

Abdel: What was your old tribe?

Matt : I was in a load of stupid ones, but my last proper on was GoD – gods of destruction.

Abdel: Did you hold a leadership position in GoD and other tribes as well or are were you new to the tasks of leadership when you joined your current tribe?

Matt: in the other tribes no, in GoD I organized the major ops although I wasn’t baron i had a baron role as in i made sure people where checking forums and launching nukes and i was sitting people to help them out.

Abdel: Is your tribe at war right now? With who?

Matt: well yes, Wisdom, HAV, 100, BOS,

Abdel: Quite a list… how are your wars going?

Matt: well 100 and bos are no match, wisdom are weakening… HaV are the most active right now and we are doing well but so are they… so it’s 50-50 with HAV.

Abdel: Why are you fighting both HaV and Wisdom?

Matt: We were fighting wisdom. Then they seemed to have split in half… even though this happened, we still consider HAV a part of wisdom as we believe they are allied and friends still.

Abdel: Have you met people who play TW who are also from England?

Matt: Yes, quite a few actually.

Abdel: Have you met anyone who lives near you in England that plays Tw?

Matt: Erm… no I don’t think they live near.

Abdel: Have your internet problems been a major ‘leash’ to your ability to play?

Matt: No, it only happens once or twice a week.

Abdel: What do you do outside of TW?

Matt: not a lot… look after my son, play ps3.

Abdel: Do you have any tips or pointers for folks who want to be as powerful as you to follow?

Matt: don’t give up when you have 2k plus incomings, it’s not as hard as it looks to defend against them but so many people just leave the game thinking it’s all over.

Abdel: What skill or thing that you have learned in your lifetime has helped you the most in TW?

Matt: patience.

Abdel: So, how did you end up getting that quote from Anson852 in your TW profile? Is there a story behind it?

Matt: Okay this was from the original anson, our current anson is actually bobbdobs he took over a smaller account… which is now bigger. Weird, huh? Anyway as I was saying, we had a spy who was giving off personal information, we were actually friends through tw… well I thought we were. After a few months we found out he was a spy (I can’t remember his name it was a long time ago) and I got very pissed and was ‘f’ing everything in the forum… and he mailed me with that and just that no explanation. It made me think so I put it on my profile to help me remember.

Abdel: Thanks a ton for joining me for this interview! It was great having you… best of luck in game and in Real-Life!

I have to give credit to Samulis for helping me out.