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September 14, 2010 in World 017 News

Hello W17 readers Welcome back for a new weekly blog. today we’ll have maps, stats and an interview now to start it.Today we’ll start by the Twstats player and tribe stats

Nikjers map

Now we have Top 20 tribes from tw stats

Now top 20 players From tw stats

Now for an interview with Mtymite a Member of HaV. I attempted to contact MM_HUN for one but I got no answer back

Abdel: Welcome,Mtymite. Would you mind giving some background on yourself? Where you started TW and such?

Mtymite: I started tw over 2 yrs ago now. Not sure which tribe I started in. Wisdom is the tribe I spent most of my time in and have enjoyed joining members of Wisdom in the new tribe HaV

Abdel: Well then, would you happen to remember what world you started on?

Mtymite: yes w17 .. I have tried a few others since.

Abdel: What worlds were they?

Mtymite: w48, 49 , 50 but dropped them all .. didn’t have time for w17 so went back to just playing there

Abdel: Do you have leadership roles in HaV?

Mtymite: No, I don’t really have time to play so glad I don’t have a leadership position

Abdel: Did you have any in wisdom?

Mtymite: yes I was a general for a very short period of time

Mtymite: My loyalities were with Jeho. Followed her and friends to HaV.

Abdel: Shouldn’t loyalty be with the tribe leader?

Mtymite: as far as I am concerned, Jeho was the leader

Abdel: Is your tribe at war right now? With who?

Mtymite: yes, BA, 13th, Roma, Tao.

Abdel: Why are you fighting the Whole world?

Mtymite: it is a war game so why not.

Abdel: Quite a list… how are your wars going?

Mtymite: we win some we lose some but we are still here playing

Abdel: Where are you from?

Mtymite: Maine USA

Abdel: Have you met people who play TW who are also from Maine?

Mtymite: yes Jeho is from Maine also

Abdel: Did jeho get you to play Tribalwars?

Mtymite: no I didn’t know Jeho until I was already playing tw .. we were in Wisdom before we met. My son got me to play tw .. he got rimmed and left and I stayed and played.

Abdel: How old is your son?

Mtymite: the one who played is 17 now .. he was just 15 when we joined tw together

Abdel: What do you do outside of TW?

Mtymite: besides work .. I like doing crafts and sewing, gardening and spending time with my boys and family

Abdel: How many boys do u have?

Mtymite: 2 … Mike started college this year and Matt is a senior in Hs.

Abdel: Do you have any tips or pointers for folks who want to be as powerful as you to follow?

Mtymite: have fun and just enjoy playing the game

Abdel:What skill or thing that you have learned in your lifetime has helped you the most in TW?

Mtymite: organization … I liked working with my dad when I was young. My dad was very particular about where his tools were. It has made it easier for me to play even though I have not had a lot of time to play.

Abdel: Thanks a ton for joining me for this interview! It was great having you… best of luck in game and in Real-Life!

Mtymite: Thanks