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September 19, 2010 in World 017 News

Hello and welcome to you all back to the weekly blog for W17. Today I will be interviewing djnelson99 The number 1 player in the World and the Proud member of *np*. As the usual we will have a map, top 20 tribes stats, and top 20 players stats. Let’s get this started. Unfortunately djnelson99 was not available much so the interview might be posted after the blog comes out.The Nickjer map.

Top 20 Tribes

Top 20 Players

The interview With djnelson99.

Q: Welcome,djnelson99. Would you mind giving some background on yourself? Where you started TW and such?

Started while looking for a break from Degree studies in my spare time, and kinda got hooked! Thankfully I finished my Degree and can spend some well-earned free time playing TW. I’m fairly average in RL – married, kids, job, bills, dreams of better things, etc – the usual ;o)

Q: Well then, would you happen to remember what world you started on?


Q: How long have you been playing TW? w17?

W17 is first and only world – since March 08 (ish?). Yes, I am a noob.

Q: How do you feel about beaing the nubmber one player in W17?

It’s good obviously, but not the most important aspect. Having the Dukeship of a fantastic tribe is the best feeling – I can’t big up my tribemates enough – it is their constant desire to help each other with attacks, mutual defences, prenoblings, resources, and so on, that makes me feel proud to be their Duke, and warm inside that they value my judgement enough to follow, or guide my decisions with their own experiences and judgement. Basically, this is heaven for any true team-player.

Q: were you the one who started the account?


Q: If not who had the account before you?


Q: and when you received it what rank was it?

About 50 points :P

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w17?


Q: Is your tribe at war right now? With who?

Of course. With BoS, BoK, HaV and Wisdom. (Sorry if this is the first you have heard – I know you are HaV, and it’s a recent development).

Q: Why?

BoS and BoK for a long time now due to assisting our great allies, TITANS, who needed help, and because BoS/BoK never really treated us with much in the way of respect before that – long story really.

HaV, as they have recently decided to break our mutual neutrality by :
1. Nobling isolated (near HaV) BoS vills and then stacking against already sent np attacks, so we would not pursue the noblings, thereby abusing neutrality to deny us of war noblings.
2. Taking in of a player under fire from np, and refusing to kick as a refugee.
3. For nobling above the 500 line, which was a condition of our existing NAP with their extension tribe, Wisdom, despite HaV’s leader, Jehosophat, wanting us to stay north of that line to retain neutrality.
4. For attacking and nobling np isolated clusters in their midst without so much as a mail to arrange a vill swap, a declaration of war, or anything, just attacks out of the blue. Hey, it’s a war game – if you want to declare, have the moral courage, discipline and integrity to declare as such.
5. Because despite Jehosophat’s talk of ‘honour’, I find her honour-less; see above.

Wisdom, as they are the inactive extension of HaV.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

Nobling enemy vills after a hard fight. :o)
Resource balancing. :o(

Q: Where are you from?


Q: What do you do outside of TW?

Have a RL, and rest from TW.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

I am an aggressive farmer ;o)

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w17 history? (past tribes, etc)

Joined *np*. Took over Dukeship fairly rapidly, as the founder of np quit very early on. That’s it really. Why would I want another tribe?

Q: What skill or thing that you have learned in your lifetime has helped you the most in TW?

There is no one singular aspect of RL that assists in TW; it is a culmination of experiences and personal values that define an individual and how he reacts to situations. So long as I retain Integrity with my interactions, Discipline in my actions, Selfless-Commitment to my tribe and friends, Moral Courage to do the right thing, Loyalty to my tribemates and a Respect for Others, I can’t go far wrong. I follow these rules as my ‘test’ of my actions in RL and TW.

Q: Do you have a leadership role in the *np*?

I’ve been known to make a command decision from time to time :o)

Q: How is you war against BH progressing? How would you compare it to other wars you’ve fought?

Initially it was difficult, but has eased on an exponential curve over time – they simply do not gel as a cohesive unit, which makes it difficult for them to cope against a coherent attack and mutual defence.

No real difference to other wars – initially hard till we find their weak points, exploit them and see them fall apart as a player base disappears from underneath them.

Q: Wisdom is one of the oldest family tribe still hanging around w17. Family or not, longer than many other tribes that have split up and fallen apart. Have HAve done anything special to maintain their unity as a tribe?

No idea, but don’t forget, *np* is also a family tribe and as it formed *np*A prior to Wisdom (by just under an hour), then I think np is the oldest family tribe in W17 ;o)

Not privy to HaV’s internal politics or direction, though I cannot see the benefits of pushing np to war with them, in addition to the already warring BA/Tao/13th – only TITANS left to push now. I believe that Inty, for all his flaws, clearly held a large tribe together, but from my own personal dealings with Jeho, I am not so sure HaV are as strong in diplomacy and by extension, leadership, as Wisdom once were. Diplomacy guides decisions.

Q: What updates or improvements would you like to see come to TW?

There are always tweaks you would like, but I’m fairly satisfied with the game.

Q: Do you have any tips or pointers for folks who want to be as powerful as you to follow?

“Aggressive farming” :P

Q: Thanks a lot for joining me for this interview! It was great having you… best of luck in game and in Real-Life!

Likewise. err…. you didn’t ‘have’ me :S