W17 BlOG Week 1 – April Fools!

April 1, 2009 in World 017 News

Happy Belated Birthday W17!

And what a year it has been….

Over the next several weeks we will delve into all the current gossip, but this first post will start with an easy topic – the longest running war yet on this world: Wisdom Family (WF) vs. Death Family(DF) and DOM Family(DOMF). The WF is currently comprised of Wisdom and Wise S, while the DF is made up of Mojo and TNT, and DOMF is DOM, DOM H and DOM X. The three families involved were at one time all happy in a strong, three-way alliance, but my, how times have changed.

War was declared on September 16th officially by the DF. But of course both DF and WF  have spent the past 6+ months arguing and pointing fingers at each other over who is truly to blame. At this point who really cares?

Then to add to the fun DOMF declared on WF on Halloween of all days…talk about ghosts and ghouls! And again to this day there are many bitter feelings about an ally jumping in and choosing a side between two allies and blah, blah, blah………

At this time there are five active threads on the W17 PnP about this war, including an amusing April Fool’s stunt pulled off by DF and DOMF, which had many thinking the honeymoon was over and that a new twist to this war was coming. I was quite impressed with the coordination between three of the dukes of TNT, Mojo, and DOM. Well played!

When the forum spamming began, the majority of W17 seemed to be in favor of DF. There are many reasons for this, but one stands out: WF had yet to prove they deserved a top 20 spot in this world. Reading through the PnP now, it seems opinion has swayed almost completely the other way in favor of WF, who have been outnumbered from the start and still maintain a slight edge to date in stats.

Of course both sides accuse the other of having silent (or not so silent) help from other allies and outside tribes. Regardless, it appears there is no end in sight and the fun of warring continues.

There have been rumors of peace deals being passed back and forth, but to be honest it looks like neither side really has any desire to draw this war to a close in any way except by complete dominance. Only time will tell. But I’m sure there will be more interesting news to report on this front as the weeks go by.

Until next time……………Happy Nobling!


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