W11: What’s new? 9/3/09

September 3, 2009 in World 011 News



Hello all you W11’ers as I welcome you to the month of September!

**Congrats to Kasepat in taking the #2 position in the  world player rank, being 50,000 points behind PolarSeal.**


Timeframe: Last Month

Total Conquers against opposite side

{RASP}/RASP-T: 694

Jotad: 197

Difference: 497

Point Value of total conquers against opposite side

{RASP}/RASP-T: 6,564,664

Jotad: 1,897,448

Timeframe: Last week

Total Conquers against opposite side

{RASP}/RASP-T: 150

Jotad: 37

Point value of total conquers against opposite side

{RASP}/RASP-T: 1,440,282

Jotad: 341,740

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:


=NN: 35

Difference: 229

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

ATTERO: 2,569,997

=NN=: 347,515

Difference: 2,222,482

Timeframe: Last week

Total Conquers against opposite side


=NN=: 0

Point value of total conquers against opposite side:

ATTERO: 206,996

=NN=: 0


6 days since last updateWhat’s different?* good (minimum +1mil) week for RASP, ATTERO, LoD, ZIP, =NL=
* bad (minimum -1mil) week for =TITE= and Legend
* HAHA changed their name into =NL=Major Powers: (+10%)
RASP 447.183.386 27,52 % 5.061.482 0,31 %
ATTERO 315.439.771 19,41 % 3.063.121 0,19 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
LoD 146.674.436 9,03 % 2.417.710 0,15 %
=NN= 117.468.452 7,23 % 703.460 0,04 %
jotad 116.226.583 7,15 % 36.191 0,00 %
OZ 103.225.045 6,35 % 888.249 0,05 %
ZIP 86.372.465 5,32 % 1.722.065 0,11 %
=TITE= 76.398.201 4,70 % -1.746.699 -0,11 %
~THB~ 65.958.246 4,06 % -53.985 -0,00 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)
}DF{ 37.516.209 2,31 % 236.981 0,01 %
Legend 30.094.709 1,85 % -3.954.880 -0,24 %
Pal 22.865.651 1,41 % 40.937 0,00 %
Aten 17.622.304 1,081 % 144.800 0,01 %
=NL= 12.102.725 0,74 % 2.279.662 0,14 %
-NVE- 9.127.126 0,561 % 0 0,00 %
RT? 8.262.883 0,51 % 64.579 0,00 %
WW|E 6.287.162 0,39 % 38.332 0,00 %
CQB 6.203.192 0,38 % -110.807 -0,01 %


This week we have Al_Capone in the house. He’s Ex-Duke of N* and =NN=, now in {RASP}.

bl00d:  With Jotad on the downhill slide, why do you think their top 4 players didn’t accept the invite to {RASP}?

Al: I believe that many players from jotad are still very loyal to their tribe, and the name it has, and i see a fair few of them staying on until the end. To be honest, i also feel that they are a bit worried aswell, at the moment they are big fish in a small pond, in {RASP} they would just be regular sized members and not amazing in comparison to the rest of the tribe. Then there is also the problem of positioning, i have only had time to check a few villages, but it seems that the ones i have checked are a bit out of the way from {RASP}s main cluster, this may leave them feeling vunurable. They may also be hoping the Jotad will pull through, and there is every possibility they might, i have seen tribes come back from worse.

bl00d: It seems that =NN= has collapsed. How come?

Al: Well, I think they started falling when studentas started keeping things from his co-dukes and stipped me of all my privalages. Studentas told the other dukes nothing of the talk that was going on about a merge with {RASP} and of a few other things i shall keep quiet about. He also decided to strip me of my privs, because i was inviting smaller players (which there was a plan for.) But obviously, with all the work I had put into the tribe i was not best pleased, so left as soon as I did not get an explination from studentas as to why he did he (he explained his reasons at a later date) Well at this point, a few people asked to follow me, and the other two co-dukes and a council member left, just because they were not too happy with the way studentas dealt with things. Well, of course, since =NN= had then lost four or its most prominant members, others decided to leave for {RASP} and other tribes. At this point, ra666999 started talking to me, and asked me to return and help in leading the tribe. He also managed to get rid of studentas by this point (god knows how.) And since then not much has changed, not many members have joined, as the main ones have been taken, but saying that, not many have left.

bl00d: {RASP} is double the size of the 2nd place tribe, ATTERO. Do you think anyone will catch {RASP} in ranks?

Al: Haha, well, of course, i cant say too much. but, as things lie, i would say no, just because of the sheer size. Though, it depends on what other tribes ATTERO was going to work with if they decided to war {RASP}. Without war, i feel that with some correct merging and recruiting ATTERO might not quite catch up, but oculd come close, though, i do not see this happening, as we have very experienced, good and active dukes.

bl00d: The stats seem to be building against Jotad. Have they given up hope or are they still making the same effort as when MCD was around?

Al:  Well, i cannot say, as i am not in the tribe, but it seems that they have given up, i still believe that the best course of action for them would be to take their most active members and merge with =NN=, and maybe recruit a few other players aswell. They do not seem to be making the same effort as they did when MCD was around, no, but behind the scenes things may be different. Saying that, i feel that if they all knuckled down, and really got stuck in, they could start to pull back, as i said earlier, i have seen other tribes come back from worse, they are still good players, they just seem to have gone a bit inactive. Though, its always calm before the storm.

bl00d:  Look outside right now; what do you see?

Al: I see you. Well, your outside for me, i live in a carboard box outside your house, and you are outside my box, therefore you are outside.

Haha, thanks Al. I just checked on him, he’s doing great in his box.




Chan told me, since he’s in love, that this is his quote for this week:

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.”  -Bertrand Russell


1. rwerk – 48  <—Go RWERK!:)
2. red0ne  – 40
3. 12321s  – 40
4. ghanghis – 38
5. renegade recon  – 38
6. Unclebill30  – 35
7. xillin  – 34
8. lord bight 4  – 31
9. Trapko  – 30
10. PWAV – 30


29/8/09 @ (13:00 server time) –

Total people over 0 points: 1113 -40 -3.5%
Total over 100,000 points: 885 -29
Total over 500,000 points: 639 -9
Total over 1,000,000 points: 494 +2
Total over 3,000,000 points: 181 -1
Total over 5,000,000 points: 75 +4
Total over 7,000,000 points: 21 +1
Total over 9,000,000 points: 4 SAME

Total tribes over 0 points: 61 -2 -3.2%
Total tribes over 100,000 points: 43 +1
Total tribes over 1,000,000 points: 31 +1
Total tribes over 10,000,000 points: 17 -1
Total tribes over 50,000,000 points: 10 SAME
Total tribes over 100,000,000 points: 4 -1
Total tribes over 250,000,000 points: 1 SAME


Last week’s challenge was Funniest animal clip. There were lots of entries, but here are the 2 best:


Omfsmthefsm  <–Ahahahahahaha

This week’s challenge is…. BEST MUSIC VIDEO! Pick out your favorite music video from any band and send me the link!

Well that’s all for W11: What’s new? this week, hope you enjoyed it!