W11: What’s New? 8/13/09

August 13, 2009 in World 011 News



Hello fellow W11 players, it’s bl00d here with this week’s W11: What’s New? blog post. On a side note, I’m super excited that people have been writing to me with suggestions on how to improve the blog, and how much they like it. It makes my job so much easier with all of your inputs! I love it how there is a steady amount of readers of my blog, which makes me feel all fuzzy inside. :D Anywho, with all this nonsense aside, let’s begin!

*Congratulations to bratsch for taking over the #1 spot in the world with 9,128,190 points! He passed Phantom Revenge to take his spot on top of the world, and is a member of {RASP}.*


These are the top 2 wars in the world right now, and I will update them every week, as well as add other wars if they are substantial enough to add to the list.

Total conquers against opposite side:

{RASP}/RASP-T: 609
Jotad: 472
Difference: 137

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

{RASP}/RASP-T: 5,805,847
Jotad: 4,486,410
Difference: 1,319,437


Total conquers against opposite side:

=NN=/=NNA=: 39
Difference: 47

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

ATTERO/SFV: 826,962
=NN=/=NNA=: 394,492
Difference: 432,470


Thanks again Klouwe for keeping us updated each week!

What changed?

* =IP= changed its name into ????? and is now only 1/5th of their size of last week
* =NN= recruited many ex-=IP= members, raised a lot and made an academy: =NNA=
* =TITE= had also a good week, mainly due to also recruiting some ex-=IP= players
* -=WE=- disbanded

Major Powers: (+10%)
RASP 395,411,803 24,70 % 1,764,061 0,13 %
ATTERO 311,014,609 19,43 % 4,265,879 0,28 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
=NN= 143,292,198 8,95 % 48,299,581 3,02 %
LoD 134,607,447 8,41 % 1,558,675 0,10 %
jotad 118,488,498 7,40 % -279,276 -0,01 %
OZ 99,657,852 6,23 % 4,990,343 0,32 %
=TITE= 93,539,258 5,84 % 13,547,646 0,85 %
ZIP 82,035,624 5,12 % 5,205,660 0,33 %
~THB~ 68,454,928 4,28 % 302,142 0,02 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)
}DF{ 36,191,902 2,26 % 963,540 0,06 %
Legend 34,096,584 2,13 % -270,086 -0,02 %
Pal 22,798,540 1,42 % 405,401 0,03 %
Aten 17,204,668 1,07 % 146,757 -0,04 %
????? 15,866,313 0,99 % -63,189,928 -3,94 %
CQB 13,645,250 0,85 % -4,137,438 -0,21 %
RT? 8,062,379 0,50 % 59,763 0,00 %
WW|E 6,423,859 0,40 % 62,448 0,00 %


This week we have P0lt with us, and man, his answers were detailed ;)

Thanks again for this interview p0lt; It was fun.

Bl00d: You make great auto-updating maps; Did you learn this yourself, or did someone teach you?

P0lt: Well, its a bit of both actually… I’ve always done scripting in some form during my life, as it pertains to my job. I had been using nickjer’s to create maps but I began to realize his wasn’t as accurate as the information could give, nor was it really flexible for me. So I set off on my own to teach myself more about perl / mysql, cause it helps me get more $$ at work anyways, plus it was something fun to do. I’ll admit I looked at their code, to better understand what was going on, but after that I re-did some of the dependencies and made them more stringent… Everyone’s also seems to be written in C / Delphi, which isn’t very portable, mine is perl / mysql based and can run on any operating system, with minimal interaction / side effects. I’ve been doing things like this for years though, as a linux administrator, life dictates that you geek out every now and again ;).

Bl00d: Did the welcoming of ex-MCD players into {RASP} go smooth, or was it a bit bumpy since you had been fighting for such a long time?

P0lt: {RASP} is a very large group of people with some differening points of view about the world… For the most part {RASP} welcomed the ex-MCD members with open arms, however, I will admit that the tribe was consulted about bringing the ex-MCD players even into the tribe.
Since we had fought them for so long, we were all blinded by a bloodrage, plus the ongoings of a very successful operation. So some were apprehensive cause they were “close” food / red dots. However, we only brought in 2 members if I remember correctly. Perhaps 3 but less than a handful The larger aggrevation was some had a problem with Attero taking in 10 or so members almost immediately, when some of them were under attack. You can imagine that after battling for a year and half straight you might get a little disturbed…However, {RASP} as a whole was able to regroup and accept that MCD had just fallen, and people join other tribes when the tribe they were in disbands We saw the bigger picture and were able to accept that it was ok, cause MCD was no longer a thorn in our side, we could breathe for a moment. ;) MCD was always larger than a thorn in our side, but as of late, they had lost a lot of momentum and their attacks back at us were becoming far and few and less precise… Since Alex and Er, bratsch, kingdesofmuff have joined, everything has been going great… I for one welcome them with open arms to {RASP} and wish them the best… As for the other ex-MCD members, my hat is off to them all, for hanging on as long as they did and trying their best to overcome such an adversity.

Bl00d: The war with Jotad seems to be going well in favor of {RASP}. Do you think Jotad bit off more than they could chew with you guys?

P0lt: The war is definitely beginning to turn to our favor as it drags on… at first it would seem to jotad that {RASP} was a push over, because they were nobling ex-??? members… and honestly, just because you join the {RASP} tribe doesn’t mean you get immediate support / ability to push weight. It has to be earned, it has to be shown that you are willing to take a couple punches to the face while giving some out yourself.{RASP} at that time was focused on MCD, a way bigger fish to fry, so that is why jotad got the early jump on {RASP} in the stats… however, when MCD fell, jotad definitely went from having the attention of a few, to the attention of a whole lot… As it was, I made the jump from K23 to K16 just to go knock on their door, meanwhile before that I was pushing south… Nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing that an enemy that had kept well over 20K worth of nukes focused on them, are now focused on you… They have less villages than we have nukes, so its only a matter of time, before jotad disbands, goes defunct, or the really good players leave for more prosperous tribes…

Bl00d: back when {RASP}, ATTERO, and =M= declared on MCD, did you ever think that they(MCD) would make it as far as they did?

P0lt: I thought with the way the ops were going against them, and as timely as they were going, we would have killed them quickly. Its a curious thing about tw, because people see timelines in a much different way than they really play out. I had figured MCD would be gone in like 6 months, a year max. It wound up actually taking the better part of 2 years to put MCD completely down.MCD actually fell apart almost 1 year to the date of {RASP} taking over the #1 spot, so it was a sweet victory to taste around the same time, but we had definitely been at war for a year and a half at that point…I never thought it would take that long, but as time progresses on w11, I’m beginning to understand the timeline more, and realize that large changes like MCD disbanding don’t happen over night. It takes time and great dedication to put a tribe like MCD down.

Blood: Do you play any sports in your free time, and if so, which ones?

P0lt: My free time is usually consumed with taking my dog for a walk in golden gate park, skim boarding in some hella cold pacific ocean water, or drinking a beer somewhere in the city. All of which are great excercise :p

Bl00d: Haha, Well thank you for your time; It’s been a pleasure.

P0lt: More than welcome… I’m honored to have been interviewed for such a great world.




This week Chan gave me two funny quotes from the UFC.

“You got kicked. By a kick.”
“I am very confident this fight can go either way.”


I thought this over; Why don’t I just put ennoblement winners of players instead of the losers? I mean, they already made it on the list and I wouldn’t want to embarass them any more.


1 ARSIN 48
2 sdjohn02 46
3 steve-s 34
4 xXslingbladeXx 32
5 Mitchybruh 32
6 1234 look out your door 31
7 abronco 31
8 badhuman 31
9 usaamulets 30
10 kingdesofmuff 29


8/8/09 @ (13:00 server time) – 7 days since last update

Total people over 0 points: 1209 -20 -1.6%
Total over 100,000 points: 950 -19
Total over 500,000 points: 669 -3
Total over 1,000,000 points: 494 -10
Total over 3,000,000 points: 184 +8
Total over 5,000,000 points: 68 +4
Total over 7,000,000 points: 19 SAME
Total over 9,000,000 points: 2 +1

Total tribes over 0 points: 64 +3 +4.9%
Total tribes over 100,000 points: 45 +2
Total tribes over 1,000,000 points: 28 -2
Total tribes over 10,000,000 points: 17 -2
Total tribes over 50,000,000 points: 10 -1
Total tribes over 100,000,000 points: 4 +1


Last week’s challenge was best LOLCAT. I had some funny ones, so there was a tie for the winner. (The link is the player’s name incase you didn’t know.) This week’s winners are…


Other noteable contestants were:


Thanks to everyone who sent in a lolcat. Those are always funny.

This week’s contest is… BEST MOTOVATIONAL POSTER. They are everywhere; google, yahoo, even in magazines! Send me a PM via in-game mail or through the forums with your favorite and it just might win! (If you don’t know what an inspirational poster is, click here.)

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed this week’s W11: What’s New? and I look forward to all your comments!