W1: What’s New? 8/28/09

August 29, 2009 in World 011 News



Hey everyone, it’s bl00d here with this week’s edition of W11: What’s new? The reason this is a day late is because I had surgery yesterday, (August 27th) and there was no way I was going to type my blog while doped up on Anestesia and Oxycontins.

**Congrats to PolarSeal of ATTERO for taking the #1 spot over Bratsch!**


Timeframe: 1 week

Conquers against opposite side

Jotad: 23

{RASP}: 152

Point Value against opposite side

Jotad: 222,210
{RASP}: 1,411,423

Time Frame: one month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Jotad: 213

{RASP}: 694

Difference: 481

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Jotad: 2,039,049

{RASP}: 6,593,917

Difference: 4,554,868

Time frame: one week

Total conquers against opposite side:


=NN=: 4

Difference: 96

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

ATTERO: 932,708

=NN=: 39,081

Difference: 893,627

Time frame: last month

Total conquers against opposite side:


=NN=: 33

Difference: 144

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Attero: 1,670,843

=NN=: 324,453

Difference: 1,346,390


* very good week for RASP with recruitement of 9 players (8 ex-=NN= players). Those 9 newcomers have together 46,065,171.
* besides RASP, also a good week for LoD, OZ and ZIP
* besides =NN=, also a bad week for =TITE=, jotad and ~THB~
* new hilarious Minor Power-tribe HAHA was founded

Major Powers: (+10%)
RASP 442,121,904 27,39 % 39,329,043 2,44 %
ATTERO 312,376,650 19,35 % -88,708 -0,01 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
LoD 144,256,726 8,94 % 4,374,388 0,27 %
=NN= 116,764,992 7,23 % -38,793,467 -2,40 %
jotad 116,190,392 7,20 % -1,167,653 -0,07 %
OZ 102,336,796 6,34 % 1,450,916 0,09 %
ZIP 84,650,400 5,24 % 2,409,257 0,15 %
=TITE= 78,144,900 4,84 % -7,985,422 -0,49 %
~THB~ 66,012,231 4,09 % -2,296,742 -0,14 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)
}DF{ 37,279,228 2,31 % 725,134 0,04 %
Legend 34,049,589 2,11 % -5,615 0,00 %
Pal 22,824,714 1,41 % -141,443 -0,01 %
Aten 17,477,504 1,08 % 163,967 0,01 %
HAHA 9,823,063 0,61 % NEW
-NVE- 9,127,126 0,57 % -43 0,00 %
RT? 8,198,304 0,51 % 78,804 0,00 %
CQB 6,313,999 0,39 % -7,130,187 -0,44 %
WW|E 6,248,830 0,39 % -226,350 -0,01 %


This week we have Klouwe, Baron of ZIP, and Ex-Duke of Legend with us.

bl00d: With =NN=’s decline, do you think they will disband?

Klouwe: Hmm, that’s a tough question for me cause I’m a northern dude. But after seeing their most active members move, I think they’ll keep going down and it will be only a matter of time before they are gone or all moved to other tribes.

bl00d: ZIP seems to be having very good stats against =TITE= and ~THB~ with only 24 members; why do you think you are succeeding?

Klouwe: Well, Carlini has aimed to only recruit active players who are willing to fight in wars. We didn’t like to have a big tribe with much dead weight. The organization is much easier with a small group of active players. This results in our nice stats. Since the foundation of ZIP (less than a month ago) we have 89 vs 15 against =TITE= and 118 vs 19 against ~THB~.

bl00d: How does ZIP manage with the tribe Legend as well?

Klouwe: Legend mainly contains players in a “safer” area. Like that they can perfectly grow and do whatever they want to. They do help ZIP in the war versus THB by providing nukes and support.

bl00d:  It seems that ~THB~ is losing villages at an alarming rate; why aren’t they fighting back?

Klouwe: I think the main problem in ~THB~ is “activity”. I remember when we started the war that in no time plenty of their frontline players coïncidentally quit the game. Being attacked and to fight for your villages is a lot harder than just taking all those internal gifts. As example their war commander (tuga) was our target in one of the first waves. He fought bravely back but he was the only one and facing multiple attackers without sufficent support from his tribe made him gave up. In a small period we pushed the frontline a lot to the east and gained a nice area. We only had 4% dominance in K12 and ~THB~ had 91%. Now this changed to 35% for Z Fam. and 55% for ~THB~.
Another problem for them is that their biggest frontline players in K12 are also their leaders (Anja PiPi and ExcaliburRS). They do attract a lot of defence (we call excalibur: “the sponge”) but these important frontline players don’t attack us. Maybe they are too busy with organizing ~THB~?
They do some operations on us. A few days ago they did a long range operation on me, but it only gave me a nice ODD. They just need more active frontline noblers. But if we’ll keep pushing them to the east then we hope to meet one ;)

bl00d: Ok, last one;  when you put on pants, do you put your right or left leg in first?

Klouwe: It seems that I’m a “leftie”. Left leg in and out first, or sometimes I go straight to the PC to play TW without pants on.

Thanks Klouwe, and hopefully you don’t webcam while playing TW.




Well after Chan informed me that his computer “exploded”, he sent me this quote:

“Motivation is everything. You can do the work of two people, but you can’t be two people. Instead, you have to inspire the next guy down the line and get him to inspire his people. ”


1. tornado1212  – 63
2. Trapko  – 51
3. 7zai  – 39
4. cydrych  – 39
5. Aeneas Juilus  – 38
6. lord bight 4  – 37
7. .UnKnOwN. – 33
8. ste99 – 32
9. mitico2  – 32
10. SIMONJIMB – 30


Total people over 0 points: 1153 -47 -3.9%
Total over 100,000 points: 914 -24
Total over 500,000 points: 648 -11
Total over 1,000,000 points: 492 -2
Total over 3,000,000 points: 182 -1
Total over 5,000,000 points: 71 +1
Total over 7,000,000 points: 20 SAME
Total over 9,000,000 points: 4 +1Total tribes over 0 points: 63 -3-4.5%
Total tribes over 100,000 points: 42 -2
Total tribes over 1,000,000 points: 30 +2
Total tribes over 10,000,000 points: 16 -1
Total tribes over 50,000,000 points: 10 SAME
Total tribes over 100,000,000 points: 5 +1
Total tribes over 250,000,000 points: 1 SAME


Well last week’s challenge was a failure at best. I had one entry. This week, thanks to Dreadeagle of ZIP, we are doing FUNNIEST ANIMAL CLIP! It can be frome Metacafe, Youtube, or any other site, just make sure it’s funny and includes animals!

Thanks for reading this week’s W11: What’s new blog, I hope you enjoyed it!