W1 Update

October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

It has been sometime since W1 was updated and recent events brought to light so that people from far and near can read and enjoy the best of both worlds. Currently W1 is pledged with wars the BIG FOUR are going at it…

What is happening:

WLE (rank 4) v/s TRAP (rank 1)

Hell (rank 3) v/s ToRE (rank 2)

WLE & Hell v/s TRAP & ToRE

North Frontier News


WLE: Green

Trap: Blue

A view of the Northern Frontier

The North is under heavy movements by WLE troops and TRAP troops on an epic showdown. WLE being threatened on their own grounds and the last haven they have; from the sheer dominant TRAP who seems to inch closer to an END GAME.

While not particularly an aggressive tribe, TRAP, has awaken from its deep slumber and the world #1 giant is now heading South, to end WLE’s southern frontier and all ties to keeping W1 alive. WLE’s response is merciless slaughtering of troops in the TRAP heaven; wanting to move into TRAP safe area’s and distracting the giant from total southern dominance.

At the same time TRAP has to worry about HELL also moving in on the Eastern side of the world; while protecting what small clusters they have there. A big tribe with a lot of small problems. While annoyed by all this only a few TRAP players have hit the quit button; the rest are here til the end.

Stats from last three months:

Side 1: WLE

Side 2: TRAP

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,874
Side 2: 595
Difference: 1,279

Easter/ Southeastern Frontier News

HELL v/s ToRE:

HELL: Yellow

ToRE: Cyan

The long awaited and exciting war is finally here. HELL fronts and ToRE fronts have been fighting for a long time, but they are now fused to each other. This has created a stalemate in the Eastern Fronts as HELL is trying dig a deep hole in ToRE home villages. ToRE not really concerned about HELL ability to noble or even run a an OP are so bored; they have infact started joining TRAP in total demolition of the South.

The worst continent that has been blanketed with attacks in the past few days has been K77 where a lot of WLE top players have founded their Southern base as a means of expansion and troop-whoring. The ToRE presence is deeply felt as thousands of nukes have been launched with several hundred already landing/ landed. It seems to be a mass jenocide on WLE from the top two tribes in the world. There is little anyone can do but hope and pray, and wish good-luck to all sides.

Stats from last three months:

Side 1: HELL

Side 2: ToRE

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4
Side 2: 384
Difference: 380

World Frontier News






The BIG FOUR have been domination the world for roughly two and a half years. Although small OP’s have been made and many have quit no war is more deadlier than the one that is goin on right now. With many worlds ending and W1 a sure ‘running mate’ for a another year to come, the stakes have gotten bigger.

WLE & HELL presence has been felt by the top two tribes mainly in K33-35 as many TRAP and ToRE players have hit the quit button a few months ago. Now a barbarian stronghold, WLE and HELL are expanding their boarders towards the TRAP home K’s.

On the same note, TRAP and ToRE presence has been felt in the Southern K’s of 67-79 as WLE is slowly being pushed out from a rather dominant posture over these K’s. While the top two Tribes did not state if they have an alliance; it seems a rather co-ordinating effort is taking place on both parts to take out the strongest and long-lasting contender; WLE.

The next few weeks to next few months will be really interesting and a dynamic change to W1 history.

Stats from last three months:

Side 1: HELL & WLE

Side 2: ToRE & TRAP

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,655
Side 2: 3,230
Difference: 425

Tune in next week for another exciting edition of W1 News!