W1 Update :)

December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

How are you W1? Its been a while since my last post, I apologize, women nowdays are really expensive…er…I mean nice lol. Let’s take a look to see what is going on!


The monstrous fighting between these two is epic. WLE is pushing with all its might (meaning the few actives ones, which i do not number in, don’t tell seren!!) to capture more villages near TRaP territory. They are without hesitation breaking closer to the home-K’s of TRaP. HUR WARLORDS!…wait, I think Im supposed to be neutral. OK, let me try again. COME ONE W1!

TRaP is showing some movement, but otherwise, their so called “activity” remains very constant, sources at the moment cannot say if they will fully wake up. However, they will have to, in order to beat the already massive marching armies of WLE. Very little to say about them. What I do know at the moment, is that in the next segment of this Blog, Bigmatt, also known as “The Man” of TRaP has agreed for an interview, although its over email, its still counts.

Here are the stats on these two (In terms of last week):

Total conquers against opposite side:

WLE: 85
TRaP: 5
Difference: 80


Well this is a sad day. Siimkis the Duke of ToRe has officially retired from the TW business. It is a great loss to W1, as it kept things interesting, and those who fought against him know he does not back down, he comes after you like Freddy Kruger.

WLE and ToRe has been at it since Controleng decided to start the OP on Mercuary and Gouge. These players has sustained some losses, but continue still to fight the oncomings attacks. IF you fancy a good laugh and are in the mood for some arguments, join in the conversation on W1 forums and see ToRe and Hell going at it ;).

WLE has decided to take out Frankyboy89 in K44 and K43 boarder. He has sustained immense losses to the hand of our very own Friespieboy. Although Franky is hurt, he continues to fight on, thus earning my respect.

ToRe have acvtivity about them but not near enough as they once had. Although they are holding their own, they will need all the activity they can now with WLE and HELL both joining in on them.

Here are the stats on these two (In terms of last week):

Total conquers against opposite side:

WLE: 39
ToRe: 25
Difference: 14


We know from the forums that both tribes are really proud and they will never really accept or ever agree each other in any way, shape, or form. Its a good competitive side that we need more of from TRAP and WLE.

ToRe are going trough some definite trials now. They are backed up somewhat against their own wall, being bullied by the top tribes. While TRaP does not seem to care or lend a hand (as far as I know) they still continue on.

HELL has grown quickly reaching #2 in the world, and they want the #1 spot badly. Only 70 million separates them from TRaP. While not a very big lead, those can easily be gained with the plenty of ToRe and barbs in the area. This is just the beginning of this we hope to see more soon.

Here are the stats of these two (In terms of last week):

Total conquers against opposite side:

HELL: 138
ToRe: 4
Difference: 134

Overall it seems the world is still thumping its foot. How long….its hard to say, 2 years possibly. Its and everchaning world, and the oldest world out there, we want to break the record for the longest world alive, lol, no intentionally of course ;)

Next week, join me, Canibal12, as I do an exclusive interview, with Bigmatt. :)

Until then!