W1 Update :)

November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

Hello W1! Sorry for the delay on my blog. I have been busy with Real Life, but its all good now. Let’s see what is going on….


The WLE war against TRaP is indeed still waiging and proving to be a long one. Although the number one tribe (TRaP) have an immense amount of villages and spread from end to end across the middle part of the world, it has been quiet….to quiet.

As you can see below TRaP is winning in nobling against WLE. But as the former Warlord Duchess said in a recent interview: The heart of TRaP seems to be gone, they are more concerned with points now.”

It is true that TRaP rarely cares if they win this world of not, because they have proved what needed to get them respect and fun for this world. However, is the battle a losing one? Could TRaP end this world at their own will if they really got mad and wanted to prove whose better?

The answer comes from within their heart it seems. TRaP it an amazing group of talented and a lot of Romanian players (not so much now) that have indeed had an amazing journey, but it is not over yet. WLE is kicking and knocking on their Northern boarder.

Frispieboy seems to take K’s at a time and extending just near the TRaP heartland. Will this be the end of another great tribe? Most think not…..WLE thinks so….Well TRaP?

The below shows the war statics in terms of a week. TRaP in ahead by 202 total conquered villages. But it does seem that WLE is not concerned with them anymore….ToRe is now the lovely target.

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1:517
Side 2: 719
Difference: 202


The former world number 2 power has taken a sudden leave and quittings of a number of members and dropping two world ranks.

They are now being hit hard by both HELL and WLE who appear to be working side by side again as well oiled machine. It also seems that HELL has waken up some and proved yet again that when it matters the giant shakes and the world hear its tremors.

The main targets being hit on ToRe side are Gouge and Mercuary. These two elite top players have been battling fakes and real attacks for weeks now, with no end in sight. Both Hell and WLE are very impressed the two giants are not hitting the quit button like their fellow tribe-mate Dave(had to leave due to real-life issues) and are defending their name, tribe and honor.  As far as intel is concerned Gouge has lost no villages yet, a great feat. :)

Mercuary has lost a few villages to both HELL and WLE but not a huge number for the thousands of attacks he has coming at him, its a good feat also. Both members are battling on and showing pride and skill.

Below are the stats:

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1:517
Side 2157
Difference: 360


Hell has been putting on a spectacle for ToRe. Firing it long and close range nukes, it seems crazy for HELL to just walk into ToRe territory like that. The HELL leader Controleng is a very astute and revered fighter. Holding number in Total OD ranking he is a war machine alone.

Recently it seems tho he just wants to walk onto the platform. He wants that ToRe side and is unwilling firing bombs everywhere! a mad man i tell you! Its insane what he wants to do, suicide most would call it, but for him its just another day at the office ;)

ToRe have answered back also with lots of nukes and Defense on their side, it seems that the ToRe Defense is holding fast creating a world of trouble for HELL. Though nukes splatter among the high towers and walls of ToRe, HELL is persistand and wont give up….how will this end? will they run out of ammunition? lol

Below are the stats:

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:
Side 1: 426

Side 2:156

Difference: 270

All in all, the wars are growing bigger and stronger, the world is coming to an end slowly, but the players are bigger and the stakes are high…who will win? For now its not sure…..Join in next week for our guest speaker and interviewee HELL DUKE!!…