W1 Update #2

October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

Hello World One Readers! I have a special blog dedicated to a special someone. This week happenings in W1…….

WLE Update:

On October the 18th 2010, WLE Empire started a massive OP on a ToRE player named DavidTesanovic. He resided some in K44 and down into K38 and K39 and beyond. A few days after the launch of WLE north troops David has left ToRE and apparently has gone grey.

This was named the Quickest OP in WLE history. WLE is sure making some big progress in W1 and marching on TRAP free areas like little kids on Halloween. The new few weeks should be very interesting for WLE.

Bellow is a snapshot of K44 and the grey area is David…what is left of his empire. WLE are now munching away. While Groerd left ToRE the WLE Empire is making a comeback in ranks and are currently 3rd in the world. WLE Empire sent their lovely attacks to Groerd at the same time as the launch on David. ToRE says that David and Groerd left on their own accounts and were not kicked or asked to leave.

WLE= Blue

TRAP= Cyan

HELL Update

Hell have also launched an OP on two big Tore members. Mercuary and Gouge are the respective targets. Although not much is heard on them as the two are sure to be tagging attacks and dodging nukes about now.

Gouge and Mercuary don’t seem to want to quit, nor will they hit the delete….no yet anyway. A sense of admiration is to be felt for them as they are working hard and not quitter like others.

Hell making a huge OP lead to the leaving of Groerd and are now ranked 2nd in the world. A big step toward total domination.

Total conqueres since the last 48 hrs leads to Mercuary and losing 1 village. This is an good feat from the W1 veterans. Let’s see how long they can keep this up.

As you can see the top names are still going at it….but for how long? This seems to be an endless array or mishappens. Maybe one day soon W1 will come to a peaceful stop and rest, so that us veterans can get our forever sleep. Until next week!