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August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 051 News

Introductions are in order

Hi… Undead Billy Mays here bringing a fantastic new product to the World 51 community.  Some of you have had the pleasure or displeasure of crossing paths with me in game or externally.  Some of you are head over heels in love with me and some of you would love nothing more than to initiate the fall of the self proclaimed king of Politics ‘n Propaganda.  Regardless at the end of the day you will remember me and in entertainment you should be at one end of the  spectrum or the other, so Love  me or Hate me – The  in between just  isn’t good enough.

Lets Get to Business

The world in all it’s beauty

Now that we are two weeks into the world the top 20 will begin to stabilize a bit.  For now we will just focus on the top 10 tribes as 11 through 20 are still trying to cement their positions.  The top 5 analysis will be a  bit vague this week as I just stepped  into the blog role but as more interviews and research comes you  can expect more in depth hard hitting looks into each tribe, their successes  and failures.

1 Apathy

One of the most anticipated pre-made tribes to join the summer world.  Quite vocal on the externals like most superstar pre-mades are.  Core diplomacy and ability to stay out of an pre-noble war will let us know if this tribe is the real deal or just another pre-made flop in the waiting.

2 Marvel

Another announced  pre made for the summer world.  Marvel was  more hastily put together than Apathy.  With 40 members and 80 tribe changes so far (joins and departures) they have been recruiting outside of their original staff.  Too early for a premade to be recruiting that heavily.  Good positioning outer core area will keep them together for a while but being in the same K’s with Mafiya could  bring some early decisions for tribal direction.  Oh and External forum nightmare

Things are going well i guess we have had a few set backs with our public appearance as everyone knows but where working on repairing the image with our in game abilities.  – Teh.Hulk

3 Mafiya

The Sneggy premade… Need I say more?  Currently the most feared of the known tribes.  Solid core positioning – talented start-up players.  Would love to get in bed with these guys and steal…erm learn their secrets.  Don’t expect any hugging from this tribe.  Best advice – stay out of their way until they get bored and quit

We are here for the long term. This is a slightly different group to the usual start up, destroy, leave team that we usually hang out with. It still has members of that group but also other members from assorted crazies I have met on my travels. The mission: Play as a cohesive unit and dominate anything which crosses our paths. This tribe isnt about individual achievments; I have said it several times these past few days. I dont care who the top guys are so long as they are my guys.    – Sneggy

4 SMILE! Another outer core starter.  The east side of the world is congested with the top ten tribes right now.  I personally have always been a fan of  the outer core positioning.  Id love to get more info on this tribe and will as the weeks roll on.  President A gets my vote for signature of the month

5 SHEEPS Currently the dominant tribe in the southwest.  A truly beautiful spread if the players can handle themselves for a while against the mass recruiting tribes in the area.

Top 20 players

1 mohua Äxte 2,093
2 J-i-M Apathy 1,911
3 i.am.flash Marvel 1,909
4 Oxodre Funk! 1,795
5 Hate Machine. Funk! 1,770
6 Muldie325 Marvel 1,710
7 DeusAbbas Mafiya 1,671
8 ThE HaLfEaTeN FrIeD MaN Mafiya 1,632
9 Cloak and Dagger Marvel 1,627
10 dreamteam45 Funk! 1,617
11 Peach Pwns You Mafiya 1,604
12 Barney.Stinson Mafiya 1,542
13 CheshireBloodhound Apathy 1,542
14 Kuroshima Mafiya 1,516
15 Instinctive Survival Funk! 1,482
16 Name Required Mafiya 1,469
17 Hugz4everyone Apathy 1,424
18 Chocolate.Love Mafiya 1,401
19 Grim.Reaper.Ind Funk! 1,398
20 Passive duo Apathy 1,346
The Mayfia must be paying off all the right judges this world.

1 on 1 with UBM

This week’s one on one is with  Ms HappleDapple, a member of Apathy the current rank 1 tribe.

Okay so you ready for your 1 on 1 with UBM
Lets do it
First thing i have to ask… whats the meaning of this?
“UBM and his sexy posts now belong to meh!” – HappleDapple
It means you are now mine :D shhh dont tell rabbit ;)
Ill make sure not too – its not like this will be posted publicly
Okay – so stalking…errr following you for a while – you’ve had some bad blood with another tribal leader on this world correct?
Yes, i’ve had a few problems with the leaders of Marvel
So you werent tasting the rainbow… Does Marvel have a chance under his leadership?
With my experince with him, i say No.
Would you mind elaborating by letting us know where are his faults are as a leader?
I had actually been a leader with him and had an “accident merge” in another world. He was someone that always gave us issues with in our tribe and quick for judgements, including insulting other peoples family members on PnP.
Hmm looks like a repeat of personality on the w51 forums – okay so getting away from that your currently residing in Apathy – whats the future of the tribe look like there?
Apathy is doing great, took some hits on the lower under acive or non-sat counts but it does have a strong structure, they will go far if they keep there personas down and keep me around of course.
So I’ll make a statement and i want the first response that comes to your mind…HappleDapple may be the sexiest player on W51… excluding myself of course
I agree, i am pretty awesome arent I?  Any tribe would be lucky to have me
Do you find that being an attractive female player who also has in game talent is more of a curse than a benefit?
I have found that my beauty attracts alot of attention, its the reason for me needing to be a great player. Either you hate me or you love me, i gotta be prepared for both.
Well put – sounds like someone else i know – me
Lol you are pretty awesome
I  know… Okay so if you had to choose right now between me and rabbit – and lets say I grew some dreadlocks … which way would you lean?
Oh man thats a tough one….. Rabbits are softer…. but you have all those amazing cleaning supplies! what kinda woman doesn’t want that?
Good answer, ill accept that.  So whats your long term plans here on the world? short stint or in it for the long run?
My game play is to see where this world takes me, while i enjoy this world it needs a little more mixing up for my taste, i am a little bored.. Things are to come, very soon. due time will tell my secrets
Everybody and their secrets : shakes head: Well I will do what I can to keep the world interesting for you -At least on the externals.  For the record – who is the sexiest poster of all time?
Well, i am pretty sexy. But i adore your post as well, you have it all in your hands
you heard it here – i’ve got the whole world in my hands – i got the whole world in my hands… sorry got carried away – happledapple – a pleasure as always
The pleasure was all mine
Thats what they all say
Yeah but they arent me

Facepalm of the week

The facepalm of the week  has evolved from a PnP thread  I started back on W42.  It has found its way through other worlds bringing to light some of the palm meets face reactions to both in game and external failures.  No tribe or player is immune to its reaches as I myself have been facepalmed by… myself.  Please enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously if you happen to become a recipient of this most prestigious award.

Oh Marvel where do I begin….

Lets  start with  the recent events of a single player.  Now sure this happens on every world.

I would like the world to no what a nice tribe this is.
Be very careful of whoever is in this tribe.
I lost alll of my troops because sitter did not do what he should of done:(
So when I went to ask for support Marvel dismissed me.
They didnt talk to me, give me credit for not deleting account an trying to build my
way back up:( they just kicked me.
This tribe will not stick next to there team members an that is Pathic. – Princess Di

Bad Publicity is better than no publicity right?  If thats the case then you guys are doing A-Okay!  Hitting the forums with a constant stream of posting mostly spam, has kept this pre made in the 15 minutes of fame for about 15 minutes longer than it needed to  be.  Constantly getting intertwined in flamefests may be entertaining but what is it accomplishing this early on?  Well at least they handle serious business on their internal forums

Well at least all the members are happy with the way things are going
DawnyHapple: theres no values to marvels PnP because of skitlz
DawnyHapple: you guys have choosen to follow him. his image is your image
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: i know
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: and he’s like “im sick of leading”
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: it’s been 12 days
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: ugh
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: we’re boned
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: but i can’t leave these guys
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: i had a feeling this would happen
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: something like this would happen
DawnyHapple: thats why i rejected the offer to be apart of it
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: he offered me to lead earlier cause he was fed up with it
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: i wanna take it
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: sooo badly
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: but i can’t
DawnyHapple: its already a damaged tribe tbh
Vinnie|Captain P1anet: i know
DawnyHapple: it would take a huge amount of effort to fix it
Even with the power of earth wind fire water and heart I dont know  if Marvel’s image is repairable…

Billy’s Final Thoughts

The world is now two weeks  old.  We are getting to know the tribes and find out who is worthy of sticking around.  For future blogs feel free to contact me on skype @ Edgeukated.  Please be encouraged to  comment on the blog.  I love good conversation in the comments  section.  Thanks
This has been