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By their own hands

Perhaps they were a group of good, experienced players, but that doesn’t make them a great tribe. For some reason, whenever this group joins a world, they are automatically “great” without even doing anything on the world.
A made man is a wiseguy or member of an organized crime cyndicate who has earned both respect and trust by the governing parties of that group.  Once your made your treated as an untouchable party.  I think the tag Mafiya was quite fitting for the majority of the group inhabiting the former tribe.  They had the respect of the world just based on their past successes and amazing start-ups’ ability.  Now we are left with more questions than answers though.  As the group of players themselves have not yet quit the world or reformed under a different banner we have to wonder-  why is it that so many pre made tribes don’t last until their prime?  Were there internal conflicts that led to Sneggy saying that he’s done with  the tribe.  Is there more to the execution of Mafiya than we have been left with?

Kudos to Sneggy for adressing the community announcing the disbandment of his premade before the flamers start a flamin’ and the haters start a hatin’.  The decision to disband a  highly hyped tribe before it’s tested has to be a difficult one for the average leader.  It takes more maturity to disassemble prematurely than postmaturely.  So what’s the reason?
welll actually its been on the cards a while, sneggy got a lot added work in RL added to his schedule, the guy manages bars :D
For like almost couple weeks its been a situation where he cant get on much, well at least 1 week and premades need a lot of leadership nagging and reminders in order to function properly.  So the options he had was to call it off or have it crash into something embarassing.
So it appears to be just that.  All of us have seen situations outside of Tribal Wars claim both players and tribes before they could peak.  Some being honest intelligent decisions to put down an addiction and some just being an excuse because the quitter refuses to embrace failure.  I see this as a tribe making a smart decision to not attempt to achieve more than it’s capable of.  What wasit capable of though?
What did Mafiya do that made them a great tribe… just out of curiosity? They managed to get some well known faces under the same name (again) and become a top rank for what, less than a month into the world? I fail to see how that makes them “great”. They did nothing to prove that they were a great tribe.
We can see throughout the forums that Mafiya got high marks from most posters. It goes back to being a made man- their past successes and reputations have followed them throughout their world-hopping adventures. You can point at facts and say they are great starters as Notoriety did but we can also say that Sneggy fell short on his original agenda of creating a tribe to stick around and not just a short stint. Once again as the players have not quit the world we may see a reunion at some point. To answer the question of what Mafiya could have achieved I turn to…

I talked  to a few players and found out what the public wanted to have foretold.  The theme being — “If Mafiya didn’t disband…”
Charles the Bald
Would Mafiya have had a future after World 52 opened?
Zoltar: Unlikely, the new lillypad would be ripe for hopping upon
Kustard King
Did Cloak and Dagger stand a chance, or should he have stuck with doctoring?

Zoltar: See chart below … Zoltar thinks doctoring

Would Don Sneggy and Mafiya have shot up the block and reighned supreme?
Zoltar: Yes, but then late into the server they would be indited on tax evasion and given 25 years to life to be served in a maximum security penetentary.
Undead Billy mays
Will Inception win the oscar for best picture?… and did Le Quebec Mafiya give up because it’s French?
Zoltar: Yes but this first question has nothing to do with  Mafiya other than Leo Decaprio was in the mafia for the Departed… and yes - the national flag of France is all white

World 51 map

I think there is some good reviewing going on in the top 20 thread so i will make a  few comments this week than pull a few quotes from the thread and respond.
Sheep – Still at the top and I talked to h0lly of Apathy to see what he thought about what’s been going on at sheep.
I have come to respect Sheeps for their decision of not to kick Hate Machine. When we made it clear that we will target him. Their duke said that we could, he was to far to support. But he won’t be kicked because he has friends here. That action, putting friendship above keeping a clean record really caused me to respect their duke and their tribe. Since its a move I would do to.
I see them going far next to us and who knows when the world starts to shrink, they might even be against us. :) And that would be a lot of fun.  Hate Machine. joined us now btw. After making friends here and realizing he can still talk to his friends through Skype… and that’s just one event that formed my opinion of them.
Apathy – In the process of cleaning up a little trash – fixing things that need fixing – just  a general Spring cleaning…. in August.  H0lly admits to a few recruiting snafus but is in the  process of cleaning them up.  Since I got H0llys take on Sheep, its  only fair I got Sheep on Apathy… You’ll be able to tell one put more thought into his reply  than the  other  :D
i like apathy
i don’t much study the stats and such, but there’s some good folks over there
-Charles the bald


My tribe but ill be honest. NO longer a family tribe no matter what the rumors are.Full tribe put its not a system where if someone wants in they get kicked,they have to wait til someone goes inactive,quits tribalwars,fails troop check or just falls behind. OD 5th from 4/5 wars in k45. why is OD only 5th if they were powerful tribes, they attack one member of ours , we cat there whole tribe down b4 there tribe launches another attack/our reason for low ODD. Pure k45 tribe which gives us time to consider our options to what K to invade next rather than it already been chosen. Used a family tribe system to test everyone and now ended up with 1 tribe of our best. Have 2 players in the top 20 in the world/same as sheeps. and have 14 of the 15 top players in our continent. I no it sounds like im defending us but thats because i sort of am, we have had unfair critism like even yesterday and today people mentioning urnext killing us when we have taken 35,000 points of them today.

-iC o N a L x

The post was highly defensive rather than a tribe rating.  One of the problems with family tribes is they spend all thier time defending against haters rather that promoting what they have built.
Sleep- This week’s player profile is Sleep’s baron, but here’s one of the reviews.
With there tribe position they are bound to end up fighting Apathy sooner or later and as said above i think it will be the “defying” moment for both tribes on this early world. They seem very active but slow noblers, they were number one in ODA the last time i did a review now they dropped back to 3rd and have nobled very few villages. But they will give Apathy a run for there money i can promise that.  Other then that i dont have much to say about this tribe. They will hopefully pick up the noble past soon and if so they could be a top 2 tribes as long as they dont start warring Apathy right away.
I think this is a pretty fair evaluation of what this tribe will eventually have to face.  This has been one of the tribes I’ve watched with interest since they broke the top 20.  I enjoy talking to the leaders as they have a pretty good grasp on things.

Jager- Owns one of my favorite external posters of all time, that being Capacitor and being led by Anubis.  Great world positioning with Mafiya now gone.
This tribe certainly had a influx of points in the last five days – do their other stats back it up? Their rank 17 ODT is not terribly impressive, but their 1.83 players/nobeled village ratio and 4.5k point/player average definitely is. They’re up in the NW in K43, with the rapidly falling NUTS!. I want to learn more about the conflict between those two tribes, but so far this tribe is looking good to me. They have a few SHEEPS members on the southern front, but lack of other top ten tribes in the NW will give them ample room to expand. I look to see an increase of OD from this tribe, along with a continued stay in the top ten.
-Old King Minos
I too don’t know that much about Jager other than having casually known some of its members.  Nice analysis though.

Player Profile of the week

IGN: xDaria
Tribe: Sleep
Position: Baron
Top 5 Movies:
V for Vendetta
Live free or die hard series
Rush hour Series
no scary movies, im not good with scary things x[
Top 5 Video games:
Call Of Duty series
Mario Kart :D
Phantasy star episode 1 and 2
Super smash bros melee
Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
Gamer girl xP
Favorite quote:
Do something worth remembering – Elvis

The War Room

The only announced war with enoblements that I am aware of is the Apathy, ~AOH~, and Peanut minage trois.  Hold for some exciting stats!!!
Apathy Vs Peanut

For any other wars going on feel free to contact me through my forum account with details and declarations i might have missed

When you make an Assumption

You make an …V V V V… out of u and umption
As much as I do enjoy a good tribe ranking thread one common theme I come across is too many people not doing enough research before posting their anayalysises  on tribes they know little about.  Statstell a story but those stories seem to be very misconstrued ones. Some people are just looking for a reaction; others believe they can tell what’s actually going on. Even my own tribe has been guilty of this. Lets take a minute and look at one post in particular. Now as this one relates to my own tribe I won’t flame the writer rather just point out some things.

Head analysis

Now this one was responded to promptly by one of our dukes, which I  encourage people to read.  The post was long but very slanted.  He mentioned the drastic increase in ODA without a large increase in villages, assuming that meant failed nobling and clearing attempts, or at least using alot of troops to rid another village of its inhabitants.  Could have mentioned that it was possible he hit a backtime or caught an offensive village at home.  Head especially has been the recipeient of a fair amount of assumptions.  Junk assumed they could trash Head on the externals based on limited statistics and getaway with it …we see where  that  got them.  The thing about statistics is most of the time you can spin them however you like.  No tribe is above critisizm not even my own — but when posting people will look ignorant by making formentioned assumptions based on a set of stats.
Advice:  Do more homework

Billy’s Final Thoughts

Certianly an exciting week for the world as its fan favorite disassembles.  I added some new features in the blog so please give feedback — the war room will get bigger hopefully. For tribes  who aren’t being mentioned in any of the blogs but feel they deserve to be, please contact me through the forum mail with your skype name and I’ll be sure to get in touch with you – Thanks