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A World  less Funky…

As I start this blog I have a song playing in my head, Freddy Mercury on the front.. and another one, and another one.. and another one bites the dust.  World 51 is now minus another pre-made.  All is not lost as the new more streamlined tribe Obey! has been formed…. wait hang on a second

I formed Obey! based on the most talented and devoted members of Funk. Then I take one trip out to the mall with my friends and come back to nothing. Apparently my co-players didn’t think I was active enough this week due to a variety of personal reason which include my own birthday and my mothers birthday. Needless to say that comes before tw. Anyways, due to that they decided to kick me off the account and disband Obey!
Okay so now Funk! and Obey! are gone… Twer it me, I might consider stop putting the exclamation point behind my tribe names.  Funk! was one of the tribes I was excited about seeing in action.  I feel that I was robbed of my excitement as I’m away for a weekend and I come back to not one but two renditions of the tribe dead and gone.
So where was the downfall?  Too much faith in the members with the massive recruitment spread was my first head scratcher.  It’s too early in the game to allow members that  much space on their own.  A tighter compact array of support players could have prevented the Axte nobles for at least a little while.  As  much as we, the dominant forum personalities, like to flame the mass recruiting tribes they tend to survive the first few months which is more than we can say for a couple of premades at this point.  Which leads me into  my first interview of the week.  This interview is a 2 parter if they are still  around for the next time we get together.
As we have all seen Marvel go through some tough times I wanted to allow them some time on the blog to address their situation on the world.  There most recent ranking is 83rd as the tribe is getting closer and closer to death.  Lets see what they had to say.  The interview with Green.Goblin and Teh.Hulk below is  as follows
UBM  in bold
Greenmonsta(Green.goblin) italics
Teh.Hulk in  green
Green your taking over Marvel as Skitlz is taking more of a backseat role to the leadership of the tribe. Earlier on their were claims that this would be happening as a charade with Skittlz still in power. Is this the real deal this time?
Yup, real deal. I told skitlz when he started Marvel that I’ll help advise, but I never had the time since I had just started a new job and moved house. by the time I returned with some spare time on my hands MArvel was a shell of what it should have been, so I agreed to take a more active role in leading than I originally planned.
You say its a shell of what it should have been… What was the reason that you guys hit bump after bump in the road so early on? Skitlz also here with us is a somewhat controversial leader who’s skills as a leader have been questioned. That doesn’t single you out Skitlz as most leaders come into question at some point, but what is it you guys are correcting in your restructuring period?
Well when i decided to lead i was planning on having green as an advisor as last time i lead a tribe it was a rim tribe on world 12 and i didnt have the whole world watching me so i made mistake after mistake while trying to lead by myself here
Marvel had some great potential, and we had some great players willing to join MArvel and be led by skitlz. The problems arose when our forum presence took a nosedive due to one mistake by skitlz and a lot of flaming. Most of our more high-profile players decided they didn’t want their own reputations tarnished, and so they ran away.
We all saw the events unfold as they were pretty much publicly broadcasted in real time on the externals. So admittdly Marvel’s biggest mistake was being so loud on the externals drawing attention to every move they make.
While that may be true, skitlz and I are a couple of players who would not enjoy playing without using the externals as extensively as we do. Using the externals as much as we do automatically puts the tribes we lead into the public eye, and there for everyone to flame.
Green I agree with you there – The externals for me is as fun if not more fun than the in game but the balance is neccessary to be able to control the image of a tribe not just let everybody loose. Would you agree?
Couldnt of said it better myself the externals admitedly are as big a part of tribalwars as anything else the real mistake is when i jumped on false information and posted about it I dont regret myself or my members being on the externals and hyping us up as we had reason to believe we could do well
I’ve never been a fan of controlling my members. I’ve led a tribe before that ended up having a similarly bad forum presence, but as the world got to know us we were liked more and more dispite the moronic ramblings of a couple of members. I have confidence that a similar thing will happen on this world once (if) people see that Marvel can be successful under mine and Skitlz (and hopefully Hazad’s) leadership. I know I’m not viewed as one of the worlds most intellegent forum posters, nor as one of the best forum presences, but I will always say what I feel has to be said, I will argue a point if I disagree with it. Many people don’t like it, and some just see me as an idiot because of it, but that is never going to stop me posting the way I do, regardless of the amount of flaming I get. Because of this I will never try and stop anyone in Marvel posting what they want to post (unless they want to post up our operations before we run them :S )
Okay – So you’ve got the reigns now green – You’ve been workin it a couple days – First things first – Mafiya.  How do you deal with them?
I think that is something I’ll have to keep under wraps for now. As many may know, there was some IGM’ing between me and pervis which ended quite amusingly. I’ll leave it up to some other busybody to attempt to dig that mail up and post it if they want it to be seen.
Well you can keep it under wraps or take it public before they do as far as how talks are going
Talks with Mafiya lasted less than a few hours,  Basically, the problem is that not many tribes will wan to be associated with a tribe that is seen to be failing (and I won’t deny that we are in a very bad position at the moment), I see Marvel as a challenge. It’s going to be very hard to get MArvel back on it’s feet, and we will be lucky to accomplish that, but it’s worth a shot.
-To be continued if they stick around and here is  some of the mentioned diplomacy talks between Marvel and Mafiya


W51 Map

Mafiya – Apathy – SHEEPS – ~DBD~ - Sleep
whoa.. – HEAD – Try iT  – PEANUT  – ~AoH~

Current Events

~AoH~ vs Apathy vs Peanut


Head defending its reputation


Sleep – Rank 5

Having covered  some of  the  top 10  tribes  already I wanted  to get some more info on Sleep who I’ve been watching ever  since they reached the top 20… With  their  fifth place  ranking they currently sport the number one ranking in Oponents defeated as an attacker and the  number four spot in Oponents defeated  as defenders.  Two of their larger members have been nobled but rather than disband reform disband, they continue on.  I talked a bit to their baron.  The aim of the tribe right now is to  secure their area as is most but being  quite agressive in doing so.  She was the second Sheep  player  to maintain they were  not premade despite their similar staged  joining times.

Me personally i just decided, oh lets try playing TW again, and it so happen to be a new world, neem contacted me when he first got in and started building up the tribe at random or so it seemed but other than that, definitely not premade – Aria~

HEAD – The Killer Tomato interview

Finally I get an interview with the HEAD leaders.  Head has recently broken their forum silence to combat some misinformation that had been posted about them.  The Killer Tomato is one of three leaders heading up HEAD.
So you must be The Killer Tomato
That’s the rumor.
I heard your pretty much retired from you’re other worlds, is that true?
Not me. I’m in my prime.  And you must be the self proclaimed king of PnP… Undead Billy Mays…. Look Everybody  its  Undead Billy Mays. The deadliest flamester to grace the external forums they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate ya?
Darling? Who are you calling darling? and no you shouldnt hate me I  just met you…
Yes, but there’s just something about you. Something around the eyes, I don’t know, reminds me of… me. No. I’m sure of it, I hate ya.
I’m sorry are  you  drunk?
In vino veritas.
Age quod agis.
Credat Judaeus apella, non ego.
Eventus stultorum magister.
In pace requiescat.
Evidently Mr. Mays you are an educated man. Now I really hate ya.
Okay so moving right along…. Mr. Tomato being one of the leaders of  Head I was hoping you could shed some light on a few things such as who HEAD is.  Why have you as a  tribe stayed so  quiet on the  externals among such a external forum?
Well HEAD is a premade tribe started by myself, Pyscho Mantis along with Jekyll and Hyde.  We chose not to make a ruckus on the forums so as to not draw attention to ourselves.  Hopefully you won’t see us spamming  threads and creating chaotic chatter simply to pollute the forum with nonsense.  Tribes paint themselves as easy targets that way.
Okay well who is The Killer Tomato, Pyscho Mantis  or Jekyll and Hyde?  I’m assuming these are aliases but I’ve  never heard of any of you.  Should we have?
Part of  our fun was being able to stay quiet on the forums as well as in game.  Certian members of ours would have had attack me signs on our villages from the moment we stepped on the world. By the end of this interview I will hint as to who I am, as for the others that will be up to them.
Okay so before we get in to who you are tell us about HEAD.  Is this an elite tribe?  It seems those around you have tried to expose you for being pointwhores.
We do not consider ourself an elite group of players by definition.  Any tribe that labels themselves as such deserves to be rimmed quickly.  Pointwhores…ehh we try to grow fast and effectively and those who called us out on the externals have been dealt with in game.
So is Head here for the long haul or just a world hopping tribe like we see so often?
We plan to be here as long as it takes to win the server.  We dont expect that to be a walk in the  park but we put a good  team together on purpose
That’s a long commitment….
Yes it is but our team signed up knowing that we will be here for the long game.  I am positive that some will come and go throughout but keeping the core group together should be easy. Most of us have played together before.  That is our plan now we just have to put the work to see it happen.
How did Head come to be?  You guys had a fairly full roster upon joining the  world.
My partners and I carefully chose the players we wanted  to play with us.  Some were players  we have fought with and some were players we fought against.  We chose not to recruit through displaying member lists and giving away signatures.  We enlisted  those who were serious about dedicating their time to a  new world.  We have a proven leadership staff and players.  We wanted  to see if we could put these moving parts together and build a  machine.  So far we have had a bump or bruise along the way as any tribe has but we fix and move on.
Okay so Mr Killer Tomato… I’m going to feature you  in the first W51 blog Player profile so if you can fill out the following questions so that our readers  can get to know you better…
Tribal Wars Experience:  A little over  a year, not an old  worlder but the game itself is pretty easy to learn.  I’ve been in several top ranked tribes and although not been a rank 1 player on any worlds I have had more control on certian worlds than entire rank 1 tribes.  Certian personalities will rise to the top in tribes.
Top 5 movies:  Leon: The professional; Kill Bill vol 1 and 2; Inception; Neon Genesis Evangellion: Anchorman
Top 5 bands: Muse; Outkast; The Beatles; Radiohead; Beethoven if that counts
Greatest accomplishment:  Fathering three wonderful children
I’m quite confused that sounds exactly like someone I know very very well…
My favorite movie is Leon: the professional, I have three kids, your music list and  mine match perfectly…
no it cant be…. are you… nahhh

Facepalm of the Week: Served Cold

Since his arrival it came to his attention that  I’ve mentioned him twice  so i get this mail via forums.
“Undead Billy Mays: Okay last question and then I’ll let you go – whos more entertaining on the externals – Undead Billy Mays or Kustard King?”
“It’s nice to see the externals calm down a bit with Marvel’s “restructuring” period. Although the introduction of one Kustard King could keep the threads … entertaining. I forsee some decent flamefests in the near future. His type persona is begging for it. Looking forward to see what kind of interview he puts together.”
Woohoo! I got mentioned! TWICE! :D
I’mma feelin’ the love, bro. I’mma feelin’ it.
Now flame me! Flame me with that dragon’s tongue of yours <3 – Kustard King
Now Dragon tounge is usually a “pet name” mentioned by some of the Undead’s ladies but a open invitation at flaming?  Feel free to call me out on any one of your pointless threads and I’ll show you why I’m the best that ever did it.  Your interviews are okay at best. Random chatter would be more accurate.
Kustard King:
Hey, no problem dude. It’s a great honour to interview someone as talented and as sexy as you. RRRAWR!Kusty:
Oh, stop it you <3
I’m taken ;)

Kustard King:
Hey, me too… But you know that game you might play with your partner where you write down the names of 5 celebrities that you would be allowed to spend a night with outside of the relationship? Well, you’re on mine ;D
5 times, infact :D

Oh my… Me? A celebrity? I daresay I’ve done nothing worthy of such a title =3

Kustard King:
Sure you have. You’re a talentless racist with a chest full of plastic D:

Maybe in my less educated days  I would enjoy your brand of posting but these days its just more annoying.  Well  at least your signature says it all….

Billy’s Final Thoughts

Wondering who will be the next pre made to fall.  I dont expect to see another one go down before my next blog.  In the upcoming blogs I want to do a few different features.  As the nobles are  becoming more plenitful we will see actual enoblement stats with  wars rather than just cat battles.  Another feature will be a player profile to introduce some of the lesser known yet important personalities to the rest of the reading world.