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World 51

Welcome back for the second edition of the World 51 blog presented by his Undeadness.  As we are getting futher into the world we are starting to see some stabalization in the top tribes.  We have already seen some of the announced pre made tribes fall flat on their face as well as the rise of some unknowns.  The first noble is out and it’s all uphill from here.

The Fallen Marvel

It has been a tough two  weeks for the externally vocal Marvelites. Some  Thirteen members have left the tribe either of their own accord or at the hands of the tribe in the last 4 days.  Mafiya made true on its claims that a group of Marvel players were  contacting them about recruitment.  The former number one tribe has dropped to fifteenth in the rankings and down to thirty four members.  I actually see this as a chance for Marvel to regroup and re-evaluate where they are  as a tribe.  With Teh.Hulk (skittlz) now taking a step back from leadership due to outside factors we will see if Greenmonsta can do anything different with the tribe.
We will do to some changes in my life greens stepping up to help me lead the tribe as my activity will be dropping. so hes basically taking over. hes got other stuff planned to turn the tribe around as well.
- Teh.Hulk
In my opinon it’s going to take more than a new image to turn Marvel around.  I would reccocmend ditching the name, the  conept, the external presence and starting over.  A few weeks into the world isn’t too much to consider restarting on the rim as a cohesive unit or accesssing your failures and preparing for W52.  Either way we will continue to watch and see if  they can rise again.  The heroes always seem to come back to life in the comics we shall see if there are any more pannels left to illustrate…

The Top Ten

1 Mafiya

Trading the number one rank back and forth with Apathy over the last week.  Due to their constant stay in the spotlight I won’t go too much in depth about them in this weeks blog.  I did have some time to talk to Jagerblue one of the players on the Barney.Stinson account.  For some of you who don’t know Jagerblue is part of a team that tends to dominate the player rankings on just about every world they play.  Whats the difference between them and you?
We just farm efficiently, dont waste our troops, keep stuff in queue.. It’s not like we do anything special or different.. We do the same thing as everyone else, for the most part lol – Jagerblue
So basicly the team at Barney.Stinson does what you do… they are just better at it than you.
2 Apathy
Still doing just fine.  Apathy has taken the number one spot twice this week that I have seen, could  have been more.  Inside sources say they will be gearing up for a early war with some close competition.  Since inside sources said so i decided to find out by going to the source
Some people are throwing Apathy’s name out there as planning to hit Funk! – Not being the new kid on the block i know better than to take the dilusions of grandeur and count them as truth but i was curious as to how much truth there was to it
I let my members do as they please during the start up phase of the game, farm who they want to farm and noble who they want to noble. But I’ve noticed several Funk! member close to my own. So since they’re both the highest pointed player around chances are they might target each other
There is a degree of truth in it. I get mails from smaller tribe all the time as do the rest. And they have acces to maps like everyone else does to =/ So I did get a few mails from them asking if we are allied to Funk! or not. I told them no, so they assumed a war will happen =/
3 Funk!
Hmmm…  Just a few days ago I gave them compliments for functioning as a low member count tribe but pointing out they needed to eventually recruit some talent around them in order to contend later on.  I didn’t mean the recruitment needed to come the  same day but.. oh well.
I am a Farm Joined 07th August 2010 – 01:41
scurf Joined 06th August 2010 – 10:24 2,134
The Ice ice Baby Noob Joined 06th August 2010 -01:36
Buster Cherry Joined 06th August 2010 – 01:36
hermit12 Joined 06th August 2010 – 01:36
Moscow Style Joined 05th August 2010 – 22:39
bullnuts Joined 05th August 2010 – 22:39 347
zno2000 Joined 05th August 2010 – 22:39
Caleta Joined 05th August 2010 – 22:39
Low member count and high activity will allow this group to go far in the early game stages. Eventually they will need to recruit some quality players in their area as tribes with equal or lesser talent will outgrow them and become hard to handle.
-Undead Billy Mays on August 5 at 5:40 ST
Staying pretty consistant with thier area.  They will need to adress the Funk! presence in thier area.  No need to do it immediatly but at some point they might have to choose to be agressive against one of the ranekd tribes in the area as they have mayfia to the north, Funk! to the west, Apathy and Funk to the east and Head to the south and none of those tribes would be ones to take  lightly.  Positioning wise they might be in the worst spot for survival.
Still a bit of a mystery.  I have heard a few rumors as to who they are but until it can get confirmed I won’t post it in the blog.  An amazing rise to its  current spot in 5th place with  a week late start.  They have yet to recruit outside of an all alias lineup.  I am very impressed with their ability to stay off the externals.  We can see it  has led to unneeded attention for some other tribes.  I will continue to watch them and see if I can get anything of value for the next blog.  If any Head members read the blog please contact me for at least a tease of information.

6 ~DBD~
Now that we are past the top 5 the tribes as you can see are  starting to look like K specific tribes on  the map.  Recently DBD got Pre-Declared on in some style of Anti-Family tribe PnP.  When the nobles become plentiful we will see what DBD can do as a family.
Unfortunatly for Peanut they seem to be looking like food for Apathy and Funk! players.  Not to say that Peanut is unskilled completely but with the mass recruiting tactics and K specicfic membership I’m basing my accessment on worlds 1-50.
8 Try iT
See above and insert Sheep into eaters
9 ~UN~
See above and insert Mayfia into eaters
10 Sleep
Still the tribe I pick as the sleeper for the top 10.  I covered them a bit in my top 10 evaluation so I won’t bore you agian with my predictions on this one

Nauz – One on One with  UBM

Lets get the borring sh..stuff of the way.  For our readers that are not familiar with you and for myself as I’m getting to know you What is your ingame name, current tribe, and how long have you been playing?
Nauzhror: IGN: ThE HaLfEaTeN FrIeD MaN
Tribe: Mafiya
Played since June, 2008, started on the rim of W18.
Why do you play TW – its an addiction for alot of us but what keeps you playing for over 2 years now?
The game is rather boring in all honesty. I only really play due to the community and interaction with other players. I also try to experiment with different strategies every world to keep things from getting too stale.
Agreed the game does get stale from time to time – So far you have a great start on 51 – Having achieved first enoblement on the world – What are your expectaions for both yourself and Mafiya?  That group does tend to have a tendency to Hop worlds
I, and a lot of MAfya, am admittedly what most would class as World Hoppers. I doubt I’ll play as long as many people who joined the world will, but at the very least I plan to play till 200k or so, at which point I’ll probably hand the account off to someone of Sneggy’s choosing. Not really a bad deal for me or the tribe as I get to enjot the portion of the game that I enjoy, and the tribe gets a top 5 account when I get bored.
Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1 ThE HaLfEaTeN FrIeD MaN Mafiya 4.853 2 2427
2 Barney.Stinson Mafiya 3.433 1 3433
Haha okay so  since you decicded to post them under you… who’s a better player you or the Barney.Stinson team – and i promise Jager and crew wont see your answer :lies:
They are. I can outplay Jagerblue and lodda at startup on just about any world, and am roughly on par with Bad-Horse, but late game no one on .net compares with lodda’s growth.
Yeah i play W39 where a Cer-berus account resides and his growth is sickening – Is it the boredom that hinders you late game or do your skills reside strictly in start-ups. Alot of good starters have the reputation of being mediokre late game players
I’ve played late game, I just really don’t care for it. Staying up all night tagging incomings is more motony than I am willing to tolerate without getting paid. And this is a game afterall, so I see little reason to continue playing it after it becomes to feel more like a job than a game. There’s also the simple fact that the more villages you have, the less errors cost you, I enjoy the risk of knowing one small error could get me rimmed.
Whens the last time youve been rimmed
W47, I was rank 1 on world prior to being rimmed, 18 member tribe I was in (Hop!), led by Pervis, was gangbanged by over a dozen tribes when most of us only had 1-2 villages.
Well theres some hope for the small tribes around Mafiya :D – okay so lets jump into some world politics – Other than Mafiya – whos the best looking tribe in the top 20
Perhaps Funk!, but they’re a distant second in my eyes. Apathy wouldn’t be awful if Grawler weren’t a baron in the tribe, but he is, so they’re more or less doomed in my eyes as he’s absolutely not fit to lead and is sure to backstab someone sooner or later, it’s just what he does.
What seperates Funk!? There most recent recruitment strategy is puzzling to say the least. Like you yourself just said anyone can get rimmed and to have a recuiting wide spread in the core like they just completed doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.
Their spread is awful, but, they have enough open slots left in their tribe that if they recruit people in the right spots they can fix that issue. If they don’t do so though they’ll likely fail within the next month or so as nobles become far more commonplace than they are at the moment.
How can Tribalwars fix the mid to late game boredom issue – if TW is run by Nauz what changes keep the players like you entertained
Nauzhror: It’d likely have timeslots setup in such a way that players could choose when when they wanted to be online and time paused when they weren’t so that they could lead normal healthy lives without worrying about incomings throughout the day and make the game be less about activity and more about actual ability and strategy. I certainly don’t expect it to ever be implemented, but if it was I’d be a lot more interested in playing late game than I am currently.
Another plus would be for all incomings to automatically be tagged with what speed they were so that being online when attacks were sent was no longer as crucial as it is with the way the game is currebtly.
Whats the worst thing you have ever done as a player
Not much really. I’m arrogant and egotistical ingame, but I at least don’t lead people on. Common strategy for top players to make PA’s with the intent of later nobling them. I simply explain to my neighbors that I will not be their PA and that all they will ever be in my eyes is food when they make similar requests of me. Suppose I’ve spied on tribes in the past, but that’s not really something that I consider to be all that bad, as it’s more or less an accepted part of the game.
Undead Billy Mays: Okay last question and then I’ll let you go – whos more entertaining on the externals – Undead Billy Mays or Kustard King?
Nauzhror: That’s an easy question. Zombies are far more entertaining than talking condiments.
I’d like to thank Nauz for taking the time out of his busy nobling schedule to help and entertain the readers  of the blog!

This weeks  facepalm recipent goes to the Grin PnP thread


Tribe name: Guardians of Uranus
Number of members: 31
Points of the best 40 players: 15.392
Total points: 15.392
Average points: 496
Rank: 115
Okay.. So those who know me know that I’m a fan of PnP.  I find more fun in that than I do in actual game play.  Setting up a PnP that is effective, informative, and entertaining is an art.  Lets look at those three characteristics and see how each  one failed
Okay so we know ~DBD~ is  a family tribe.   We know that Grin doesn’t like family tribes.  Thats about it.  That fits the description of just about every other tribe on the world.
I gave it a 2 because he decided to actually use pictures rather than just text.  The pictures however have been over-used in pnps and websites therfore losing their comedic value.  At least try to edit them a bit for some personalization
Your a tribe with an average member value of mid 400s.  I’d get the actual number but I’m too lazy to scroll up a few lines and check it.  Still a good 1500 to 2000 points away from getting single nobles yet prematurely declaring on a family tribe who is alot futher along than you.  Alot of effective PnP is timing and that was pretty fail.
Even if this was a comedic effort with no in game meaning it made me facepalm.  It looks like a first or second attempt at a pnp and if thats the case then keep practicing.  Feel free to give me a PM on the externals and I’d be glad to give you a tip or seven.

Billy’s Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see the externals calm down a bit with Marvel’s “restructuring” period.  Although the introduction of one Kustard King could keep the threads …  entertaining.  I forsee some decent flamefests in the near future.  His type persona is begging for it.  Looking forward to see what kind of interview he puts together.
On a more personal note, I did this on the W42 blog but  didn’t get a ton of response so I fiure i’ll try it here.  I’m looking at getting a back piece done and want some opinions.  For the ladies you get to watch me bring sexy back… literally and for the gents you  get to tell me how awesome this piece is or if i should stray  away from it.  Please voice your opinion on the comments.  I photoshopped what I want on to  my  back to see if i would like it and I’m still kind of iffy.  Its gonna be expensive and painful lol.
This has  been