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June 19, 2010 in Random Thoughts, Uncategorized, World 042 News

Lets go ahead and…

get the obvious is obvious out of the way.  I am the often imitated but never replicated Undead Billy Mays.  This is the World 42 blog. I will attempt with every updated blog entry to feature the goings on in the world, maps, war stats… you know :dramatic pause: …. the usual suspects

p.s. (There is no Kaiser Soze).

The world as it stands

Bio! and -AoK-

Bring it On!’s meaning or Bio!’s for short has been widely misinterpreted since the tribe’s inception.  Most of us believed it was a tag of intimidation, a competitor who feared no tribe and would allow none to stand in her way. Either that or they were really big fans of the 2000 cheerleader movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabriel Union.   It’s actual meaning is Bring it on..board.  Don’t worry about checking your luggage, we have plenty of room.  Bio! has merged two top ten tribes in the last month despite already holding the number one rank for quite some time.

Well, this is different IMO since both original tribes are disbanding. We brought Pint in. This will be Bio!’s first external merge. – Dark

Now before we get into calling Bio! a merge happy tribe lets take a look at the current events.  With a slew of tribes declaring on Bio! and having to watch multiple fronts, I think it was a wise move on both tribes part.

May 5, 2010 – -AoK- declares on Bio!


May 15, 2010 – KTA declares on Bio!


May 30, 2010 – Nyuk poetically declares on Bio!


June 13, 2010 – ~T~ declares on Bio!


What started as a joke between QueenAngel, one of the -AoK- dukes, and a friend in Bio! has evolved into a reality. Bio! and -AoK- have merged to become …. well I could tell you but its supposed to be a SekRit… I assume its now Ok, Bi now most of the population knows.  As far as the why, QA had this to say:

Every tribe faces a large amount of inactivity during the summer months. BIo and AOK both just happened to have around 40 active members a piece – QueenAngel

From this point on the newly formed tribe will be able to focus its efforts on other fronts.  I have my assumptions where they will start but I’ll just let it play out.  Does anyone else have the urge to go watch some Larry, Curly, and Moe?

I would like to go on the record and say that Dauthi and Brisr are two of the biggest (edited for content) in this world, and I cant wait to see how they get on. – BigT

The Frontlines Five

Each blog I will showcase the five most important war’s stats in an easy to compare format.  I will cover the last months worth of village abductions.  If you feel your tribe should be represented and is not then feel free to contact me on Skype or through Forum Mail.  The biggest surprise here is Nyuk’s enoblement count over Bio!.  A Bio! representative claims that its due to Tekkie quitting.  A lost village is a lost village whether active, inactive, absent or noob.  With the new developments will we see a drastic change to those stats?  My money is on that being the biggest stat swing over the next two weeks.  ModWar and Hawk seem to be having no trouble with a weakened W.O.H.  I was looking forward to posting the ~T~ vs Bio! stats but it’s a sad 1 – 0 enoblement count.

Big T on the success of Nyuk

Granted that Bio! is warring other tribes than Nyuk, I think it is safe to say that we have surprised the hell out of World 42 and, although they probably won’t admit it, Bio! itself. We have been taking more villages from Bio!, and with an AOK ceasefire, I like to consider Nyuk as the head of the “resistance” against Bio!. Don’t get me wrong, Bio! is a good tribe has been doing very well globally, but they pale at their front with us. Nyuk have proven so far that not only are we not going down without a fight, but we have approximately 100% gains in our war with Bio!. I admit that I was slightly worried at the beginning, since this is the first real war that Nyuk has had, and the first one with me at the head, but such concerns have been abated. We are running strong, and I look forward to the future of this war. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead, but I am confident, yet not haughty, that Nyuk will come out on top. – BigT

In other news

Whores merged in to ~T~

With the recent declaration on Bio! and the continuing war with W.O.H, the timing for the Whore merge into ~T~ was right.  The Whores players have always been in communication with The fourth ranked tribe.  It was only a matter of time and positioning with a little help from the decline of the former southern power W.O.H.  ~T~ leader Dallock maintains his position that despite the fact that W.O.H has been attacking Whores, due to the constant communication and planning of this merger, he will not treat them as refugees.

KingShrek (Zach Green) has resigned from W42

The former headman at Pint and Bio! has taken W42 off of his playlist.  Normally I won’t cover players leaving in this blog but when the duke of the number one ranked Bio! bows out then its blogworthy.  King Shrek prepared a statement for the blog.

As most of you know, I quit w42 partly due to the recent merger/new tribe between -AoK- and Bio!, but also with other things too. I want to issue a statement as to why I made this decision. Firstly, I went away for a week at the start of June, I wasn’t able to log on as much as I could, but I hope my co could handle things. I found out when I came back, he had exams that week, so as you could guess, my account had been destroyed. I had lost 90% of my troops and around 20-25 villages. Usually I would of been happy to build back up, but not this time. I had been thinking about quitting a few weeks before this happened, as I believed my area of the world was boring me. Yes, I was under constant attack, and I loved it, but there comes a point when a person gets tired of tagging incomings, dodging nukes, sniping trains for 16 hours a day. Now that, was my major reason for leaving 42.
After this happened, I sent out a circular and posted support requests in the forums, while I know we (bio!) had a 5 front war at the time, I was hopeful for getting some support to cover at least 75% of my most vulnerable villages. I thank those who sent support, and those who helped me in the war, and I’m sorry I left, I feel guilty for leaving you as all you have done is help. Also, with me being away for a week, and not logging onto skype or Tribal Wars all that much, I didn’t see or take part in the “apparent” 4 day discussion that was the bio!/-aok- merger/new tribe thing. I apologize for not being on that much, but as me being duke of bio!, I’m sure most would agree that I should have had a say in the decision, whether that be through in-game mail or PM on skype. – King Shrek

To put my own two cents in, I hate to see Leon leave world 42.  He did great things with Pint and I was interested to see where he could take Bio!.  Apparently Bio! thinks they can do better without him leaving him out of the merge talks and off of the restructured council.

Weekly W42 Joke

RagingPanda is walking along, eating as usual, and encounters a deep and wide river. He looks up and down the river for a way across but is unsuccessful in finding one.  When looking to the other side again, he happened to see -Venator- on the opposite river bank.  Panda tried calling to her.

“How can I get to the other side of the river?” he shouts loudly.

-Venator- replied “What for? You are already on the other side of the river!”

boom boom tish

Unrelated but important…

I want some opinions.  I’m thinking about getting this piece done on my back.  I did some photo editing to see what it would look like.  I know it’s going to be several sittings and more than likely pricey.  Would love to hear some opinions.  For those that don’t know its the Kircher Tree of Life

Billy’s final thoughts

This next week should shape up to be pretty interesting on the world 42 political scene.  With the Bio!/-AoK- merger out in the open, the diplomatic shuffle could create a rift between formally peaceful tribes.  Bio! being the major threat to winning the world has evolved that threat to its next phase.  Where does rank 2 Modwar stand on this?  Could we see a bigger gang bang in the new tribe’s future?

Coming Attractions

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