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Sorry to keep you waiting…

I hate to be one of those players that can’t struggle through the borring periods of a world.  It has been a problem on mulitple worlds around the 2 million mark.   Even taking over an account that size has been borring as there is no challenge around, just alot of work.  No fear of being rimmed by making one wrong move.  I fear I am becoming an early world player – but then what is this music to my ears… I feel alive agian as if the breath had materialized into my lungs.  What could make UBM feel like dancing agian?

Exit: Loupis

And I said: “W.O.H is me! For we were lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King UBM, …
-  3litemage

That is not an actual quote but rather just some fun for an old aquaintance.  Any one who knows my history on world 42 knows how intertwined it was with W.O.H. I never had a hatred for W.O.H as some might have thought.  I was recruited to do a job for some friends.  It became more than just a few week romp as  I had  originally hoped.  I had my fun inside of W.O.H from delivering blow after blow on the external forums causing as much chaos as possible.  Maybe some of the  most fun I’ve had playing Tribal Wars.  Over the course of time i became intrigued with a few players and gained great respect for and others I lost respect for as thier colors showed through.  I won’t go in to too much about my personal  interaction with W.O.H as it’s well documented on the externals through various pnp threads.
I will give credit to W.O.H for sticking  together through alot of situations.  Most were decently managed by the heads of the tribe.  The wolves  were  in the worlds longest war to date that stalemated from time  to  time and eventually led  to  a semi merger of  sorts.  While most of the wolves joined with  their long standing rivals ~T~, their finest talent, in my opinion,  decided to accept invites from Modwar.
I started to to create a  timeline but rather than do that and bore you with a list of events and dates, I’ll just highlight my favorite W.O.H play.
- Late December of 2009 W.O.H and Vector/Alive  go to war.  Not a long winded war as Vector/Alive’s duke MrAgonizer disbanded the tribe soon after.  W.O.H effectively won the war against the top ranked tribe.  Showed they had the guts – had the plan – and executed it.


In the comments section feel free to leave your favorite W.O.H move over the life of the tribe

W42 top 10

As you can  see the date on the  map is a few days old.  W.O.H is still on their and they are no longer but im not doing another until next blog

It’s not new news that all was not well at OKBI and the forum thread covered it well enough from what I’m told.  I didn’t bother even reading it to be honest as any other thread concerning OKBI in the last two months.  Let me tell you why I haven’t read anything concerning OKBI in the last twoish months.  Possibly the most over rated over ranked tribe holding a number one spot on any world I have seen.  Most of us on the outside looking in did not expect the merger of -AOK- and Bio! to last in its conceptiual form.   It wasn’t much of a shock to see some of the players part ways.  To me OKBI was a world killer.  A massive tribe that did alot of taking up space. Everything seemed to be about them and I wasn’t interested in that everything.  About 5 weeks ago I attempted to put something together with a few tribes to hit OKBI all at once just to add some pizazz back to the world.   I even became bored with that and migrated to other worlds.  So now I’m back and I pull up the war stats with Nyuk and OKBI as well as with the  included Bio! members… I scratched my head, deleted the  input, made sure I was on W42 entered them agian and the same thing.

292 to 85 on the  OKBI stats, and 571 to 225 when including Bio!  This  is the Nyuk tribe that was flamed along with BigT, even by myself.  All I can say to Nyuk is well done.  It would be foolish to say that within OKBI lies no talent.  It would not be foolish to say they aren’t using it.  The biggest tribe to do nothing I have ever seen on a world I played.
Mod doesnt seem to handle their business quickly but they handle it and handle it well.  Still the tribe I pop in and out of from time to time.  Recently added Eyeofthetiger, Artemisia (my favorite former W.O.H member) and Erictiwna.  Relations with the surrounding tribes should be interesting to say the least.  Their have been some tensions growing between  ~T~ and Modwar… Don’t know how that will end up but being part of the Modwar diplomacy/Public Relations team I can say that there is alot of respect between the involved parties so regardless of what happens we will laugh it up at some point.  Modwar needs a real war though, too many feeding sessions will make for a  borring run.
Modwar vs  W.O.H stats


Congrats to ~T~ for not being at war with with W.O.H.  As covered a bit in the Modwar section, the next few weeks will determine the tribe’s future.  If things go well diplomaticly with Modwar then where do they go?  Is it time for ~T~ to give a real commitment to to helping their buddies in Nyuk to put a bigger dent in OKBI?  ~T~ suffers from the same problem as alot of tribes on  this world.  They haven’t had a war that has defined them as a contender for the server win.   We aren’t in the true late stages of the world but tribes  such as Modwar and  ~T~ aren’t proven against comparable foes.
Three months ago I’d be laughed off the forums by saying that rank four Nyuk was the best looking tribe on the server.  Right now though it’s hard to argue that anyone can really play on their level.  Constantly succeeding against the giant that is OKBI as well as hanlding thier business with KTA and OKBI – two top 5 tribes.
Nyuk – KTA — 203 to 11

Nyuk – OKBI — 594-225

Handling two wars and wrecking shop in both.  The forum presence of BigT and Nyuk has improved drasticly.  Right now – Nyuk is the tribe to beat.
I let big T handle this one :)
The subject of much criticism lately. Recently ended the alliance with IDS, and war soon followed.
Currently warring IDS and partially warring Nyuk.
So far this tribe has not impressed me whatsoever, I am very much disappointed in KTA, they have surrounded themselves with allies for months, made very very poor recruitment plans, recently kicked many players that were getting nobled by both enemy tribes, and, as BigT has shown us – the integrity of their leadership has been brought into question in a very big way.
At this rate they are heading down a pathetic path of puppetry for OKBI it seems. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for them.
Thanks  Big T

Big T will be taking over some of the blogging starting soon.  We will  try to alternate to give  some  differing views  and  opinions on whats  going on in World 42

This weeks facepalm is not based  in TribalWars World 42.  I was a  bit harsh in some of my blog today so I’m leaving you all with a facepalm worthy yet hilarious piece


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