Undead’s Playground volume 5

July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 042 News

UBM declares war…

…on boredom

Since it’s the middle  of summer and OKBI has sapped  alot of the fun out  of the world I, Undead Billy Mays would like to lead the charge.  With that  said this will be a shorter blog than usual due to lack of anything exciting.  Here’s a picture to start  things off right.

Now that I have your attention lets go over a few things.  In past blogs i have called OKBI bad for the world.  It seems to have effected the external forums very quickly.  Too many threads concerning OKBI is the first problem.  I want to take the time to encourage the smaller tribes and smaller wars to start showing some external presence.  A prime opportunity to make a name for yourself and for your tribe.  If you start to get flamed for being a war or tribe nobody cares about then just  give ‘ol undead a message and I’ll take care of things.  The lack of big tribal developments actually makes my job as a  blogger less entertaining and quite  difficult so make some noise.
Can you  guys go ahead  and split  back into Bio! and -AoK- agian?  Made things alot more fun in one mans opinion.  Maybe a month on month off thing?

Weekly Map

1 OKBI 2 ModWar 3 ~T~ 4 Nyuk 5 KTA

6 IDS  7 T~S  8 TDH!   9 W.O.H  10 TKWSN
11 IF  12 Unite  13 LAW  14 ~X~  15 Rems
16 RAWK 17 -ONU- 18 AtL 19 OM 20 DrugZ

World  Manipulation continued…

Working the crowd

The ability to entertain a crowd lies in one’s ability to work those filling the seats.  In the last installment we broke out a few methods to go from a nobody to somebody.  In order to keep your somebody status you need to maintain your importance in the world.

Stay entertaining or stay useful.

If people have no need for you then you become obsolete, a VHS  player in the  world of DvDs and  Blu-Rays.  Entertaining should be self explanatory so Ill focus on staying useful.  Tribes will need help from time to time whether it be intel or support.  Be ready to provide when called upon.  It will earn you trust and favor with some of the big dogs.

Start a Flamewar with a less than popular tribe in a thread.  If you have the ability to put together well constructed quips than take on a tribe in the forums.  Gain popularity

Declare on a tribe bigger than yours – (make sure its a war you can win)  Everyone loves the perceived underdog.  Wins you brownie points with the big guns.

Don’t be a hypocrite.  There is nothing more annoying than a hypocrite.

So basic rule for all this is –  Be needed

Inception  = Must watch

Facepalm of the week goes to the sun

10  straight days in 95  degree weather.  I have  been seen several times with  hand to forehad  wiping sweat due to the extreme heat.  Once i get back in to world affairs I’m sure I’ll find a good facepalm topic for next blog :P

Billy’s Final Thoughts

Im excited about the start of W51.  As some of you read  in the externals I alongside of a few good friends have started a pre-made.  Curious as to how many of you are on W51 and where.