Undead’s Playground Vol. 4

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Dulca Vs Artemisia

Whos hotter?

As creator of this small little response poll I will not take part in the  voting.  I’ll  just  say that both are on my TWTour stop list.  Please cast your vote in the comment section below.  If  i can get my hands  on some pictures that aren’t in my private collection I will post them.

Since this was a pretty boring week in world I won’t cover the same stats – I’ll pick them back up in a week or so.  No significant change in the maps this week

Over the next few weeks I will  be sharing an UBM original guide to growing your level of influence in the world you play.  Each entry will cover a part of the journey.
Disclaimer: not all participants who use this method will experience success.
UBM’s guide to manipulating the world
Lesson 1: Know the players
Rising to the level in which you have influence over world events is a long and patient road.  All roads lead to Rome but not all roads will take you on the same path.  For the purpose of this guide let us assume this is a somewhat established world, not a new world launch.  This first step is the most important of them all.  In order to influence/manipulate the events of the world you will need to know how to work the players in it.  We will look at some of the different methods to gain your desired company.
X marks the spot
The quickest way to make friends is a successful forum personality.  Let’s assume you  have some grasp of the English language and the ability to read.  Do your research through multiple world’s forums to  find the successful personalities.  In order to be remembered you need to be one of two things.  Loved or hated,  no body remembers the in between.  Once  you have differentiated between the styles you like and the ones you dislike you can develop your own.  A catchy  name helps but is  not imperative.  The masses enjoy an intelligent poster but love one that can do it with style.  You can start small or come out with a bang, gage the forum crowd and make your choice.  Once you have their attention stay nice with the big players, find out who they dont like and lead a campaign on the externals to be accepted as one of the crew.   If you don’t have a lot of forum experience then start out in another world or in the general conversation section honing your  skills before bringing them out in a PnP.  If you need help with your PnP then ask around and read some guides.
Create something beautiful
Running a top 20 tribe effectively takes work.  As to not get too much into a tribe running guide and staying on point — we will assume your have a leadership  role in a top tiered tribe.  Politics is the most important tool you can use in this game.  Using it effectively to  position your tribe in a power spot will give you influence over other worldy events.  At the point in which you are being approached  by the bigger  tribes for various reasons.  Make the smart moves for your tribe but in the  meantime get to know the leaders and get friendly.
Be a woman
Lets admit it guys… A girl that plays video games is instantly hotter to us therefore has  more control than the average woman.
The overall goal with any of these methods is to become known.  Once you start to gain popularity then the players in  the  world that run the big tribes will speak to  you more seriously than if your a nobody.  These are obviously  not the only ways to gain notoriety but just a few.

Next week… Once your part of the  crowd

Tribe Overview of the week


Sitting right outside of the top 20 this tribe doesn’t get alot of mention anywhere.  As the blog followers have asked from time to time we will look at some of the smaller tribes and give some info on them.
BH was formed when the family of ECS collapsed
The remaing ten players that stayed with ECS formed SS
Then SS turned into BH

Some stats from their war against UT… These aren’t the usual 2 to 300 enoblement counts we see, but handling UT quite nicely.  These players might be worth a pickup to one of the bigger tribes in the future.. just keep your eye on them.

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 38
Side 2: 1
Difference: 37

Info provided by Greg

Joke of the week

What did the fish say when it hit the wall

…. Dam

Caught with hands in too many cookie jars…

Due to one of my rules of not using skype conversations without permission this facepalm of the week although is found in fact  will not be qualified with specific details.  I will use false names to protect the accused.  We will call him 2lite Mage of the tribe WoaH…
Hey UBM get  me in ModWar
Sure 2lite I’ll  see what I can do – we have always  respected  eachother
(2lite mage is accepted  into  Modwar to join at a later date)
Hey ~T~ we are  looking at recruiting a few members of WoaH and wanted to run it by you first such as blah blah blah and 2lite mage.
2lite? hahahaha dont trust him – he just came to us for an alliance if we would support WoaH against Modwar.
Thats  funny he is joining us after he finishes eating a Woah account
LoL don’t trust him
Hey  2lite…  So  i heard some things
Yeah well I was just doing it to  actually help you guys out hold on 5 minutes and I’ll find the  conversation….
So as you can see this mystery player is trying to play too many sides here and one of those being the illustrious UBM was his first mistake.  A lot of us have our “plans” and I’m okay with that, but cover your bases when you do.  BTW I’m still waiting for that conversation… its  only been 4 days

Billy’s final thoughts

Modwar has been fun but I will be looking for a new tribe soon.  If your tribe is interested then please contact me on skype :)  Any tribes seeking my services will need to fill out a questionnaire in which I will provide once contact is made.  No tribe is too big or too small.