Undead’s Playground vol 2

June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 042 News

As the dust settles…

After reviewing the events that changed our world scene this past week, I have come to believe the following three things.

1. OkBi is doomed.  They started their tribe in the same week that America won its World Cup group.  History will only allow for one feat of greatness per week.

2.  BigT is still MadMikePC

3.  Did I mention the USA won their group?

World Map

I wasn’t going to issue a map this week but with the merger still fresh i figured i might as well do so.

Frontlines Five

Nothing new and phenomenal going on with the war stats.  Fresh starts for the noble counts with the OkBi conflict.  ModWar still rolling through W.O.H with no issues and I’m beating the crap out of borring.

Recently I forced Paolo or as most of you know him RagingPanda to sit down and submit to an interview.  I threatened to spill all of ModWar’s future war plans if he didn’t.  Having known Panda for quite some time now we skipped all the pleasantries and got right down to business.

It sounds like pretty smooth sailing with Modwar and OkBi for right now.  I honestly think that a Modwar-OkBi conflict would be very good for the world right now.  I enjoy the players in both tribes but if OkBi steamrolls its current competition then i foresee the top tribes being next in an attempt to secure their future.

W42 Joke of the week

BigT and Darkaniken went to the pound where each adopted a puppy. The joy of their new best friend was quickly overshadowed when they got home and BigT said, “I think we’re in trouble, how are we going to tell them apart?”

This lead to several hours of concentration until finally, Darkaniken said, “I’ve got an idea. We’ll tie a red bow around my puppy and a blue bow around yours.”

The next day BigT comes running up to the second when he got home, “Oh no, I can’t tell whose puppy is whose. They’ve pulled the ribbons off while they were playing.”

“OK, we need to find a better way to tell them apart,” says Darkaniken.  After several more hours of concentration, they came up with the bright idea of getting different colored collars.

Again, the next day, the BigT comes running up to the second as soon as he gets home, “Oh no, I can’t tell whose puppy is whose. They’ve pulled their collars off while they were playing.”

“There’s got to be some way to tell them apart,” says the Darkaniken.

Finally after several more hours of pondering, BigT comes up with another idea, “I know! Why don’t you take the black one because its stupid and I’ll take the white one!”

Billy’s Final thoughts

This past week was nothing out of the ordinary as far as events go.  The forums still look the same with the same people griping at each other with a few exceptions. Nyuk better find some really good friends fast, otherwise their bell will toll soon.  Modwar remains the missing puzzle piece to a great effort against OkBi that would really make things interesting.


I want some feedback on the first two blogs outside of “Billy your so great, nice post, we love you, Have my babies UBM”.. that last one might have been private – sorry Arte… Things you would like to see on the blog that aren’t being delivered so on and so forth.

And now…

The moment you have all been waiting for

The return of the famous

Facepalm of the Week!

Is still a week away