Ugo, Wego and certainly the Worldgo crazy for barbs!

October 16, 2010 in World 021 News, World News


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This week has had the departure of the ViRiUs leader Ugofree and his name says it all, he has left the bonds of Tribalwars and gone free into the outside world (Lame joke but you readers know you love it). This has obviously had a huge consequences to ViRiUs with the rest of the world unknown in their stance and stability. Ugofree now being a sea of gray, which every tribe fears becoming. Ugofree having turned barbarian on 13/10/2010.

Heres the reply of ex-G.Barb duke ladycounsel and a current member of PnP when I asked for her opinion: “I’m disappointed. I wanted to fight Ugo until all his vills were gone.”


ViRiUs Profile

With ViRiUs being the rank 8 tribe and the smallest rim tribe with more than 1 K dominance hold, they hold a staggering size difference between them and PnP the rank 1 tribe which consists of 267 million 194 thousand and 148 hundred points between them and  a 26913 village difference.

ViRiUs is currently at war with PnP and have been at war with G.Barb for an even longer time though the G.Barb members have recently joined PnP. With PnP Leading to a 29-4 capture score from the 15th September 2010 to 15th of October 2010.

Now as ViRiUs has taken the recent loss of their beloved leader Ugofree you can see the impact it has had on them in one sudden shot with this graph.

and with that you can see the sudden decline of what was their strongest member points and leadership wise. To recover from this will be hard for ViRiUs but surely if they manage to pull themselves back up it will have shown them for the capable team they are.

Barbarian Googles!

It seems the world has Barbarian Villages on their mind and in their eyes! Maybe this is due to the continues deletions of accounts either through choice or inactivity. Either way the world has a loving feeling for these undomesticated flea ridden Barbarians. Who can blame them though, I hear they have beautiful wifes. Anyhow now on the serious note. There are many views on Barbarian munching. Some negative some positive. Some people believe its backwards behavior of picking up lost land. Others see it as an opportunity to get that pretty little cluster you’ve always dreamed about. To watch the live ennoblements feature on TWStats you see a similar picture throughout the day…

Thats right world 21, admit your humiliating statistics. A clear view on the worlds addiction to barbarians as who can argue with the fact that the majority ennoblements on this picture is without a doubt… Barbarian! Maybe there is no shame though people. As truly is it not the people to decide the morals in the world and I certainly see barbarians considered the “norm” I myself must confess to barbarian munching but let me also say that where is the world going to end with no one opposing each other as much as the barbarians. To get the full picture of the extent barbarians surround us look at the TWStats map tool! We are all sailing on the Grey sea. So who knows the future of world 21. Like this it is no doubt likely to be a drawn out painful ending but who knows. Maybe its just the current trend.

Basic World 21 Dominance map

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On a last note!

This was a letter issued to every Tribalwars member. It might not be affecting world 21 as this letter was sent around all worlds but let it remind you that people do go out of their way to fish for passwords and hack into your accounts. Even if these sad people are out in the world which they are then make sure you don’t fall victim to them as people like you can work on their Tribalwars account for years and you can loose that all in a matter of moments. Luckily Tribalwars staff do give warnings about these issues so thank you to them. Also another bit to add on. Make sure your email password to get your password back isn’t the same as your Tribalwars password otherwise you could end up with no way to get your password back and a person in charge of more than just your Tribalwars account.