Two Become One

July 18, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Another month, another merge, and this one will most likely be the last major merge on World 37 before its conclusion. Read on for analysis, opinions and details!

I just want to clear up now that I am certainly not a fan of the Spice Girls despite the title of this issue. If you do not understand this reference then get on Google and search ‘Two Become One’.

Anyway, let’s get on with this issue! Many predicted that one day the tribes ‘Cure’ and ‘ASCEND’ would merge to fight and resist their enemy: ‘1ns4n3’. Some even thought it was inevitable. Over this last week, merge is exactly what these two tribes have done. On 13 July 2011, this mail was sent to all members of ‘Cure’:

This mail was then sent on the following day which would be the last circular mail before the merge:

On 14th July 2011, members of ‘Cure’ began to leave and join their new home: ‘ASCEND’. Currently, there are only four members left in ‘Cure’ and I believe that the tribe will disband soon. (apologies for the quality of the image below!)

So far, the transition has been smooth and everything has gone according to plan. Now, these players need to do what they could not when they were two separate tribes. This is to unite and fight together as one against their enemy. Can they finally cause ‘1ns4n3’ some grief and perhaps push them out of their territory?

Talking of territory, below is a tribe dominance map which very clearly shows the two main tribes left in World 37. Because of the merge looking at these maps becomes much easier now, as it is just a fight between two tribes to determine the winner of World 37.

The war statistics since the merge do not look very good from the point of view of ‘ASCEND’. The merge has had very little impact on how ‘ASCEND’ are competing with ‘1ns4n3’. Perhaps when everything is settled and organised, we will see ‘ASCEND’ fighting better in this war.

I have decided to ask players of World 37 (mainly of ‘ASCEND’) to discover their views on the merge. Below are some people’s opinions:

Emporium22 (Leader of ASCEND):

“1ns4n3 have been profiting of the difference of opinion between ascend and cure but this merge will permit us to fight a more equal fight against the common enemy. This merge should have happened a long time ago.   Now, 1ns4n3 are gonna realise that this alliance will give us a huge advantage as we will be able to fight in all area without losing the time of having to consult each other before making any move.”

BEN69Z (Previous Leader of Cure):

“The merge was way overdue. We are going to put the past behind us and move forward.  Steps are being taking to mesh the two tribes into one.  We will now become a force to be reckoned with.”

agreedy1 (ASCEND):

“I think that if (and it’s a big if) the tribe managed to get teamwork together and coordinate 1ns4n3 would have a problem”

urworst (ASCEND):

“The merge is good as we have become more organized and more as team when before most tribes just did there own thing.”

AmishGangsta (Leader of 1ns4n3)

“I think the two tribes will actually be able to coordinate better now and we ‘hope’ they give us a run for our money. They could become a bigger challenge, which is exactly what 1ns4n3 needs to stay active as our biggest enemy is ourselves.

I personally do agree with the above comments. If all of the members work together to fight ‘1ns4n3’, I think that ‘ASCEND’ certainly could compete in the war and possibly even regain lost territory. It all depends on whether all the members can pull together under the strong leadership that is in place.

That concludes this issue of the World 37 Blog. Over the next few weeks we will be able to see if ‘ASCEND’ can start to seriously fight their enemy. Thank you for reading!