Two And Oh

January 30, 2012 in Speed News, World News

Undefeated. Perfect. Potential. Three words that epitomize the .net speed team in their effort to become the best in TW. A 2-0 record so far in international practice rounds has hopes sky-high for the future. Words themselves can’t describe the opportunity we have before us. A record stands for nothing more than a reminder of success in the past. What matters now is the upcoming war; the fight for survival and victory at any cost.

It takes more than two victories to demonstrate how well our .net speed team will do. The ladder of success has more than two rungs. More than enough opponents lie waiting, ready to take us on as soon as they can. Perfection is met with opposition at every turn.

In the latest round, the .net played .gr in a 3-hour friendly match.

Just like with the .de round, we weren’t sure what to expect. Having no idea how they play, who they are, or what they plan to do, .net approached the round the same way as last time: a farm heavy mindset. Clearing greek players turned out almost too easy as the .net team took the top 5 ODA spots with Adrian D. the champ leading the way, doubling the second place Apple the first.

As expected, the greeks did the most defending amassing nearly 184,000 ODD with an ODT of 195,000 to .net’s 21,000 ODD and 130,000 ODT.

.net’s 108,000 to 12,000 ODA victory clearly shows why we were able to run away with the victory. In short rounds where every minute counts, aggressive game play will be very important. Demoralizing and eliminating the enemy quickly and efficiently is the only way to win the Speed Championships.

In the words of Genghis Khan (in some ways you could consider him RL’s ultimate Speed Champion), “The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears”

Were the roles reversed, the .net team would be livid. It can’t feel good to get destroyed in  a round like this. The psychological impact of losses on servers like .de and .gr could end up being a factor when the time comes to play for real. However, if they’re anything like our speed players, they won’t let one loss get in their way.

A 2-0 start in the preseason match-ups is fantastic. But to truly know how well we will do we’ll need to lose. Not just lose, but lose badly. Only then can we see how well we can bounce back from round to round or even mid-round. If we learn from the germans who stuck it out to the end, frustrating our players with snipes, we can go far.


Our next challenge will come against the .nl speed team on Saturday.

What do you think of .Net’s win over the greek speed team?.

The Wumpian Emperor:
Good win :D Everybody tried hard, keep going .Net (party).

Any predictions for the next round vs. The .Nl team?.

The Wumpian Emperor:
If we try hard, we’re going to win. Teamwork is what counts..

Do you think the .Net team could go into the Speed Championship undefeated?.

The Wumpian Emperor:
Yep. The .Net team has the skill required and if we get enough players going, we’re going to win it all


Only time will tell whether we can keep the momentum rolling heading towards the Championships, but Saturday will be another strong match-up to test our resolve.