TW – Supporter role ? Issue 6

October 15, 2010 in World 033 News

Welcome world 33 to another brilliant addition of the w33 tribalwars blog. Biase ;)

After the last issue we still had a tribe we needed an insight into .

So obviously the interviews for this issue will include interviews with a Leader of  TW, since the recent merge of E=mc2 into Hawks . Im sure I will catch up with myterms on  E=mc2 soon enough !

This issue details how TWs rise to power came and what they are currently doing in the world war.

After that we have Player Rankings , ODA , ODD ,  and some nice maps from our one and only Jeremy !

Thank You For Reading :)

Here is baseballs interview

[9/1/2010 8:07:50 AM] Richard: Q. Before we start our official TW discussion, tell us a few things about yourself and what you do in RL.

[9/1/2010 8:11:20 AM]Baseball2009star: well I got started playing Tribalwars during my senior year of Football Americano, lol one of my friends told me about the game, so I gave it a shot and quickly became a point whore on W24. Well got up to 3 vills and got nobled by a player with 1 vill =( Then my twin brother got me started on W33, been playing W33 every since I’m a sports enthusiast, you name it, I’ll play it. Well except curling, that sport confuses the hell outta me. I’m big in to football and also enjoy baseball, full time college student. lol I think that’s the only reason I really even have time for the game.

[9/1/2010 8:13:31 AM] Richard: How did TW the tribe start ?When did you join and assume a leadership position ?

[9/1/2010 8:21:19 AM | Edited 8:26:52 AM] Baseball2009star: lol TW has quite an interesting yet infamous history to be honest, it started after the first tribe I was in [Fury], the leader of that tribe taught me everything I know about the game, but as that was one of those small agressive tribes with very little diplomacy. It didn’t last long. After that, me and a mate from [Fury], Lord Sekmeth, joined up with C.K., the giant of K62 at the time. Well not long after I joined I started learning about this total idiot  that was creating havoc for them, Monsignor. Well due to a noob leadership and many leaders had just recently quit, monsignor some how got invited to C.K. and was give Baron privs, |-(. Lol and as quick as that, he kicked everyone and owned C.K. Well the first person online at the time was my friend from [Fury], Lord Sekmeth, he jumped to action and quickly created TW and got many of the players invited which saved our tribe. So that is how the TW tribe started. I obviously came over to TW and throughout the course of the following months, I weasled my way up to a leadership position because at the time I thought it would be cool as hell to be a leader, now it’s more work than play. And that’s how I am where I is today. lol

[9/1/2010 8:26:24 AM] Richard: How has TW evolved since then ?

[9/1/2010 8:51:03 AM] Baseball2009star: TW has had many ups and downs since then, but one of the things that has helped us survive is having HAWKS right next door set as an ally. Started out with our original group from C.K. Obviously with a few different players. Controlling K’s 52/3, 62. After the Monsignor non-sense, we quickly came together and had Op’s on him in progress when he suddenly quit. At the time, we had Swag to our West, E=Mc2 to our North, New to our East, and Swag/Hawks to our south. We didn’t really have any set enemys or any wars for a short while. More of a, “if it isn’t blue or purple on the map, feel free to noble” policy. We had a few run-ins with New in the following months after the monsignor event, and were planning a massive assault on them when they suddenly merged with Hawks. |-( Well soon after the scientist started becoming interested in TW villages so we had a new goliath. Well we soon teamed up with Swag to help take out some key EMC players in west K62 and south-west K52. A group of freinds that worked together really well, they just didn’t understand the term, TRIBALwars. Arzzan, Bishop, fred1375, and a couple others. Well after playing the supporting role to eliminate those players because we lost our main player in the north to EMC, Pinder, they were soon taken out and we found our long lost brother pinder again, as he rejoined TW, we declared on EMC and soon started clearing up K52. Then, there was a merge with Swag that helped us secure our boundries, we led an even bigger assault on K42 and took half the continent in a relatively short amount of time, while cooperating with Hawks and Hawks were hitting K43 quite hard. Then when we lost a key player Moja16, they hit us back although not nearly as sucessful as we were with our K42 assault. Shortly after we set down our axes, brought in the Kegs, became allies, and started against legion.

[9/1/2010 8:53:02 AM] Richard: What is the main role TW plays in the Legion war ?

[9/1/2010 9:31:43 PM] Baseball2009star: The role TW plays in this war is obviously a supporting role, but we have many intiatives taking place to get our players relocated on the front line to amplify our attacking power. To add to this, because of our strong alliance with Hawks to the East, and E=Mc2 to the north, we have many front line players that will be more than happy to help anyone interested in a relocation. Also, our attacking power is not to be underestimated. Our players loan nukes out very often, we often run strategic long range ops to help assist an area in need. We have all became pretty close in the last year and a half and most would just prefer to stay here in TW. On the same point, Amatus and I are big advocates for letting people play the game just for fun. We DO have quite a few “Noobs” here in TW, I won’t mention any names, =P but our players are told, your priorities of this game are all going to be different, the only thing we expect out of them is to send out support, use full nukes instead of letting them get fat. If someone just wants to log on for a half hour every day, build the villages, and get on with their life. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. So we have them noble and build the barbs ^-^ To finish it off, we love nobling 60 point barbs, just for the reaction we get out of all the Legion members! We always have a good laugh when they get annoyed that we have the time to noble those size barbs and build them to send 24K more troops to the front line.

[9/4/2010 2:46:50 PM] Richard: Q. We would like to know a little about how you play in TW ?

[9/4/2010 3:10:26 PM] Baseball2009star: Well through out the year and a half I’ve been playing this game I’ve seen many players use many different things. But with my geography it’s forced me to become more defensive than offensive. I’m not the most efficent player, I’ll find myself up at night just staring at my computer waiting for something new to happen even though I have plenty of stuff I can do. I obviously have my offense, but with a higher ratio of defensive villages. It does force me to save my nukes and use them wisely. I mean I know how to launch attacks to all land within a couple of seconds, but am far to lazy too. And it’s nice to see most of the world is as well, expect Pimpjam. I mean I do what it takes, I try to help with whatever is needed. I leave the big decision making to the wiser people. I have multiple types of nukes, although my Axe, LC, and MA nukes are all more saved for inactives or barbs usually when they are stacked with one type of unit. But I do use them on enemy vills if I see one unit.

[9/4/2010 3:12:58 PM] Richard: Q. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

[9/4/2010 3:20:41 PM] Baseball2009star: They should create a “Noob Room” have it like the size of like 1 K, and just have noobs battle to the death with each other lol >_< A personal thing I would like to see changed, make an unlimited noble limit. I’m sick of having to play leap frog with all these dudes when trying to get to the front line

[9/4/2010 3:22:30 PM] Richard: Who is the player/players you most respect out of the following tribes? A: Legion B:Hawks C:E=Mc2 D:Detox E:TW And why you respect them the most

[9/4/2010 3:44:56 PM] Baseball2009star: A: RhandAltor, because once in an exchange of attacks in K34. He managed to take a vill from me and named it DE_NOOBED, well obviously I didn’t like it but I didn’t give a hell cause I couldn’t control what he named his vills. But then the next day, with out me saying a word to him, he messaged me saying “sorry about the village name, I was having a real bad day yesterday. I’ll rename the vill to be something a little more respectable.” Then he changed the name to DE_TW_ED.

B: It’s really difficult for me to choose a Hawk. I do enjoy all of them and they are all good people and great players. But if I had to narrow it down, I think I’d have to choose Army Lover 8. A true politician. But he has led not only Hawks throughout the course of this world, but he has also been a primary leader of the alliance. And he has led us to be quite successful lately.

C: Ex-Faramir. We had some run-ins throughout the TW/EMC war, and he was quite an oppenent. And the worst part was throughout my convos with him this was actually his first world he played. But he was a fast learner. Even though he was one of those idiots that’d nuke your support if it arrived at his village for any reason.

D: Rich and Jack, haha, they have really showed their worth throughout the recent events in W33. Not only that, they’ve been very good team players and you can always count on them to crack a joke lol

E: Although I like all my players here in TW, I respect Amatus the most, and I’m sure most of TW would agree with me. Although he’s never been our “Duke”, he’s advised our many dukes to make the right decisions while leading this tribe. A great leader isn’t the only thing he’s been. He’s also a great guy, with all his crazy yet tangible analogys. He always knows the right thing to say.

[9/4/2010 3:46:49 PM] Richard: Which player and Tribe in world 33 would you least like to go up against ?

[9/4/2010 3:58:24 PM | Edited 3:58:57 PM] Baseball2009star: Honestly, as much as I hate to say it, Probably Pimpjam. Throughout my sits, I’ve had 1 with 100+ attacks from him, all landing within a 8 second window and another with 60+ attacks all landing within a 5 second window. Not saying he’s a good player. ‘Im not allowed to give credit to the enemy, so no credit for [pimpjam]”. This just shows his dedication to the game. It also shows how good he is with the ladies =P

[9/4/2010 4:08:23 PM] Richard: Player who could prove to make the biggest impact within the next 6months?

[9/4/2010 4:10:58 PM] Baseball2009star: Probably Thegame45, as a player once told me. “Legion are really a bunch of noobs held up by like 5 players” I take it that IFY, Pimpjam, Papoomio, and Wesgan are 4 of those 5 and all of them are stationed in the north. If our north doesn’t hold up then those players will be able to advance quite rapidly around the circle.

[9/4/2010 4:17:44 PM] Richard: what are your future plans and goals? Leading TW and your own personal goals ?

[9/4/2010 4:20:28 PM] Baseball2009star: To win this damned world, and to do it with a relative quickness. After this world I am retiring from TW for a good while

[9/4/2010 4:23:51 PM] Richard: Thank you for your time baseball

[9/4/2010 4:24:04 PM] Richard: Anymore questions you would like or anything to be included in the blog ?

[9/4/2010 4:25:57 PM] Baseball2009star: I’m NOT a noob!

Thanks baseball for a further insight into the life of  TW . Definitely the most detailed response yet . Thanks !


Well Done to IFY’s sitters for continuing to do a good job and gain a substantial amount of ODD . Here’s one of the days +5,880,343 .


Congratulations to stiker de grey and Drunk in the morning for their considerable amount of ODA gains this week :)

Tribes Conquers Against The Enemy (Last 3 months)

Hawks are dominating along all fronts expect the high north where legion are beating them back along the frontline. Detox and Legion are pretty even in the southern ks. TW are doing well just to noble villages on the front . Well done to them !!! Legion are standing their ground and fighting hard for the last few ks in the south.

Top 20 Player Conquers Against the enemy (Last 3 Months)

(Recaps included)

1. Mines long12 397

2. Stiker de grey 269

3. Mavarok 247

4. Ifeelyou 169

5. papoomio 135

6. guderian54 123

7. Freakazoid2 107

8. Acidburn 247 100

9. mrass 98

10. stabes 94

=11. pimpjam 85

=11. Bardens 85

13. yut-yau 77

14. wesgan 64

15. Koe82 62

16. bigdavedee 55

17. Pza7 50

18. baeze 47

19. baseball2009star 44

20. red elmo 43

The split is 50/50 each . This is a good comeback from Legion where they did not have many people on the list last time. The only saving grace for the alliance is that most of Legions members on this conquer chart are near the bottom..

The tide of the battle could be turning !

Player Rankings Top 20 (Map)

Rank Player Points Villages          Rank up or down
1 Stiker de Grey 27,675,515 2,821                 Same
2 pherion 23,151,684 2,913                 Up 4
3 amatus 22,048,434 2,425                Same
4 Koe82 20,041,791 2,168                Same
5 pinder 18,986,375 2,555                Same
6 freakazoid2 18,157,704 2,454               Up 2
7 parthizan 15,826,085 1,909               Same
8 Mavarok 13,364,046 1,749               Up 3
9 pimpjam 12,797,622 1,392              Same
10 wesgan 11,279,989 1,721               Same
11 lussianos 10,913,993 1,202              Up 5
12 Acid Burn247 10,912,219 1,326              Up 3
13 bigdavedee 10,812,276 1,261              Same
14 thegame45 10,571,442 1,279             Down 2
15 Drunk in The Morning 10,547,468 1,268    Na / New Entry
16 PZA7 10,500,743 1,360             Up 2
17 Mines Long12 10,179,282 1,334    Na/ New Entry
18 papoomio 10,024,825 1,251             Down 1
19 yut-yau 9,550,946 1,189   Na / New Entry
20 bilouwanadoofr 9,493,112 1,275             Down 1

Its been a longtime since we looked into the top 20 players in detail , here we go .

Firstly, a congratulations to Yut-Yau , Drunk in the morning and Mines long12 for getting into the top 20 players rankings.

Unlucky to Red Elmo, Ify and faramirfox in being replaced.

The top 20 is all but 2 short of everyone getting into the big 10 million . A massive achievement on a world opened alot later than most , taken time and dedication from you all !!!

The tribes the players represented is pretty even. Except for the top 5 only having 1 legion member in Koe . They definitely dominate lower down showing why they are Rank 1 in w33., with 10 members of the top 20 in the tribe Legion . Apart from the self destruct of IFY the players are all pretty steady .

We can see the dominant more active players lussianos and pherion have gained plenty of ranks 4 and 5 respectively. You may see this from nobling inactives internals barbs etc , however I just see it as pure dominance you have too be active to send nobletrains remember !

Top 20 player conquers this month (all villages)

From the last 7 days

Rank Player Conquered Villages
1 oldhat 204
2 amatus 203
3 pherion 134
4 harypot 116
5 freakazoid2 102
6 bilouwanadoofr 89
7 lussianos 81
8 Drunk in The Morning 79
9 balongerzie 71
10 RideHardOrStayHome 62
11 Koe82 56
12 pimpjam 55
13 1renegade2 55
14 Stiker de Grey 53
15 stejax 50
16 mightybear 47
17 wesgan 46
18 Dwx33 43
19 yut-yau 39
20 PZA7 38

Well done too all in the conquer chart for the last week . This shows many people have been nobling alot of villages. Looks to me like clustering is starting with many guys nobling alot of barbs. The top 5 are dominated by the alliance while Legion steadily pulling it back through the rest of the rankings. With 12 to 9. Good work to all tribes involved  !

The next blog we will have an insight into older wars on w33 .

Notably the Who! War . Thanks for Reading . Any Questions or helpful hints post below .



Lastly, the awards a small but little picture of whats been going on in this world :)

Awards Top 10

Rank Name Points Awards

1 IFeelYou 159 4x Attacker of the day. 35 x Defender of the day

2 Stiker de Grey 126 6x Defender of the day 18x  Attacker of the day

3 Bardens 56 1x Attacker of the day 12x Plunderer of the day

4 pimpjam 50 3x Attacker of the day 8x Plunderer of the day

5 freakazoid2 38 3x Plunderer of the day 4x Great power of the day

6 Hidden by the player 36 (the mystery guy !(I believe to be Wesgan !) Reveal yourself :)

7 Mavarok 35 2x Attacker of the day 2x Defender of the day

8 yut-yau 34 2x Attacker of the day 2x Great power of the day

9 Mines Long12 30 3x Plunderer of the day 1x Defender of the day

10 papoomio 28 6x Attacker of the day

That is all for this blog !

Good Luck to you all in Real Life !!