Triple Crowns

February 1, 2012 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

What’s this?! Who the heck is ArmyOfLoners and what is he doing writing a W57 Blog? Isn’t he the Speed Blogger?

If you asked any of those questions don’t worry you aren’t insane. We’re going to take a fast-paced look at W57’s top three tribes with…


I’m currently blogging for the Speed Server, but I’ve decided to write a filler if you will for W57 now that I’ve been playing here about a month and have an idea what to cover.

This blog won’t be a lot of opinion, war stats, anything like that. In this issue we’re going to look at the top 3 tribes ( {HI}, Infamy, Knock!) and their statistics in every way I can possibly think of. This may not appeal to players in the lower ranked tribes and I apologize for that, if I could take the time to cover everyone and everything I surely would. You should all be able to learn a lot about the top 3 tribes of W57  and what they are like on paper from this blog issue…



A huge part of winning in TW is dominance. If you dominate your area early on you are destined for success. You have to dominate the world to win it. Below I’ll take a look at the statistical “Dominance” of the top 3 tribes and determine the Most Dominant tribe of W57.



{HI} have dominance in 17 K’s, though many by a very low percentage. Their average K dominance is about 72.07% so nearly 3/4th of those 17 continents. They also have the highest K dominance of any tribe on the map with a 99.76% dominance in K73.


 Infamy have dominance in 12 K’s, most of them in the 90%’s but the rim K’s in the 60-70’s. Their average K dominance is about 85.21%, 13% higher than the rank 1 {HI}. Overall they have more complete dominance in their resident K’s than any other tribe.


Knock! have dominance in 11 K’s not counting their academy tribe Who?. Their average K dominance is about 70.45%, just below rank 1 {HI}. Their average K dominance is brought down by K45 where Ill, Infamy, and Knock! all have a large share of villages, with Knock! just taking dominance by 1% over Ill at 28.25%.

Most Dominant 

Because it would be impossible to not give props to both {HI} for its overall dominance and Infamy for its high K average dominance, the two both have a share in the most dominant tribe of W57.

Overall Winner- {HI}

By K- Infamy

Runner up- Knock!

War itself has many faces. Some players focus on taking villages, some destroy the enemy with their offensive power, and others support the tribe with their stout defenses. All of these factors come into play in a war, so we’ll look at all of them, determining the best tribe in each of those 3 categories and the overall Best at War tribe of W57…

(note, the time a tribe has been around will be a factor but shouldn’t affect the stats themselves on paper which is the goal of the blog.


{HI} have gained the most points through war caps with 23.5 mil followed closely by Infamy at 19 mil. Knock! trails at only 9 mil, but have an extremely high Win-Loss ratio. Infamy has the highest ratio with 15.3 villages taken for every one loss, followed by Knock! at 12.4 and {HI} at a measly 4.5. {HI} may be gaining the most from war, but they are nowhere near the most efficient warring tribe. That title would have to go to Infamy for the strong point gains and high cap ratio while trailing {HI} in total caps by just 400, followed by Knock! at runner-up for their high-efficiency nobling.

War Cap Leader- Infamy

Runner up- Knock!

Most Gained- {HI}


{HI} nearly double Infamy’s ODA and quadruple Knock!’s. If we look at the amount of ODA it takes for each tribe to successfully noble a village, {HI} gain 109,671 ODA for every cap, Infamy gain 65,219, and Knock! gain 66,673 ODA. {HI} easily dominate in war ODA which is surprising since Infamy is rank 1 ODA all around. Whether its a good thing to gain more ODA per village, well, thats for you to decide.

War ODA Leader- {HI}

Runner up- Knock!

Close third- Infamy


Once again {HI} dominate the category at 8 times Infamy’s ODD and 5 times Knock!’s. Looking at OD differences, Infamy has the highest relying almost entirely on offense in their wars while Knock! is the most well-rounded tribe with an ODA/ODD difference of just 25 mil, and {HI} come in with 60 mil difference. Because we are looking at defending alone, we need to look at the amount of ODD gained for each lost village to determine which tribe is the best at defending. {HI} gain 391,193 ODD, Infamy 186,301, and Knock! 517,460. If you look at efficiency over pure numbers, Knock! are the best defenders on W57. If you look at the numbers themselves, {HI} are better defenders. For this we’ll have to give both credit for their specific results.

Defending Efficiency- Knock!

Defensive Power- {HI}

Untested Defenders- Infamy


Growth is another huge factor in winning a world. You can be the rank 1 tribe for months, but if the tribes below you are growing faster you are in for some trouble. Many times growth itself will win over skill, the majority winning over the minority, determining the course of the world as we know it. Now that seems extreme, but I’ve seen it happen. Let’s find out how our top 3 W57 tribes are doing in their daily gains…


 Since the beginning of February, {HI} have gained 849 villages, Infamy 1,309, and Knock! 598. Knock! have lost 4 members, {HI} have lost 2, and Infamy have gained 3. If we look at conquers per member, Infamy have 14.9, {HI} 12.7, and Knock! 13.9. This shows us how Knock! are growing in villages at a fantastic rate for their size, only falling short of Infamy who have 5,000 more villages. Overall Infamy has the best growth followed by Knock!’s per player gains.

Village Repossession- Infamy

Player Growth- Knock!

Consistent Growth- {HI}


 {HI} gained 8,186,861 points since the start of the month, Infamy 12,468,816 points, and Knock! 5,625,381 points. Infamy are outgrowing {HI} who is outgrowing Knock! in points. Looking at the points gained per cap, {HI} gain 9,643 points per village, Infamy 9,525, and Knock! 9,406. {HI} are the more efficient noblers if less active than Infamy.

Efficient Point Growth- {HI}

Exponential Growth -Infamy

Good Pace- Knock!

Internal; a word some players relish for the opportunity at free food, but leaders and council members cringe at the thought of another lost player. Regardless of how you look at it, I will always view internals as a bad thing. They are villages you already owned, already attributing to your dominance, that you have to spend another noble on just to keep. That same noble could be adding to your stats instead of just keeping them. That being said, let’s see which of the top 3 tribes has been eating too many leftovers…


{HI} have 2,554 caps against themselves, Infamy 2,534, and Knock! 928(note this could be off with Who? being an academy tribe but for the sake of consistency we’ll only look at Knock! themselves). 18.9% of Knock!’s conquers are internals, 22.9% of Infamy’s, and {HI} 28.8%. These percentages should equalize size and age of tribe. Circumstances can lead to more internalling in one tribe than another, but on paper Knock! has the upperhand in taking more outside the tribe villages than the others. Infamy and {HI} waste every 5th noble on one of their own villages. In this respect, Knock! have the upperhand, followed by Infamy, then {HI}.

Mostly Actives- Knock!

Necessary Internalization- Infamy

Most Internalled- {HI}

Drum roll please…

Wait a minute, it wouldn’t be very fair for ME to choose… You’ve got the statistics, you know the tribes… YOU DECIDE