Tribe Spotlight- WB

October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 043 News, World News

I had the opportunity to sit down with protector_6, duke of WB.  As they are in a precarious position in the far west, I thought it would be a good idea to find out exactly what’s happening out there.  Without further ado:

ME: can you tell me a little background on WB? how did you form ect

Protector: Hmm. WB formed because I was rimmed from the east… if anyone remembers AoW and L.O.L there was a war. The dukes of AoW jumped ship and I refused to join L.O.L, it took them awhile but they finally rimmed me. I then ended up in the west and eventually a baron of K.O.H, Craig1042 showed up after he had been rimmed. I was in a tribe, but really just looking for a good tribe. We started talking and we decided to create a new tribe using K.O.H as the foundation of it.

I would say half to three quarters of K.O.H came to WB. Of course nobody knew about WB considering we started from scratch in K41. No joke, how about three villages and a total of 10k points.

so WB essentially began with a conversation between two newly rimmed strangers
ME: that’s a good story

Protector:  Very few people know of it because we stayed under the radar for so long

ME: yes I have to agree there, you’ve done a good job staying in the shadows

ME: do you see this world getting won by one tribe overall, do you think there will be a split if one tribe gets close— how do you think this will end up?
Protector: If this world does get won by one tribe overall it’ll take a long time… only one world has done it… and world 1 is still going for what since 2006 (not including) beta? If it gets close I do not think there will be a split. At that point I think most if not everyone will want it to end.

ME: so let me ask you this: what do you think will happen as the bigger tribes get prepared for the world war? you are right in the middle of all three

well frst isnt such a big threat ATM, but nuts/ni are right there
Protector: haha. Yes it seems the initial war shall begin in the west.
ME: nuts is taking out PK, whcih is right next to you
Protector: What do I think will happen? Well I think it already is happening. Nuts! and Ni attacking PK. Why? To get into position to hit us next probably so they can out flank FRST in the west
ME: good observation I think
Protector: Nuts! is taking out PK, which is disturbing, but we can only wait and see.
ME: if that is the case, how do you plan to respond?
Protector: Haha we have a couple of scenarios to consider and respond to. How will we respond? Well it will certainly depend on Nuts! and FRST. Essentially we plan to take a course of action that will give WB the best chance to survive and thrive. That boils down to protecting ourselves, and if someone should come knocking at our door we will put a fight to defend K41.
ME: are you involved in any wars/conflicts at the moment?
Protector: Every tribe is in conflicts considering border skirmishes, etc. However WB is not in any wars at the moment. We choose our wars carefully, and we have deemed a war with any tribe close to us is not in our best interests. People might think WB is not expanding, but we are, people just do not know it. Then again, WB overall has not paid much attention to what other tribes think or say about us. We know what our goals are, and what we stand for. Only people in WB fully understand how we work as a tribe.
ME: what is your tw background? not necessarily exact worlds, but how long, how much experience leading do you have ect
Protector: ah… we’ll I’ve been playing since June or July of 2006. My TW forum join date is July of 2006… but I’m pretty sure I was playing for a month before I joined the forum.

I’ve played most of the worlds for the fun of it. But I’ve only had really long stints in World 1, 2, I think 7 but it’s hard to remember, 41, and 43. I’ve led quite a few tribes, and i’ve been in a number of leadership positions. However, I am most proud of my leadership positions mostly on world 1. I was a continent leader in the 4th largest tribe (at one point in the world. D.D.R) which was also the 2nd largest family. I was the duke of another tribe which was in the top 20 on world 1, as well as a number of other leadership roles there. I must say being the duke of WB on world 43 has been most rewarding though.
ME:why is that?
Protector: The group of players in WB are great to be with. They are very loyal, they are active, they get things done, and we just have fun. It makes playing TW worth it.

ME: is there anything you’d like to add? a shout out or final thoughts?
Protector: Hmm
One thing I have been dissapointed about is how tribe leaders of other tribes on world 43 who know nothing about us make false impressions and spread false news. Some of those smaller rim tribes especially like to bash us on our “war stats”. They seem to like to trash talk, but they feel safe because they are so far from us. I’m just licking my lips for when they get close enough to be preyed upon by WB. A warning to them, you may trash talk about WB now, but even if we no longer exist as a tribe by the time you get next to us, we will remember, we never will forget, we will show you how we war.

Lastly, WB will fight the good fight. I’m surprised we are in the top 10… I still view us as a small tribe among the big dogs. It’s amazing that we are seen as a medium dog now instead of a small one. It should be fun to see how things progress.

ME: thank you very much for your time, I’ve had a good time talking today
Protector: Yep, same here.

There you have it folks. WB may be small, but they are not afraid to fight “the good fight”. Maybe people should think twice about picking a fight with them. In my talks with Protector, for this interview and other times, I have gained a great deal of respect for him and his tribe, and hope they find a way to succeed in this seemingly “doomed” world.

Till Next time!