Tribe Spotlight- Thorn

October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 043 News, World News

Hello everyone! As we move into the latter stages of this world, it can be easy to focus all our attention on the big dogs and forget about the smaller tribes scattered about. Therefor, I’d like us all to get familiar with some of the lesser-knowns. This issue, we take a look at Thor.

I had the honor to virtually sit down with  kingofpian, the duke of Thorn.  Here is a bit of visual about their tribe:

Me: Can you tell me a little about Thorn’s background?

kingofpian: when the big wars started the first time we kinda just happened. our original leaders all went to ni and me and others were given the right to take over. so we did we went from under 1m to about4.5m in the last month or so. with friends in ni,nuts frst and other various tribes we grow and have help to keep it that way. we are the glue in the middle with ni and nuts on the outside. and we will cont. to grow till we merge into a bigger tribe or become one of the top 10 and cont. to get bigger. a month a go we were rank 32 now where rank 11 and growing still.

Me: so let me ask you this: what do you think will happen as the bigger tribes get prepared for the world war? you are right in the middle of all three

kingofpian: for now were going to cont. to grow . i think eventually will have to grow or join a big tribe but for now there are still plenty of smaller tribes to take care of. and there are still big players to get to join since they are out there and looking for the right home.

Me: do you see this world getting won by one tribe overall, do you think there will be a split if one tribe gets close— how do you think this will end up?

kingofpian: i think will end up with three big tribes and a couple small ones and they will expand the map like in most worlds and it ill be a land grab the bigger we get there ill be famiily tribes its what happened in world 9 when i played there and world 42 and if your not allieas or atleast nap with the bigger tribes you will be gone or rimmed alot.

Me: Do you have any advice for newer players or inexperienced leaders?

kingofpian: ive playe along time and the key is who you now and to make friends and keep those friend ships and do not step on peoples toes and grow next to your own people and if you can grow merge before attacking odds are youll get those good players and some weaker ones help them grow if there active and youll see how fast you grow and always be deffensive first build attackers later if you cant defend  you cannot attack and thats how i do it. diplomacy first take when all else fails and mail eople sepretly if there leader disagrees most will come. thats my look on it.

oh and alway take out those who leave more then one time odds are there traitors or spies unless your leadership tells you otherwise

Me: great stuff matey…. will make for a good write                i thank you for allowing me to bug you tonight!

kingofpian: not a problem hit me up anytime

There you have it folks, words of wisdom from one of the lesser-known tribes in our fabulous world. Many thanks to kingofpian for his time and effort, and good luck to Thorn!