Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspectve

August 6, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! ISE back again and ready to rumble with the fourth edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. This week will see the continuation of Rank 1; Coveted or Cursed, while we also have an interview with one of the players of the dasmond account who now plays in WEBASH.

Rank 1; Coveted or Cursed? Part II

Last week we saw the demise of BANNED, and through this saw the arrival of Art to the rank 1 spot once again. However, through their recruitment of BANNED that had extended their lead over Domino came the same infectious disease that had plagued BANNED – inactivity. It wouldn’t be long again before Art exercised their invite button, and when the ??E? vs Domino war started to come to an end with Matt- turning barbarian on the 7th April, several ??E?? members started to join Art over the next few days. This once again contributed to their lead and further enlarged the gap between the two super-powers and the following pack. Over the next month, things quietened down once again with Domino gobbling up as much territory as possible after their victory over BANNED and ??E??. This, coupled with inactivity issues in Art caused the world to come to a standstill as nobling internals/barbarians was the the only other alternative option to those who wanted to stay rather than quit. By the 16th of May, tensions between Domino and Art had been made public, and there was a brief glimpse of hope that there would be the ultimate show-down to two tribes who had contested with each other for a majority of the world. This, unfortunately, was not to be the case.

While some skirmishes had been taking place between Domino and Art, it was only really Domino fighting the players that Art had recruited from ??E?? and BANNED. It started off with Domino attacking the DD members who Art had taken in, but with players like whizz hitting delete, this once again turned into Domino gobbling up barbarian villages. The same scenario occurred again with the owner of the amherold account preferring to just walk away rather than defend. This seemed to highlight the lack of dedication from Art, and, this coupled with Art’s seemingly huge inactivity issues, caused Art to collapse. On the 1st June 2010, another of the 4 super-powers had disbanded, and Art broke up into several smaller tribes. Art had spent 61 days at the top before finally biting the dust and saying goodbye to W38. This would result in Domino taking the rank 1 position for the first time on W38.

On the 1st June, Domino finally took rank 1. At this stage, Domino were over 100 million points bigger than second place, and the world was proclaimed over with Domino the victors. Domino has suffered some inactivity problems itself with players such as G@R@voLLi hitting delete, along with potential internal problems with several southern members leaving to form LOKI. Despite these hiccups, the new leadership of Domino has kept them on the right track and is fighting a potentially losing battle against boredom in a world that has no one tribe to contest them (in my opinion).

Domino have currently held rank 1 for 67 days and continue to with a comfortable lead over second place. The current record at the top is held by BANNED who occupied the rank 1 position for 81 days; however, it would seem that shortly we will have a new record holder unless for some reason Domino disappears. Below is a map of the current top 5 tribes.

Thats the end of the “Rank 1; Coveted or Cursed?” article. I tried to remain unbiased throughout the course of it, although alot of this is from memory so excuse the sketchiness. If anyone has a differing opinion on events that took place in either Part I or Part II, feel free to PM me on the forums and provide your side so I may take it into consideration and edit the article where necessary.

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Interview: RenegadeFox/dasmond

This week I had the priviledge of interviewing a player who is more commonly known as dasmond in-game, but who has recently moved onto playing the Thrashordie account. He is also known as RenegadeFox, and he was one of the more active BANNED forum posters when such a thing as activity existed in the external forums.

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the accounts you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: I used to play my own account ‘RenegadeFox’, in some silly tribe before webash recruited me, only before playing a handful of worlds under different accounts. Then the account ‘Dasmond’ needed a coplayer, I offered. Me and the other guy playing it ‘Ice’ did pretty well during the war with Domino, if I remember correctly anyway. We got bored and both disagreed with what happened internally, then we deleted bored. Then I played the mattieb123 account before it got destroyed, took it up to over 1.7 mill, then had some family issues that needed my time, so gave up tw for a bit, which ended up in the mattieb123 account being gangbanged. Sorted out the family problems, come back, saw my previous work destroyed. Then the duke and duchess of webash asked me to take on another account thrashordie. Which I do now.

ISE: BANNED consisted of alot of merges early game, coming from various tribes such as HIGH, =HA=, Smurf and so on. AusKilla said that all of the top 5 tribes merged bar CoFfEe, and he feels that the early-world merging killed the world.

My question comes in two parts; (i) How did the merges affect BANNED? Was communication and unity the same as before merging? (ii) Do you believe that BANNED merged together all the tribes to gain rank 1, rather than doing the enjoyable thing and warring each other?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Well, when those merges took place, I was on my own account so I couldn’t tell you how it affected it all, first hand. I can only say what I saw after I joined, and there was alot of factions within BANNED, with a fair few players looking for what they can get for themselves. But on the other hand, a few very cool players didn’t care about what rank the tribe was, they just wanted to war, which I think is what TW is about.
    -As for the second part of the question, I think my first part answers that. Even without the merging, there was still ALOT of good players in BANNED, no-one can dispute they was a really good tribe. My opinion is simple, there will always be recruiting, I think a few other tribes had a bit of a temper tantrum at the time that they wasn’t rank 1 and was/are looking for a excuse to belittle BANNED
    -Anyway, BANNED is history now… I met some great guys when I played the Dasmond account. Some of who, I can’t wait to war, just because it’d be fun. But there’s alot of unsaid respect between some BANNED players. I for one have respect for many many ex banned members.
    :D I could write a book on this.

ISE: I’m sure everybody could write a book about their own tribe. But, that being said, its good to see your loyalty and respect for the tribe when so many others belittle it, as you said.
In the last interview, I asked AusKilla a question that related directly between BANNED and Art. The question was regarding the HarlequinForest incident, and the Art recruiting [O] incident.

Why do you think the two major tribes refused to war over this? Thinking back, do you think BANNED would’ve beaten Art?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Who knows, lol Auskilla and VH was very close to the dasmond account, we’d have been frontline against each other should it have happened. Myself and Ice was always keeping an eye on them among others, as I don’t doubt they kept an eye on me and nmason who also bordered them. Whether they admit it or not is their problem. Do I think banned would have beaten art? If our setup was like theirs, with all the active players circling the… *thinks of a good way to state it* less experienced players, perhaps, as a straight up fight as it laid, it would have been an interesting fight. I think if we had as many active players as them, we’d have won out in the end… but we didn’t.
    -I know VH was bodering us, I think auskilla was aswell, might be wrong though

ISE: Interesting.. One of the most recent and exciting events on W38 was the war between ??E??/BANNED and Domino. Firstly, would you be able to give your opinion on the war, from a BANNED perspective.

Secondly, can you give us a run-through of the events that led Matt- to taking duke-ship, and your opinion on the whole thing.

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: I think that war was doomed from the start, as recently stated somewhere, the only way to win these days is fake thousands of times and intimidate the person into giving up.. Still, I enjoyed nuking your duchess :P I would have prefered BANNED Vs Domino straight up, but from memory there wasn’t too many front lines to achieve a decent war.
    -Secondly, Matt-? LOL what a dipstick, in my opinion, which I’m entitled too, he was the person behind banneds falling, he expected us to nuke you guys to empty you, and his guys stroll up and take your villages, like we was his pet.
    -SK and Sam was fools for ever letting him gain a single proportion of control over banned.
    -We all know… how…. emotional that kid is.
    -I only represent my own feelings towards it there, some of BANNED liked him… I wasn’t one. I thought he was a silly emo kid, lol.

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Hrm.. a tough one, give me a sec..
    -My duke: Would no doubtly be Wroc teh, duke of webash, even if you’re a flamer, no-one can doubt the way he’s lead us through the gang bang. He makes sure, even if we’re getting beat we enjoy the game.

    My barons: sandrajmb1 (exactly like wroc, instill the sense of fun),
    nmason( the guy has hung around as long as he has willing to help his allies no matter what)

    Players: Jaaasi,
    ISE/Jarkku.(when he’s not inactive)
    Queen Aphrodite(she seems a very nice woman, I trolled her once on skype for fun)
    Sir-Michaelk (I really don’t like him, but you’ve got to respect how well he’s done)
    TC77( Ahh I remember conversations in the banned skype conversation)
    VH(because he’s one of the best players I’ve known off)
    butchcassidy (I remember him before he took that account up a very cool bloke)

    -Long second right? :D

ISE: Really? :^) Time flew by for me… :P

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: And before, anyone states anything, nah I didn’t put you and queen aphrodite there for any reason but to grow your tribe as you have done and as well you’ve done, it’s something I respect.
    -So FU flamers.

ISE: Cheers =] But, to list me and QA as the reason Domino has done so well would be doing a disservice to the rest of the great council members and Domino members.

NATO are a tribe you have fought while in BANNED and now in WEBASH. They have been in and around the top 10 for a very long time. Whats your opinion of them?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Hey I can desend a disservice to who I want, it’s my interview!
    Nato… sum them up easily. Daddykeeps seems like a nice guy, I’ve yet to speak to him personally. But seriously….. 80% def for the entire tribe.
    -They’re boring, end off.

ISE: How have they fared in the fight against WEBASH? I’m well aware there are others involved, and as far as Im aware for alot of NATO, this is their first world. Do you think they deserve their position, or have they survived simply because morale is bad?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: No doubt I’ll get thousands of incoming after this.
    -This is their first world? I never knew that..
    -Nato haven’t really trouble webash. It’s more little spats of fighting then an all out war with them. I don’t even know why’re they involved, I think they stole a village we cleared or something along them lines… meh. Again Nato are boring, but if you’re correct and most of them are knew to TW, props to them well done guys.

ISE: Who was the most annoying poster on the W38 forums?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Most annoying poster… it’s between that emo Matt- and the crybaby Kingsam

ISE: Ooh. You’ve made your opinions of Matt- clear, but care to enlighten the public on the dislike towards Kingsam/his posting?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: I think everytime he posts, it’s to try and shock people, or gain attention.. or plainly to instigate a flaming war, it takes away an element of fun from the game, and we do need to remember, it’s just a game. Sam treats everyone like he’s better then them… he’s not, I treated him the same way back, as I do with everyone, he run off crying left his tribe and from what I last heard he deleted… now to be nobled up by nato and knight. I even offered we settle it on tw… Lol he’s account is many times bigger than the one I now control.. he peeves me off in all honesty.

ISE: Fair enough. If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: I’d tell one of the leaders of domino to get off his backside and go war some good tribes, perhaps suggest he make the game for his member, funs and start up an alliance, between 3/4/5 of the other top tribes and fight them.. Instead of sitting at the top of monkey tree pooping down on those below you, and prove you deserve that number 1 rank spot, perhaps drop a few alliances with certain other tribes beginning with A ;) fight them. I think most of the top 20 vs domino would be a great fight…
    -But alas, I’ll never get the opportunity :P

ISE: Ok mate, I really enjoyed the interview, and hopefully the community will to.
Was certainly interesting, and I appreciate you volunteering and helping out =]

    RenegadeFox/dasmond: Same :) pleasure making your aquaintance, wanting to see if you’re the uptight git you seem on the forums
    -I was wrong.

ISE: Haha, cheers ^.^

Active Players in World: 2,532 / Loss of 147
Active Tribes in World: 196 / Increase of 2

Players above 5 million: 44 / Increase of 3
Players above 7 million: 18 / Increase of 2
Players above 9 million: 6 / Remains the same
Players above 11 million: 3 / Increase of 1

And that’s that. *Copy/Pastes*

“As always, any suggestions to make this blog more enjoyable for W38 is always welcome. Simply PM them to me over the forums and I’ll do my best to incorporate any good suggestions that are passed on.”

Hope you enjoyed the blog,