Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

July 28, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! ISE here after a several week absence and glad to welcome you back to the third edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. I apologise for the blog being late, but I’m under the impression this blog is read by one person, me, so I doubt anyone overly cares =P. None-the-less, this week we have an interview with the ex-rank 1 player AusKilla (World38 n00b). We also have a semi-documentary on the coveted rank 1 tribal position.

Rank 1; Coveted or Cursed? Part I

On quite a few worlds, rank 1 changes hands quite frequently early on, but then stabilises as the major tribes emerge. As a result of the frequency of the changing of the top tribe, I will only be doing it from September 2009 (roughly) onwards. If you spot a mistake, please feel free to PM me on the forums and I’ll change it. Most of this is based on memory, and little bits of info provided by posts throughout the forum.

Rank 1 changed hands early on, but it was [O] who were the first tribe to secure it properly for a time. [O], lead by mcgonagr, were situated in and around the core continents and were viewed as one of the best, if not the best tribe. They had strong players, strong leadership, had allied a seemingly decent tribe and were looking comfortable in the core. They went to war with Domino, a much smaller tribe at the time and stats were a stale-mate for a majority of the war. There did look a blip on radar was coming with the backstab by their allies, Nubs, who dramatically dropped the alliance and declared war. [O] were briefly over-taken as the “top dog” by WTF?, but [O] quickly moved to quell the Nubs backstabbing and prove just why many believed them to be the best tribe on W38. However, with [O] being hemmed in on all sides by good tribes, and BANNED having easy expansion space to the rim, [O] were eventually caught and on 27th of October, we had a new rank 1 tribe – BANNED. [O] had lasted 27 days at the top.

Within 6 days of BANNED reaching rank 1, both BANNED and Sweet declared on [O] and turned the Domino/[O] war into a gangbang. Despite being the great tribe many thought they were, it was just too much pressure on three fronts and, combined with other problems such as inactivity, [O] began to collapse. Less than 3 weeks after the gangbang started, and [O] had started to fall apart; on the 19th November they were down to 27 members and still falling. With it’s ally falling, Art decide to recruit a chunk of [O] members. This resulted in Art shooting through the rankings and grabbing rank 1 from BANNED on the 19th November 2009. BANNED had lasted 23 days at the top. The recruitment of [O] by Art continued over the next few days, securing their hold on rank 1 and increasing their lead over the chasing pack. However, there was tension in the alliance between Art and BANNED due to Art recruiting refugees, and these tensions were also present between Art and Domino. Art retain rank 1, yet look unconvincing. They declare war on DD on the 15th December, however DD held Art to a stale-mate. Before the end of the month, Sweet also merge into Art and, once again, Art increased their lead over rank 2 through more recruitment. However, this would be the move that would act as a catalyst to their downfall – with the emerging of ??E?? and Matt- eager to prove himself, ??E?? declared war on Art who had recently recruited Sweet. ??E?? dominated the early stats and the isolated Sweet players were quickly picked off. As a result, all the southern players were kicked from Art, and this action caused them to drop to rank 2 – allowing BANNED to take rank 1. Art spent around 50 days in the rank 1 position, the most this world had seen to date.

BANNED took rank 1 on 8th January 2010, and continued for the next few months untroubled. The world seemed to settle down and each of the major tribes set their sights on securing their backs and so looked to expand rim-wards. BANNED would remain rank 1 for around 81 days, beating the record created by Art. However, inactivity ultimately killed this tribe, as evidenced by their performances in war. With the emergence of a war between ??E?? and Domino in mid-March, BANNED took ??E??’s side and launched on Domino without ending the NAP, as claimed by Domino on the forum. However, their inactivity was quickly brought to light, and through the actions of only a few players including mainly G@R@voLLi, BANNED were quickly and steadily losing ground to Domino. In an attempt to stem the losses, the duke of BANNED PurpleDurple gave duke-ship to Matt-, the duke of ??E??. Many BANNED sits were passed to players from the ??E?? tribe, who at this time were also starting to lose to Domino. Many BANNED players were unhappy at this new situation, and so left to create their own tribes. This sparked the down-fall of BANNED once and for all, and on the 31st March 2010, Art once again took their place at rank and continued to reign. With the ??E?? & BANNED vs Domino war ending in Domino’s favour, Art started to recruit both BANNED and ??E?? players, performing the same steps that secured their rank 1 previously when they recruited [O] and Sweet.

The second part of “Rank 1; Coveted or Cursed?” will be continued on in next weeks edition. This was to hopefully prevent this week’s edition from becoming too long, and also give me some material for the world at this “sleepy” stage.

NOTE: The images are thumbnails – to see the larger version, just click the image.

Interview: World38 n00b

This week I interviewed World38 n00b, a major player in both tribal politics and annoying the hell out of as many people as possible ;P. The interview is based mostly on past events, and the thinking behind some of his decisions and some of Art’s decisions.

ISE: Hey mate, before we start, can you tell us who you were in-game, and a bit of your W38 history.

    AusKilla: k well… World38 n00b (u already know this) do i honestly have to go into my w38 history? look at milestones threads

ISE: ^.^ Nah thats fine. You’ve been in several tribes; why did you move around so much on this world?

    AusKilla: I was originally in CoFfEe, i lead it until i was around 200k when i originally quit for 3 months, in the time i was away the person who took over (Destructo Girl) Merged into Art, i come back joined Art then decided to leave and spy on Nubs for tw wont let me stay sane, i stayed there until it was right to leave. From then on while i was interested in this worlds politics etc i stayed in Art. After xmas 09 all Arts original leadership quit and left me to rebuild, i promoted luke and left my co player to do it… They did there thing Everyone in Art got bored some deleted some went their own ways, so now i just move around from tribe to tribe because its fun and there’s nothing else to do… and why not… there is no tribe strong enough thats close enough to do anything to me anyway

ISE: The world started off with alot of promising tribes. Why do you think the world went downhill so fast?

    AusKilla: IMO this goes back to from before i quit when i led coffee (July), at the time coffee was the only continuous top 5 tribe that “Hadn’t” merged and still kept rank. Merging kills worlds and on W38 it began quite early, promising premades merged to get rank 1 then more did it to keep up and then again they kept on doing. it happened all world until we had 4 tribes left, by that point most were bored of the world anyway. The top 4 tribes at the time, BANNED, Domino, Art & that south west tribe that always disbanded and reformed (forgot there name cos i hates them) would only really fight rim tribes and not eachother, when conflict between the main 4 FINALLY started, 2 of them were completely inactive and just crumbled like mouldy cake… then there were 2 left, Domino has proven to be the most resilient…. Kind of ironic, the tribe which outlasted all is the one which didnt recylce its membership 24/7 through constant mergewar tactics

ISE: Interesting point.. We seen incidents though where tension rose, and yet war’s weren’t declared. One of the most notable incidents was BANNED recruiting HarlequinForest and Art recruiting [O]; yet despite that, BANNED and Art never warred. Care to enlighten everyone on why nothing broke out?

    AusKilla: to keep this one simple… tw wont let me stay sane & banned’s original leader (forgot his name to :( ) were internet love buddies… i was one of the only people on Arts council in favour of a banned war, but due to being “Allied” tw wont let me stay sane didn’t want to go back on an alliance he had made with one of his friends. Same situation when SK took over as duke, he had friendships with some of our leadership as did we, so i guess…. it was out of mutual respect for friendships…. :\ Pretty lame and generally against my own playing morals but oh well i wasnt in charge at the time so couldnt do anything

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.


    duke – mcgonagr
    baron 1 – tw wont let me stay sane
    baron 2 – Jarkku. (you) lolol


    1 – Raven24
    2 – PurpleDurple (Original Aka 44ever -w25)
    3 – Watz PoPpIn
    4 – llehar
    5 – Azazel Aziz
    6 – grissom77
    7 – mnov

    I know i have missed alot of great players who have been on W38, too many i have seen so far.. but this is just a quick bunch off the top of my head

ISE: Alot of those players were fairly vocal on W38 forums, bar mnov. Whats your opinion of him?

    AusKilla: Don’t really have much of an opinion. But when i landed in k64 within a few hours he moved to get rid of me knowing i had alot of D in my villages. he got my respect when he did that and with further investigation of his stats, he is one of the only players to actually conquer multiple villages same seconds… For me players who do that and can prove it with actual stats, get my respect. IMO is one of the best players in W38 from things i have seen =]

ISE:Agreed; I’ve played with mnov for a long time and he’s one of THE best players I’ve seen.

    AusKilla: even better that he is quiet, i didnt know he existed until he nobled me

ISE: If Art had warred BANNED back when both were stronger, how do you feel the war would have ended and how would it have impacted the world?

    AusKilla: dont think it would have changed the world all to much, cos in the end Art recruited the majority of BANNED anyways… But i was always certain Art at its peak (Which we were when i was pushing to war them) Would have raped BANNED at its peak. They never truely fought a war on their own, not against an opponent that had a chance to beat them… I’ve always thought and always will think that Art would have beaten BANNED within 2 OP waves… Easily… :) That said, the calibre of tribes skill on W38 in comparison to some tribes i now see on W50.. W38 is a n00b world

ISE: One last question; what was the thinking behind disbanding MP? I’m well are of what was said, but would a proper war not of been more fun?

    AusKilla: the truth, it was all about my own wants, i wanted a war with banned and was pushing for that as the [O] recruits all wanted it and were ready for it. I knew playing dirty against MP would end the war asap. So set out to destroy them by whichever method was most efficient. It didnt matter as we were fighting a bunch of players not willing to even send fakes back… I was only speeding up the inevitable. You say more fun… No fun was going to be had as it was like eating inactives, i have a tendency to easily be able to access other tribes councils whenever i like, i even did it to banned at one point but due to friendships did nothing just spied.. :D So when i got into MP i did what i wanted then sent the sit to a friend willing to dismiss them all (To cover myself in case of any rule breaches) pity frankie didnt keep the war machine going like i was hoping, if he did most wouldnt have all quit from boredom after xmas

ISE: Anyways, cheers mate. Don’t really have much more to ask.

    AusKilla: kk np :)

Active Players in World: 2,679
Active Tribes in World: 194

Players above 5 million: 41
Players above 7 million: 16
Players above 9 million: 6
Players above 11 million: 2

That’s all we have for this week folks! As always, any suggestions to make this blog more enjoyable is always welcome. Simply PM them to me over the forums and I’ll do my best to incorporate any good suggestions that are passed on.

Hope you enjoyed the blog,