Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

September 26, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Salut! This week I went with a French greeting for those of you who didn’t know. I’ve been steadily working my way through the languages, even repeating a few so that I don’t run out ^.^ Anyways, onto the matter at hand – the blog. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, this week marks the 10th edition of Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective. I’ve had a blast up until this stage and I really hope that y’all have enjoyed reading it. As such, I’m going to start a new article-type; “Highs & Lows of W38″. Ultimately this is a look at all angles of W38, from the good stuff to the bad stuff to the stuff we don’t give a damn about, but need to add in to give me something to write about. Also, due to me pretty much ignoring TW over the last few days and not being on skype much, I wasn’t able to actually interview anyone. So, I decided to interview myself =P

Anyways.. This has made up close to 200 words of my blog, and I feel by telling you that it will add a couple more. Alas, enough rambling on – without further ado, I present you with… *Suspense building* the blog!


Highs & Lows of W38

So, where to begin? The start seems a good place, but the first few weeks of a world tend to be full of spam-infested forums, continuously fluctuating rankings and one or two “wonder” tribes who die or merge or do something to prove to us, yet again, that they are in fact not wonderful at all. Long, long, long ago, on some unknown and random date (02/06/2009), the world that was W38 was opened. A fast world? Indeed. 10 tech? Very much so. The settings were enticing, and as a result the world saw a lot of premades step up to the plate, puff out their chests and proclaim their superiority. For those of you who no longer play W38, or are so bored of the world that you’ve forgotten the settings, here they are;

W38 Settings SelectShow

Where did this leave us? Was it a world to remember? Or one to fall away into oblivion? Well, around this time, W39 was also proposed to be open. While quite a good amount of players/tribes chose the faster world, a decent amount of good tribes went to W39 and I feel this split the pool of talent. Not much happened early on other than the stereotypical wanna-be good tribes continuously posting to draw attention to themselves and their tribes. However, it wasn’t long until prediction threads started sprouting up and (somewhat) valid discussions were beginning to take place. What tribes looked set to alight the world on fire? Who seemed to be the early front-runners, and who were the dark horses?

Peoples Opinions SelectShow

There were numerous more opinions, and for those of you who want to flick through the thread for nostalgia’s sake, it can be found here. It wasn’t long before the first major merge took place. Smurfs, a tribe who were very vocal on the forums and who wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Smurfs felt they could win the world, ultimately merged with FAME. FAME was a tribe led by Karmalot with quite a decent member list. However, obviously not everything was hunky dory if he felt a merge was needed. Bada-bing, bada-boom, the two tribes merged and it was pretty quickly brought to the attention of W38. So, why did this occur? Surely, in a war-game, the obvious objective would be to have some fun and to fight it out with each other. Alas, it would seem that this wasn’t the intention for Smurfs/FAME. I feel first-hand comments show much more on the event than anything I could paraphrase or write myself. As such, as you have seen above, I’ve started introducing quotes to show and express what the feelings and thoughts were at the time. This is how the merge was viewed;

Thoughts on Smurfs/FAME Merge; SelectShow

The merge took place on the 15th June. Eight days later, the “honeymoon was over”. Things didn’t seem to work out with iSmurf, and so the tribe disintegrated and FAME and Smurfs were reformed. After all the arguing and persuasion put forward by members of iSmurf that this was a great idea needed to propel both tribes to newer and better heights, why the very sudden collapse? Things seemed to start off respectful in the thread (found here), but it quickly lowered itself to a blame game. ImmortalSmurf seemed to take quite a bit of responsibility and even tried to offer his opinion on why exactly the merge failed.

“These are the reasons on to why I think our merge failed with FAME:

1. too confident
2. wasnt planned good enough
3. smurfs forum rep sucked
4. some policies that me and Karmalot agreed on were too harsh for the general tribe

As you can see I will accept some responsibility for the extreme failure of this merge. I agreed to letting people get kicked and I agreed to stick with my word. Now that us smurfs are back in some random tribe I made we plan on continuing to have fun in this world TOGETHER.” – ImmortalSmurf

Karmalot also offered to take responsibility for the failure, but this attitude quickly changed. Relations and discussions in the thread quickly turned for the worse and soured, and as such different thoughts contradicting with earlier posts were beginning to surface.

“1. I’m not a smurf, never was. iSmurf = FAME + Smurfs, FAME = good, Smurfs = Noobs and trash talkers that were spamming these forums in the early stages.” – Karmalot

The world seemed to quieten down again, with most tribes seemingly content with building up the cores and expanding peacefully. I feel that while a lot of threads sprung up around this stage, there was nothing that was noteworthy to include as part of the “Highs & Lows of W38″. It wasn’t long before tensions were being brought to the public, however. On the 27th June, 2009, the well-known Togepi. posted a thread regarding Domino and HoG. It seemed as though tensions had finally risen to a high enough level that there was an outbreak of attacks. (Thread found here.) The thread started off with posting mainly from the Domino side. Pictures became a frequent part of the thread with both sides displaying interesting pictures.

Extra: PnP Pics SelectShow

HoG were the more prominent picture-posters, however, this pretty much accounted for the majority of their PnP during the war.

“Its funny how Domino guys give hard facts and HoG people just troll.

I guess its coz they have no defense against truth, oh well, some win some lose.” – Kutalion, Nubs.

“I guess players who really plays in HoG dont post here.. they just send crazy town people to flame thread in which they are beaten by reports and stats” – Togepi., Domino.

“all i see here is boiled egg spamming with random pics and a argumentative nature, go get some fact come back and post them, you get owned over and over yet you dont see it lol go back to your moms basement ;)” – gummer4england

The war continued on and seemed to swing even further in Domino’s favour. It wasn’t long before defeat was admitted, with members of HoG coming onto the forums and posting comments similar to this;

“of course we lost

I don’t care, the leadership had made some stupid mistakes in focusing on farming wars then actually getting nobles and starting a real war, just learn from your mistakes and carry on, of course everyone is just another stat. I hope you like your 8th village ;)” – CapTaco, HoG.

Three days after that comment was made, HoG had disbanded and Domino were crowned victors.

That’s all I have for this weeks article. Wasn’t really feeling inspired or even interested when I was writing this, so sorry for not going into more detail or missing something out. I’ll be continuing this article though over the course of the next few blogs.

Me, Myself and I. Interview with Internal Server Error

Yep, that’s right. This blog is already delayed and I wasn’t online skype over the last few days, so, I decided to interview myself. For those of you who aren’t aware, I played the Jarkku. account until 2 months ago. Top 10 ODA, top 15 player and co-duke alongside Tracey (Queen Aphrodite) of Domino, the now rank 1 tribe.

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the account(s) you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    ISE: Well, I’ve only ever played the Jarkku. account. I joined the world with Domino, but shortly before nobles came out I pretty much disappeared for 7 weeks. Luckily Domino has always had a strong core, and they were able to keep them going until I was finished with RL stuff and able to get back into the game. After that the history of Domino is well known, and my best moments personally were breaking top 20 in ODA and points, and also our win over BANNED/??E?? where quite a majority seemed to write us off.

ISE: Domino was in skirmishes through the majority of this world, from HoG to [O] to ASYLUM to ??E??/BANNED and other smaller tribes throughout. What was Domino’s hardest challenge?

    ISE: Hmm.. Well, I feel it was against [O]. Domino had picked up quite a bit of dead-weight and these players simply weren’t putting in a good enough shift. So, while warring a rank 1 tribe twice our size we were also trying to re-organise the tribe – not an easy feat. We managed a stalemate while we re-organised, and once we turned back we were able to hit much more effectively. Alas, it was at this time that BANNED and Sweet joined in, so I’m sure many attribute our increased stats to the gangbang rather than improved performance by us.

ISE: Having been in Domino from the start, although possibly only semi-actively, how do you think Domino have grown?

    ISE: Hmm, Domino are a good tribe, but I really don’t feel they reached their full potential at any stage. Sure, we won all our wars and what-not, but we were a good tribe made look great by the lack of competition on the world. I dont necessarily mean the world had no skill, just that it had no other good tribes. Every tribe had its moment, but as the world progressed recruitment seemed a much more common feature than war.

ISE: You quit W38 a few months back, how do you rate Domino now?

    ISE: Domino is a different tribe. Not for better or worse, just different. I’ve always a very precise mind-set on how to play the game, and while quite a bit of it was simply instinct and I couldn’t explain why I made a decision, I still knew it was the right thing to do and followed through with it. Its hard to replicate ideals and beliefs that the person who made them doesn’t even understand them, and so, Domino has a new set of ideals which is probably much better suited to Domino than mine would be, at this stage of the world.

ISE: Domino came from W17. How did W38 compare to W17?

    ISE: W17 was a much fuller world, and so more intense in my opinion. Negotiations were more common-place, as well as wars. However, I liked W38 due to its fast-pace and it was very enjoyable. I was put as duke on W17 after two others had quit, whereas on W38 I was duke from the start.. So it was a good experience, and I had a blast with everyone who played under me.

ISE: You were voted W38’s best leader, and you also came second in W38 TW Champion. What do you have to say to that?

    ISE: Heh, bullshit. I’m not going to lie, I do believe I’m a good player. But, there are players who are much better than me, more dedicated than me and more active than me. For example, theres no way I would come out on top against mnov the way I have played W38. With regards to best duke; I had the best council, and because I was the figure-head I received all the attention. I was only able to become the best duke due to the council and members behind me who trusted and believed in me and showed great loyalty and dedication.

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    ISE: Hmm..

    Duke: Me. I love being duke.
    Baron: Queen Aphrodite – Been with me since W17 and on worlds after it. The record in leading she has is among the best.
    Baron: So many could take this. However, I’m going to go with the catninja/Rhovani0n duo. Now, I’m aware this is two people, but they come as a pair. Probably one of the most under-rated people on this world just due to the simple fact of how great they are.

    Member: mnov – Beast, simple as.
    Member: kenny09 – Cannot be rimmed, ever.
    Member: Lord Gibbo – I’ve always liked this guy and his attitude.
    Member: guido28 – Always seemed a solid and interesting player.
    Member: Raven – Would’ve loved to see how these two would perform in a tribe like Domino.
    Member: chrsswmr – Another player who I feel is massively under-rated. I think he knows why I put him here. Just an all-round great guy and always willing to help out.
    Member: G@R@ – Heh, what a guy. Quit W38 during a gangbang because he wasn’t being challenged. Lead by over 100 conquers against BANNED.. Probably one of our better earlier recruits.

ISE: What forum poster annoyed you the most, and why?

    ISE: The first guy who popped into my head was WaTz, but he acts the same way to everyone so fair enough. I would have to say Matt-/Payinduez. Double-standards really annoy me, and we seen a huge amount of them during the Domino/??E?? war.

ISE: If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    ISE: To be honest, I’ve always said what I wanted, just in a polite enough way to not get infracted. I would call Matt- a coward, for dragging his tribe into a war and then bailing when things got tough, only to make excuses later on as to why. However, thats just because I think he took the cowards way out, I hold no grudges with him.

ISE: Anything to say to W38?

    ISE: Cheers for the fun times, as well as the boring times. I hope you all enjoy my way of giving back to the community in the form of this blog. Cheerio!

ISE: Cheers =]

Active Players in World: 1,999/ Loss of 99
Active Tribes in World: 170 / Increase of 2

Players above 5 million: 54 / Increase of 2
Players above 7 million: 28 / Increase of 5
Players above 9 million: 11 / Increase of 3
Players above 11 million: 4 / Increase of 1
Players above 13 million: 3 / Increase of 1

Sorry for the delay, I’m well aware I’m overdue. Just lost the motivation for TW in general, and was hard to just sit down, troll through the forums and research for this and then write it. Anyways, this is the longest blog I’ve done. I know quantity doesn’t necessarily equal equality, but I thought I’d put more effort into it to compensate for the delay.

Hope everyone enjoyed it,