Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

September 13, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Aloha! I’m happy to present everyone with the 9th edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. This week I’ll be taking a look at several articles (What?! W38 has more than ONE thing to write about?!). That’s right folks, firstly I’ll be taking a look at WEBASH’s audacious declaration on the world, and after that, we’ll be reading an update on how Domino’s two wars have been going. This week, I was also lucky enough to have the pleasure of interviewing Prussia Empire =]

Yada-yada-yada, most people get the idea of what I generally say. Without further adieu, I hope y’all enjoy the blog.

I Bash, You Bash, We all Bash against WEBASH!

Am I crazy? A little. Am I serious? Very. Yes ladies and gentlemen, its true, WEBASH have decided to declare war on the world, and in this article that is precisely what we will be taking a look at. The declaration can be seen in this thread, where it is made clear that WEBASH are currently warring several tribes as it is – NATO, KNIGHT and Domino. It is also made clear that they will not attack their “friends”.. Who are their friends? A select few players from different tribes? Or is it quite simply all the ex-BANNED members? If that is the case, then does this declaration rule out NUTS straight away? Let’s take a quick look at the map and see where WEBASH plan on attacking as an extra to their current wars. (NOTE: WEBASH villages have been made bigger than any other tribe so that they stand out).

After looking at the map, the question one must ask is this – who else actually gets declared on in this declaration? If NUTS are indeed exempt, then WEBASH are surrounded on the majority of sides with tribes they are currently warring, or tribes they are currently friendly with.. The only other large tribe near them is Art; a 4-man tribe – one of which is 400,000 points and another currently being eaten out.. So, let’s take another look at the possibility behind this. In their declaration thread, WEBASH ask for a ceasefire so that they can prepare in their attempts to war the world.

“First off and most importantly, we respectfully ask all those attacking us for a ceasefire of two weeks, no longer. If you are confident enough about your tribes ability you’ll agree to this and proceed to what you may think of tearing us apart. You will all be mailed by our duke proposing this offer in case you do not read this forum post. We ask the cease fire to be 13th of September 2010 – 27th of September” – Renegadefox/Thrashordie.

From my perspective, and from solely looking at the maps and being under the impression that NUTS fits under Renegade’s “friends” list, it would seem that this “declaration” is no more than an attempt to get a 2-week break. I may be wrong, and I’m sure that if WEBASH go on to beat Domino, NATO and KNIGHT then they will probably attack other tribes, as per their declaration. But at this moment in time, I view it as no more than a clever delay tactic to reorganise themselves. However, this is simply my speculating on the matter. When asked about the situation, the duke of WEBASH wasn’t giving much away;

“All diplomacy is currently being reviewed in light of our declaration” – Wroc Teh, Duke of WEBASH.

All that being said, WEBASH are fun-seeking and war-loving enough to actually follow through on what they say, and while I lean towards my earlier suspicion, there is probably more here than meets the eye and as such, I probably have the wrong end of the stick.

(7) WEBASH: – 33 members.
-Total Points: 38,593,178
-Total ODA: 210,790,000
-Total ODD: 264,030,000
-Avg. Points per player: 1,169,490
-Avg. ODA per player: 6,387,575
-Avg. ODD per player: 8,000,909

This is certainly an interesting development, and one that lends credence to the belief that some life is slowly but surely seeping back into W38. I do apologise in advance if I has mis-read WEBASH’s intentions, it was just my belief from checking out the maps and what-not that WEBASH have no major strongholds anywhere else in this world other than the cluster that is currently in a war with Domino, NATO and KNIGHT. However, I personally will be keeping a close eye on this and lets hope WEBASH can prove me wrong, follow through on their world and really show us what they are made of.

D-Day?! Domino-Day!

When we were last addressing this war, Domino had taken the early lead and were leading 94-15 against WEBASH and uNiTe combined. This article is aimed to take a second look at the war and try to see how the war has shaped up since then; will the balance have swung in WEBASH/uNiTe’s favour? Or will Domino continue steamrolling ahead to claim yet another victory? Well, this article won’t really tell you, but it will (hopefully) give more insight into these questions that we all obviously ponder with every spare second of the day.. Anyways, onto the main point of this – the war.

These stats are taken from the 24th August, when the war was announced publically on the forums. Domino seem to be leading this encounter comfortably, but not impressively. Domino have only nobled 152 villages off uNiTe in 19 days – which turns out to be an average of 8 villages per day.. Not exactly a fully-blown, thrilling encounter some hoped it would be.

Again, these stats are taken from the 24th August. The stats are a measly 27-7, and the only reason for this is apparently BANNED members in Domino aren’t partaking in attacks on WEBASH. Given that the majority of the frontline does indeed appear to be ex-BANNED players, this does account for the lack of excitement on this front.

” Like I said somewhere else it’s pretty much ex-banned just in different tribes. Friends won’t be nuking each other :p” – TC77, ex-BANNED member, current Domino member.

So then, where does this war leave us? The honest answer is simply no-where. Many hoped this would be the spark needed to ignite W38 on fire. Alas, this wasn’t to be. The war on WEBASH simply never got going, and the nobling of uNiTe has been at a pretty average rate. This is Domino’s first major war since they have achieved the rank 1 position, and nothing in their performance seems to indicate they are the dominant tribe on the world, being twice the size of second place. Maybe they became complacent, or maybe inactivity is an issue. Either way, the war hasn’t lived up to many players expectations, and one can only hope it improves from here on in.

The top noblers from both sides in this war are;

(1) QknightQ, 47 conquers.
(2) JonEdCap, 34 conquers.
(3) butchcassidy88, 32 conquers.
(4) ERZ-XIII, 23 conquers.
(5) vytas3, 21 conquers.

All of the top 5 noblers are from Domino. The highest nobler from either WEBASH or uNiTe is Chunkeytoes with 11 conquers.

Interview: Prussia Empire x2

This week I got two for the price of one – an interview with Prussia Empire that was hijacked half-way through by Precision216 (Prussia’s co-player) =P None-the-less, both were enjoyable interviewee’s and I hope everyone enjoys it.

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the account(s) you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    Prussia Empire: Sure, I started out on w38 as Monkeychickqt. It was my first world so I jumped around quite a bit at the beginning from tribe to tribe eventually settling for awhile in Asylum where myself and the original Prussia Empire merged accounts.
    From there I eventually joined domino where I stayed for awhile, recently leaving and making Loki once again with Ash khan.

ISE: The south-east had a lot of tribes emerge and die down, such as PAX, TIG etc etc. Before any tribe took dominance, who did you feel looked the most impressive in the early-stages of W38?

    Prussia Empire: There were a lot of good tribes in that area, really I thought that JUDGES would take over the area and stick around for a lot longer than they did. It was an amazing tribe to be part of. (Not sure many players in this world would remember them..)

ISE: You moved around quite a bit before finally settling in ASYLUM. What did you think of them as a tribe when you there? Have the improved much in your eyes since then?

    Prussia Empire: Asylum is a pretty great group of players. They were a lot of fun to be part of. They have really come a long way. To be completely honest I didn’t think they would still be around at this point in the world and they proved me wrong. Pete has done an amazing job with that tribe and continues to do so.

ISE: In the end, you joined Domino. What made you decide to leave ASYLUM and follow a new path?

    Prussia Empire: Hmmm.. That’s a tricky question. There were many reasons actually. I don’t want to offend anyone in Asylum.. But it wasn’t the place for me any longer. I wasn’t having much fun in the world anymore…
    A few of my good friends in the world were in Domino, they had taught me quite a few things about the game, without them I really wouldn’t be where I’m at now in this world. I really just wanted to have fun again and play the game closely with those friends.. Therefore I decided to talk to Domino about joining them. It was a good move, I missed my friends in Asylum, but Domino was an amazing tribe to be part of.

ISE: You spent quite a bit of time in Domino, and were there for the ??E??/BANNED war. From the outside, the start of the war didn’t look too promising for Domino. How were things running on the inside?

    Prussia Empire: Haha, yes that was one great war to be part of!! :)
    Domino has always had really solid strong leadership, so even when it didn’t look so great for the tribe from the outside point of view, there weren’t worries from the inside. Leadership was solid, tribe mates were amazing and there was always someone around to help out when it was needed. So in other words… Pretty smoothly.

ISE: In the end you decided for a change of scenery. Why did you decide to leave Domino and form LOKI?

    Prussia Empire: Another difficult question. :) While Domino was an amazing tribe to be part of, after the tribe took the number one rank in the world things got really dull!
    Leadership kind of disappeared.. arguments between players over inactive accounts/number of villages being taken were starting to happen and it was time for myself and a few other players to leave for awhile and do our own thing… So myself and Ash Khan(Pre and Luke) remade Loki and have just been playing with a close group of friends since then. It’s been fun. =

ISE: W38 was your first world, but since then you have played other worlds. How does W38 compare to the other worlds you’ve played?

    Prussia Empire: Well the only other world aside from W38 that I have played seriously is W50. I must say it is completely different. W38 was much more of a hugging social game, W50 for me has been full on war since the beginning. Pretty sad when your OD is much higher in a world you have been playing for not nearly as long. (chuckle) So in comparision W38 is not nearly as exicitng, but it will always be my favorite world by far.

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    Prussia Empire: My co is going to help me answer this one since he would definitely be the co duke with myself. ;) (Yes we are being selfish and putting ourselves into that spot! haha)
    Duke: Myself and Precision216 (aka Ash Khan)

    Baron: RocketRider
    Baron: ISE

    ewanm1 & TC77 Co playing
    tannu098 & Gsterlin Co playing

    That was difficult, there are so many other players we would like to add, and took far too long to debate that! (smirk) But if we could have a W38 dream team then these are who we would pick. As my co just said “It doesn’t matter if these players were our enemies or people we don’t like, but you can’t deny that those players didn’t have skill and couldn’t play the game!”

ISE: That answer took longer than expected :P What forum poster annoyed you the most, and why?

    Prussia Empire: Yeahhh… thought you might think I fell asleep on that one! (chuckle) (maybe this one as well!)
    Uhh… Okay, I really can’t be mean and say who came to my mind right away… So going to let my co player answer this one! :) *Cheating.. I know*
    [4:41:55 PM] Precision216: I would totally say Matt- and his B/F payinduez

ISE: If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    Prussia Empire: For this one I would like my co player to answer, he has a lot to say but doesn’t want to come off as arogant or rude, do you mind if I add him to the convo to answer on his own?

ISE: Eh ok.. ^.^

Prussia Empire: added Precision216 ***

    Prussia Empire: Sorry I know its not typical in your blogs to include the co player, but we really have quite similar thoughts on things and this would be something he would be much better at answering. :)

ISE: To Pre – If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    Pre (Prussia Co-player): To ISE: You are a great player and a good leader but when it comes to dismissing people or internally nobling people when needed the job never seemed to get done. I remember when Domino was first created and the rules were clear cut and followed but as the year went on we seemed to sway away from the traditional rules which turned us into more of a point whoreing tribe. One of the major reasons me and my co-player left Domino. I understand you were busy but the leaders you left behind didn’t pick up where you left and yet even today Domino is still full of a bunch of people that aren’t putting in the effort that they should be and getting a “Free ride”..

    1 example: Mariny, he left months before we even started internally nobbling him. Yes we heard he was coming back but would that same privilege be given to others?

    We both strongly feel that due to the lack of your absence in the tribe the tribe became soft. People then started butting heads and leadership was being questioned at times. I know Queen was having a hard time and was getting a little annoyed with the arguments that started to brew. Am I saying you should have been there 100% of the time, no! We all have a RL that we need to take care of but it seemed like even when you did come back corrections were never made things were never put back in place.

    I think the old Domino is gone.

    But as we all know leaders always get a lot of criticism so to say you aren’t a good leader or an outstanding player (That made a #1 tribe) is not what I intended above. But from time to time we should be able to give constructive thoughts or viewpoints on what happened or how things are going. Along with this I hope you don’t take any of it the wrong way because me and my Co-player would do it all over again and would love to join future tribes with you as leader.

ISE: Out of curiosity, where did your original account names come from?

    Prussia Empire: Monkeychickqt? Haha, It’s an old aim name from when i was younger.. Love monkeys, I’m a chick, and well qt doesn’t really need explained. :P

    Pre (Prussia Co-player): When I first started playing this game roughly 3 years ago I joined TW with an account name “Precision216″ which I derived from a shaker bottle that I had on my desk and 216 was a competition number at a meet I was in. Then after being in LOKI for a while with Ash Khan he asked if I wanted to co-play with him and I joined his account which brought me into Domino with all my in game friends from LOKI.
    Prussia Empire: Now you are lucky enough to be Prussia Empire!! ;) You should feel honored

    Pre (Prussia Co-player): haha

ISE: Ok, well thanks to both of you =] Certainly wasn’t boring PE :P And thanks to both of you for helping it out, we finally made it =P

    Prussia Empire: Haha, thanks ISE it was fun, sorry it took so long! (smirk)

Active Players in World: 2,098/ Loss of 88
Active Tribes in World: 168 / Loss of 4

Players above 5 million: 52 / Increase of 1
Players above 7 million: 23 / Increase of 1
Players above 9 million: 8 / Remains the same.
Players above 11 million: 3 / Remains the same
Players above 13 million: 2 / Increase of 1

And that’s that. *Dusts down hands*. First off, I want to apologise for the WEBASH article. I wrote this yesterday (12/09/2010) and at the time, it was purely speculation regarding NUTS/WEBASH war – so any developments since yesterday havn’t been accounted for, because frankly, I’m too lazy to re-do the article >.<

On another note, next week's blog is the 10th edition. As such, I'm open to any and all suggestions to mark it. So, if you have an idea, feel free to send me a PM.

Adios! ;)