Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

September 6, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Aloha! Today we have reached our 8th edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. Glad to welcome everyone (which is probably under 10 people =P) back to this weeks blog. This week I’m going to go back to the third installment of Battle For Dominance; The South-East. We’ve also been blessed with an interview by Queen Aphrodite, a major player in W38 since the start of the world, having been co-duke of the current rank 1 tribe while also maintaining a top 20 account.

On another note, I want to direct everyones attention to this thread. Enark has been running some competitions to hopefully bring some more activity to the forums. Also, our TW Champion thread has been progressing nicely, and if you’re interested, you can vote on this thread.

Battle For Dominance; The South-East III

We finished up on this last time with the war between ASYLUM and Domino having been made public. (Declaration can be found here.) As the war progressed between Domino and ASYLUM, Domino appeared to be steam-rolling through ASYLUM with little to no fightback from ASYLUM. A potential worry did present itself when ASYLUM launched their first Op on Domino, the target being Azazel Aziz. However, ASYLUM were promptly put back in their place by efficient defending from Azazel and things resumed as normal. Stats were posted on the 30th January to display the progress made by Domino. Despite the obvious size difference, and how this size difference grew even larger throughout the course of the war, Domino still had a frightening lead, nearly managing a 10:1 nobling ratio.

Timeframe: 04/12/2009 00:00:00 to 30/01/2010 16:41:42

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 132
Side 2: 1,067
Difference: 935

DirtyB was able to provide the users of the public forums with some visual statistics to highlight the growth of the tribes and where this growth was coming from. On ASYLUM’s side, only 1% of their conquers had actually come from Domino, while an astonishing 85% came from internalling and nobling barbarians. Despite this, ASYLUM were at the time fighting BANNED and were, slightly, leading them in stats. In contrast to ASYLUM’s statistics, Domino had nobled 18% of their conquers from ASYLUM. It seemed ASYLUM seemed content to adopt some sort of scorched-earth policy – allow their villages to be catted and not rebuild. This then forced Domino to noble 6 and 7k villages, while ASYLUM expanded ever-more rim-ward. The Russians had actually adopted this strategy in WWII against the Germans and it would eventually lead to their victory over the Germans. However, it didn’t seem to have the desired effect on Domino as Domino continued to push on and slice through K67 like a hot knife through butter.

With a war looming in the shadows between ??E??/BANNED and Domino, it seemed that ASYLUM would live to fight another day with Domino being forced to focus elsewhere. This didn’t stop Domino from having one last hurrah, however, and they set about planning an Op to attain dominance of K67. On the 25th February 2010, Domino’s bombardment landed. It took place across 3 players throughout K67, and despite some hitches such as the duke of ??E?? gaining an ASYLUM sit and sniping some trains, the Op had a major impact. Domino nobled 22 villages within a 5-second gap, and had nobled over 100 villages in that particular Op in a 24-hour window. DirtyB once again provided some visual representation to display the effect this Op had on K67.

After this, attacks between Domino and ASYLUM quietened down. It appeared that the Op had forced ASYLUM into conceding defeat, and allowed Domino to end the war and focus elsewhere. It later emerged that an alliance had been agreed between ASYLUM and Domino, and this alliance has remained in place until even today. A week previously to this, the NAP between Domino and ??E?? had been dropped and ??E?? quickly went on to attack Domino. Co-incidentally, BANNED also started to attack Domino around this time, but the NAP between BANNED and Domino was never officially ended before attacks were launched by BANNED.

Things started off impressively for ??E?? and BANNED. Within 24 hours of BANNED declaring, they were quickly leading stats. The same can be said for ??E?? who quickly started moving into K64 and increasing their presence. ??E?? also quickly pounced on Domino in K85 and yielded some solid gains. Within a week or two, ??E?? were over a 100 conquers ahead of Domino, and this led to people questioning whether Domino had finally come to an end or not..

However, the reasons for Domino’s slow performance in this war came to light, and it wasn’t long after the initial waves that Domino started to pull back the stats against both ??E?? and BANNED.

“As to us taking a while to get going; it was more a case of us expecting a full-on two-front war – and our defenses being organised accordingly (ie.split). It didn’t quite work out that way, but prior to E’s declaration it looked like a certainty. The map looked VERY different to how it does now.” – Rhovani0n, Defense Co-ordinator of Domino.

This certainly seemed to be the case, as within 3 weeks of ??E?? declaring, they were starting to badly lose the war. By the 3rd April, 14 days after ??E?? officially declared, it seemed the war had swung hugely in Domino’s favour. Stats (including inactives, not including BANNED) seemed to highlight the extent of this role reversal, and certainly seemed to be out-of-tune with the constant mumblings of Domino’s demise.

Timeframe: 19/03/2010 00:00:00 to 03/04/2010 14:03:44

Total conquers against opposite side:

Domino & Inactives: 631
??E?? & Inactives: 271
Difference: 360

The same story can also be applied to BANNED. Within days of their declaration, and despite a positive start, Domino began to start eating into the BANNED players, many of which turned inactive early on in the war. G@R@voLLi himself surpassed the 100-conquer mark quickly into the war, and had even wanted to quit due to the lack of challenge provided. Disputes between ??E?? and BANNED bubbled through onto the forums, and not all seemed rosy in the alliance. Eventually Matt- was made duke of BANNED, yet this caused several prominent members to leave the tribe. Eventually BANNED collapsed and one of the participants of the gangbang had been dealt with.

Several days later, the war was all but over. On the 7th April, Matt-, duke of ??E??, turned barbarian. It appeared that he was unable to roll over Domino quickly through the help of BANNED, and this feeling was shared by other members of the forums.

“It didnt surprise me to see him quit, his plan was to roll Domino over with Banned’s help quickly, the moment he saw that window of opportunity close he bailed.

Fact is ??E?? and Banned just got owned….

Great work Domino, once again you have proven yourselves to be a solid tribe with a great leader in the form of ISE.” – burns4life

Fighting remained between the remnants of ??E?? and Domino, but ??E?? were once again dealt a blow when the ex-DD members left the tribe and reformed DD. It appeared the war was well and truly over. Below, is once again another interesting visual representation provided by DirtyB during the ??E?? vs Domino war. It shows the latter stages of the war, and the inactivity/activity of both tribes in comparison with each other.

With the falling apart of ??E?? and BANNED, it wasn’t only Domino who benefitted. ASYLUM, who once looked like their time was up, showed tremendous endurance. At the end of the war, they attained the rank 2 position. Their growth throughout the war was also impressive, with them securing the eastern rim and starting to expand out-wards. With two top 5 tribes occupying the South-Eastern rim, it will be interesting to see whether conflict arises, or whether these two will remain allies until they are the last two standing. None-the-less, the South-East did provide us all with a lot of entertainment, and hopefully will continue to do so.

Interview: Queen Aphrodite

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the account(s) you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    Queen Aphrodite: The only account I have played on W38 is Queen Aphrodite. I joined at the start of the world with a group of close friends who had previously played together in W17. I was co- Duke of Domino from the start but ISE (you) managed all our recruitment and strategy etc and we were already a well organised, good team with strong bonds so I was able to just enjoy playing the game in the early days.

ISE: Domino were placed in a tough location, with the rank 1 tribe surrounding them (HoG). It was also speculated early on that HoG would beat Domino. How did you feel about your chances against HoG?
-Also, eventually things came to a head between HoG and Domino and Domino came out on top. What were your thoughts on Domino’s performance, and the war itself, at that time?

    Queen Aphrodite: I was confident in our own abilties because we had already played together before and we had some great players, not just technically great players but also players who were totally unselfish and comitted to the whole tribe not just playing for themselves. We were also greatly priviledged in having you ISE to lead us. I can honestly say I was never in any doubt that we would bet HoG. Hand of GoD himself was quite formidable but the majority of the rest of the tribe didnt look like a huge threat and I knew that our teamwork would give a huge advantage over any other tribe.

ISE: Domino quickly secured dominance of their continents, and through clever and selective recruitment, started its rise to prominence. It wasn’t long before Domino was once again fighting the rank 1 tribe, this time being [O].
-Stats remained stale-mated for a long time until the Op on matress. Again, how did you feel about this war, and did you think Domino would go on to win, despite the obvious size difference?

    Queen Aphrodite: Personally it wasnt the war I wanted at the time. I liked [O] and had a lot of respect for their leader (McGonagr?) – I would have prefered to go to war with The Brain (eek forgotten the name of his tribe :S) but circumstances pushed us to end hostilities with the Brain (we didnt want to war both at the same time) and fight [O] . [O] were much more daunting. They had some superb players and I knew we had to up our game considerably to win. Again we were all so grateful for your leadership. I think that ensured we were focused and organised. And of course it did turn out to be the right decision in the end as both tribes astonishingly collapsed fairly quickly, and Domino emerged victorious once again

ISE: With the disbanding of [O], we saw Art recruit quite a chunk of their members. What did you think of this?

    Queen Aphrodite: We were all obviously annoyed – we had had a pretty good relationship with ART until that point and I personally had huge respect for them and thought they shared a lot of our principals. I was shocked that they would want to mass recruit refugees who were miles from them and right on our front line. Of course I could understand why every tribe would want a few of the outstanding players like Raven and VH but they took a lot of other average and even inactive players who were on our front line and this lost them a lot of credibilty in W38 for a while. I will hasten to add that they did manage to regain that credibilty and make a good comback some time later following a change of leadership

ISE: After all the other major merges took place, there was 4 major tribes left, and a gangbang was organised on Domino. The same two tribes who gangbaned [O] gangbanged Domino. At the start of the war, Domino were losing quite heavily in stats; how did you feel DOmino would do after losing the early war?
-In the end, Domino turned the war around and managed to emerge as comfortable victors. Was the belief always in Domino that they would win?

    Queen Aphrodite: The war with Matt / ??E?? was not a pleasant one as they declared from the start quite openly that they would use ny dirty trick they could find to defeat us. We were in a war with Asylum when we first “guessed” that they were going to war us – we figured it might be a gangbang and needed to end our war and secure the South before we could be in a position to relocate our support etc. You (ISE) kept us calm with your wisdom telling us to get ourselves ready first. So we turned a blind eye to a lot of things that Matt and his crew were doing and stalled the war and our offensive as long as possible whlist we got the war machine in place. I have to say Asylum were a great help to us here in accepting our peace offer so quickly and allowing us terms that secured our Southen borders without any hassle. Once we had support in place (Great thanks here to our wonderful Rho who did an excellent job) we could start our first offensive and once again proved team work makes such a difference. Matt then desperatly tried to beat us single handedly with a few more underhand tricks but in the end the good guys always win. :)

ISE: With the falling apart of ??E??/BANNED, some members inevitably joined other tribes, such as Art. This then set up a confrontation between Art and Domino.
-Unfortunately, as has been pointed out, Art at this stage had simply lost all motivation and were a fairly inactive tribe. Did you expect Art to crumble so quickly? How do you feel the splitting up of tribes and forming of smaller ones has affected W38?

    Queen Aphrodite: I was in constant contact with both ARTs dukes at the time. I dont want to break any confidences even now by quoting anything either of them said but it was fairly obivous things were not right, and I knew they were going to disband before they did. But I still felt quite sad about it. They had been such a good tribe with so much potential but world38 had got quite stale for them and many had already set their minds on a new world. The splitting up of tribes at this point has brought a bit more life into some areas of the World and it gives people a chance to try out their leadership skills etc in a fairly “safe” arena. The world has livened up considerably again for some recently but I dont think it will ever go back to its former glory days especially as so many of the greatest players and biggest influnces in the world have now left – inlcuding you of course :(

ISE: NATO and KNIGHT are similar to Domino in the fact they have been ever-present in this world. What score out of 10 would you give both tribes, and why?

    Queen Aphrodite: I honestly dont know much about KNIGHT – our paths didnt cross much and, I dont want to do them an injustice, but I dont think they havnt been hugely vocal on the forums. Ihave a lot of respect for NATO and we enjoyed a good relationship with them though never anything formal. I am friendly with DaddyKeebs and Noche and they have always been quick to help us resolve any issues. They both deserve high marks for keeping their tribes together all this time – just keeping peoples interest and committment and managing peoples personalities to prevent internal issues is a huge achievement in my books plus the fact that they were sandwiched alongside some much bigger tribes and yet didnt get squashed. I dont know if I can fairly give a score to KNIGHT but I would definitly give 8.5 or even 9 out of 10 to NATO for a good job :)

ISE: How do you feel W38 has been in comparison to W17? W17 was a fuller world with more competition. What are your thoughts on how to improve W38 for the future?

    Queen Aphrodite: W17 was my first real world and obviously a very different journey for me then w38. I think what is noteworthy for me with any world is the influance that a few people can make on it. When you start any new world you dont know who you might encounter. MM_Hun spoilt the game for me in w17 but I think I was so fortunate that you made the wild suggestion out of the blue to mass delete and start again on w38. That new start with all the same people was great, and I think w38 started off with a number of big egos but actually settled down to be a really pleasant world to play. Even the period with Matt doing his best “nasty guy” (I’m sure other people would exchange these words for others) impression wasn’t so bad – the only thing I am disappointed in is that it didnt continue as it was with several tribes evenly competing for longer. It has become stale for many. However I think some of the lastest wars are the best hope in ages of bringing it back to life so it will be interesting to see what the next few months bring.

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    Queen Aphrodite: Well obviously I’d pick you as Duke
    -Its so hard because I have been fortunate to have met so many great players and made so many great friends in this game. But since we are in W38 mode I think I would have Rho and I as Barons and then Mno, Kenny, Cat, Chrsswmr, Az. G@r@, and Gooberygber (Fishy) – But that does make me feel bad as I have missed out so many dear friends and great players

ISE: What forum poster annoyed you the most, and why?

    Queen Aphrodite: The forums did get quite nasty for a while but settled down – no one really annoyed me – but if I had to chose one that most frustrated me I think it would be watz poppin only becasue he seemed to have permenantly got out of bed the wrong side – But I have spoken to him on skype a couple of times and hes been fine – just when he goes on the forums I think he brings his heavy wet blanket each time

ISE: Fair enough. If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    Queen Aphrodite: I tend to say anything I need to say to anyone via pm in skype so there isnt anything burning in the back of my mind that I have always wanted to say. There are a few people I would love to have come back and play (you especially of course) but even all the unpleasant times we had with Matt and co are all water under the bridge now. I definatly dont hold any bad feelings towards anyone in W38 past or present

ISE: Out of curiosity, where did your name (Queen Aphrodite) come from?

    Queen Aphrodite: I needed a new name and was stuggling to think of one. We were due to start the world at a set time but when I registered the original name I wanted was already taken – even though someone had checked it was free for me a few days earlier. So Queen Aphrodite was a bit of a last minute / panic choice and I have always been slightly embarrased by it tbh

-Well, no more questions. Thanks for doing the interview :]

    Queen Aphrodite: (whew)

Active Players in World: 2,186 / Loss of 67
Active Tribes in World: 172 / Loss of 10

Players above 5 million: 51 / Increase of 2
Players above 7 million: 22 / Increase of 3
Players above 9 million: 8 / Remains the same.
Players above 11 million: 3 / Remains the same
Players above 13 million: 2 / Increase of 1

And…. cut! I decided to revert back to the article on Battle For Dominance; The South-East just to finish it up, but to also allow the current wars to progress a bit further before discussing them.

As I mentioned previously, I hope to be able to do the other four corners as well. However, I would really need people to step forward and help provide some background info on key events so I don’t end up spouting rubbish and bull-crapping my way through the entire article.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog, and as always, feel free to PM me with any suggestions, or add me on skype (Mr._Skittles) if you want to discuss the key events further for future articles.

Until next time,