Tribalwars News: A W38 Perspective

August 30, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Dia dhuit! Happy to welcome y’all back to “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”, which has reached its 7th edition. I can’t actually believe I’ve stuck with this that long, but there ya go :D Onto other news, this week I’m going to take a step back from the story-style articles I’ve been doing recently as we actually have something happening now! Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Domino have declared on not one, but two tribes to try and kick-start some life back into this world. Combined with this, we also have a special guest appearance for our interview; the one and only enark. It’s rare that one mod will stick with a world for the majority of its existence, but several days ago, enark passed his one-year anniversary of modding W38. Congrats mate.

Before we move on, I also want to send a shout-out to two pretty awesome people who were kind enough to make a banner for this blog, and what an amazing job they did. So, thank you -effy- and Inga no Kusari.

“Today is our one year anniversary. AWHH” – enark, W38 Mod. (27/08/2010)

War?! Ludicrous!

This week has seen the emergence of a new war to W38. Domino, after having finally reached rank 1 for the first time in its history, took time to recuperate after the ??E??/BANNED war and have been quietly consolidating their position. WEBASH have grown in size since the break-up of BANNED, and uNiTe is a tribe based on the west of the world with a lot of members having previously been in ??E??.

Despite Domino declaring on two tribes, the odds statistically are stacked in Domino’s favour.

-Total Villages: 25,182
-Total ODA: 1.245,320,000
-Total ODD: 630,870,000

-Total Villages: 8,536
-Total ODA: 76,780,000
-Total ODD: 63,110,000

-Total Villages: 3,543
-Total ODA: 190,540,000
-Total ODD: 248,630,000

However, we all know that statistics on paper (or on this blog) mean nothing, as a small determined player can certainly overcome a large, undedicated lazy player. Despite this, things look to be hopefully livening up for the better, and maybe it may have a domino effect (no pun intended) and hopefully cause more wars to start up. The more the merrier! It seems that war is the word of the day, with people obviously believing this is the last throw of the dice to elevate W38 past the humdrum monotony of everyday logging in to just recruit troops and either internal or noble barbarians.

“The world is almost dead so we are just trying to bring some life back to it.” – kenny09, Duke of Domino.

When talking to a prominent member of WEBASH, he seemed cheery in the face of another challenge. WEBASH who have been warring NATO and ASYLUM have done well for a tribe so outnumbered. This war will well and truly be the challenge for them to test their war-hardened skills on. RenegadeFox seems to be relishing the challenge, and when asked about his opinion on the war and on his enemy, this is what he had to say;

“Hrm. I feel it’s pretty fun :P I’m enjoying myself about time we had a decent fight. I’m waiting for the next tribe to want to fight WEBASH. So far it’s domino, knight, Nato.
But I can’ say I’m impressed with the number 1 tribe running to other top 10 ranked tribes for help.. against webash and uNITe they should be all over us. But about time the world livened up. Now I just want you to come back so I can cat you down :D” – RenegadeFox/Thrashordie, Baron of WEBASH.

The war has started at an average pace by Domino with no major Ops seeming to have landed. uNiTe seem to be slightly slow out of the blocks, while WEBASH who started stronger of the two, have started the lose it over the last 48 hours more-so than they have in the days previous to it. (All stats shown are from the declaration date; 24/08/2010).

WEBASH share quite a large front with Domino given the size of their tribe. They also have a lot of villages intermingled with Domino villages. Despite this, the stats have remained relatively low. This would seem to imply that WEBASH are a very organised, solid defensive tribe, or else Domino simply havn’t prepared themselves for a war on the WEBASH front and thus conquers have remained low.

uNiTe have taken the brunt of Domino attacks so far, with K63 seeing Domino and uNiTe villages dotted throughout the continent in the enemies clusters. It will be interesting to see if uNiTe can turn this war around, especially with them being a new tribe despite containing the remnants of ??E??.

Domino are leading this war, and should be as well down to their previous experience in wars and the sheer size difference in this war. However, it generally is the case that the declaring tribe does indeed get the early lead. It will be interesting to see whether or not Domino can replicate what they have done in previous wars; grow stronger as the war grows on. Or, will this not be the case, and will we be seeing WEBASH and uNiTe turn the stats around and put it to Domino.

ISE’s thoughts: All in all, a major war is what this world needed. Some may feel Domino played it cautiously and only declared on two tribes. It may be argued that Domino should have declared on the whole world. Regardless of your opinion, I’m sure most are just happy to embrace the slight lapse in necessity of nobling barbarian villages, and lets hope this war will spur on other tribes to involve themselves in more challenging encounters than the barbarians currently provide.

Interview: enark

As mentioned earlier in the blog, several days ago was enark’s 1 year anniversary of modding W38. To commemorate this occasion, he has agreed to partake in the interview for this weeks blog and give his opinion on W38.

ISE: Ok, so before we start getting into the bulk of the interview, can you give us a brief summary of your TW history?

    Enark: Well, I first started back in w8 in 2007. I was a noob, like just about everyone is when they start something new. I heard about Tribalwars through a friend at High School, and he played w8 and said that was the best world to currently join as it was the youngest world. I was in some family tribe at first but then I joined Clorox! After awhile I just played less and less eventually just went inactive and my account died. After that I didnt play TW at all till world 39, where I just joined for the lulz, but then I figured I might as well get more involved as I enjoyed Tribalwars so I put in an application to be a mod. And then I heard about the iBan premade on w40 and I joined that. WE got gangbanged by three tribes and I died out. And lastly, I am now playing on w29, as I no longer mod it I thought it would be fun to play with people I use to mod.

ISE: Having been around some pretty good tribes such as Clorox and iBan, how do you think the tribes of W38 appear to compare?

    Enark: The world 38 tribes seem to change a lot. I thought some tribes such as Banned would be around for awhile, as they just seemed so dominant. It seems theres quite a bit of respect in w38 for other large tribes too, while in w40 with iBan there was none, so I really respect and like that.

ISE: Being a mod, the forums are your playground so to speak. What have you made of the PnP on W38 compared to other worlds?

    Enark: Well I would have to say the w38 PnP was pretty good when I first starting modding last August but its slowly degraded. I think the general interest level of the world has gone down, and the general amount of PnP itself has declined a lot, along with posting. As of right now I would say PnP doesnt really exist on w38, through the combonation of not much is happening and the absense of forum posters.

ISE: Would you have any advice or suggestions to the players of W38 on how to maybe liven the forums up?

    Enark: Well beyond the obvious “post more often”, when people start posting more people will start reading and posting. The contest I did seemed to raise posting exponentially on a small level. At first I thought it wasnt even going to do anything and I was going to award a thread with like 3 responses, but it seemed to have a snowball effect.

    So I’ve decided to start doing a new contest each month, so everyone should stop by check it out and hopefully win some PP, and while you are all on, make some intelligent conversation provoking threads and posts.

ISE: Being that you can’t play a world you mod on, if there was any tribe at any stage you could join on W38, which tribe would it be and why?

    Enark: Well right now I think I would join one of the smaller tribes fighting Domino like WEBASH, because I think its really fun to fight against the odds (expect having to wake up in the middle of the night to dodge and backtime), and maybe then Domino would split up and more wars would happen making the world more exciting.

ISE: Mid-way through the world we had an “Awards” competition and in it the best PnP’ist was voted for. Who do you think were the top 3 PnP’ists on W38?

    Enark: I always liked PnP that was respectful, detailed, and had backed up information. I liked a lot of what Mark Harrison, ISE and w38 Noob did. Even if sometimes it could get a little out of hand, their PnP started a lot of posting, and good conversation.

ISE: If there was a thread you could pick as the most entertaining to read, which would it be? If there was a thread that was the most interesting/informative, which would it be?

    Enark: Well the Blog, even though it is a link to another page, it is by far the most informative at the present due to the fact it is basically like an internet news paper. But if I had to pick an actual thread I would say the W38 TW Champion thread, because it helps peoples who dont play w38 figure out who the more nortorious/respected players are in the world. And although its kind of dead right now the Your Personal Opinion Of the Player above thread was always funny, its nice to hear how players relate to each other, and sometimes the funny incidents they have.

ISE: I understand you havn’t had any interaction with in-game, but if you had to pick a tribe, what members would you bring with you? You need one duke, two barons and 7 members.

    Enark: Well I would put myself in a members position because I would be a scrub.

    Duke: Queen Aphrodite
    Baron: JB4-Slayer
    Baron: MarkHarrison

    Member: Praetorian97
    Member: Jarkku.
    Member: WaTz PopPiN?
    Member: llehar
    Member: mnov
    Member: OlafSchlief
    Member: enark

    As I havent played, I dont know all their true capablities but by the forum all these players seem to have what it takes

ISE: Being a mod, you generally have to watch what you say. Has there ever been a time on W38 where you just wished you could say something without fear of the consequences?

    Enark: Ah not really, w38 is actually really well behaved, I find that I usually get in that mood when Im posting as a player. I really dont like warning or infracting people, so Im usually very casual when it comes to those types of situations, as I find posters respond better to me calling them a noob and telling them to stop spamming, or some type of friendly banter, rather then pulling out threats.

ISE: Out of curiosity, where did your name come from?

    Enark: My last name is Krane, and backwards it is Enark.

ISE: Ah cool. Before we go, would you like to say anything to W38, or to the readers of the blog?

    Enark: I would like to say thanks to everyone of w38 for being awesome people, I dont think anyone truely hates me, and Im glad we could establish a good relationship, and I hope it will continue, as I enjoy w38.

    And lastly, POST MORE NOOBS.

ISE: Haha :D Ok well thanks mate, and congratulations on your 1 year here :P

    Enark: Yup no problem.

Active Players in World: 2,253 / Loss of 84
Active Tribes in World: 182 / Loss of 7

Players above 5 million: 49 / Increase of 4
Players above 7 million: 19 / Increase of 5
Players above 9 million: 8 / Increase of 3
Players above 11 million: 3 / Remains the same
Players above 13 million: 1 / Congrats Olaf :D

And that concludes this weeks edition. Hopefully this war will provide some interesting topics to write about in future editions, as, even though I like to write the history-based articles for nostalgia sake, I prefer to stay in the present and look to the future.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog, and as always, feel free to PM me with any suggestions, or add me on skype (Mr._Skittles) if you want to discuss them further.

Until next time,