Tribalwars News: A W38 Perspective

August 21, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! Glad you guys/gals could make it back for the sixth edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. This week I’ll be continuing on with Battle For Dominance; The South-East while also having the pleasure of interviewing JB4-Slayer. These blogs are made in an attempt to provide some reading material for W38 (and also to provide me with PP :P). However, I would also like to direct you guys to other threads found here and here so that hopefully there will be some more friendly public banter amongst the forums. We also have a “W38 TW Champion” competition going on, and if you want to participate and vote, you can find that thread here.

Enjoy the blog <3

Battle For Dominance; The South-East II

We finished up last week with a brief mention of BANNED and Sweet declaring on [O] while they were pre-occupied with Domino, and with a brief outbreak of a war between Domino and LOKI before a ceasefire was arranged. The gang-bang continued with [O] being sandwiched in on 3 of their 4 sides. Despite this, however, members of [O] who used the public forums were adamant that [O] would not crumble due to the war.

“The core that will stay as [O] will be fighting with nails and teaths, clinging to every single village and give anyone a hell of a fight.
[…] [O] will NOT disban do to any war.” – Von Hallander.

With the extra pressure on other fronts, the [O]/Domino front became weaker and this, combined with an improved offensive wave by Domino, led Domino to start pushing [O] out of K65 once and for all. That being said, [O] fought valiantly, and their members continued on with a love of the game and never a sour word of losses.

“Pretty much all of these were from an Op on Matress11 and I would like to pay tribute to him here. He was a good sport and put up a good fight against a huge onslaught from us. Thank you Matress. You did your tribe proud.” – Queen Aphrodite, Duke of Domino.

These stats were posted on the 7th November, and while [O] were slowly but surely losing villages, they seemed to be able to withstand the pressure. The next move would prove vital – if [O] could get in a counter-strike or not and if Domino could keep up the pressure. Within 10 days it seemed that [O]’s counter-strike was never going to come. On the 17th November, the start of the exodus occurred with 3 people being removed from the tribe. Over the next 3 days, another 42 players would leave the tribe including Raven24 and Von Hallander. The main beneficiary of this was Art, who recruited quite a substantial amount of players from [O] and gained a large portion of the south. On the 30th November, the last member of [O] left and the tribe failed to exist.

With the collapse of [O], the landscape of W38 changed dramatically, and in the South-East, Domino had removed another rank 1 tribe and looked to secure its continents. With the South-East losing its many small rim tribes, three major contenders stepped into the limelight for potential victor of the South-East crown. These were LOKI, ASYLUM and Domino. Unfortunately, LOKI’s duke looked to quit the world, and so talks with Domino took place. On the 30th November, the first players of LOKI started moving over to Domino, and over the next 4 days 12 players would go on to join Domino. It was at this stage that people started gossiping that LOKI was the academy of Domino. From an external point of view, this looked to be the case with members from LOKI joining from Domino over the next few weeks. However, not all players joined Domino, and this resulted in smaller, newer rim tribes forming out of the remains of LOKI. On the 24th December 2009, one day before Christmas, the last member left LOKI and this resulted in LOKI also ceasing to exist as a tribe.

While players from LOKI were moving over to Domino, Domino were also getting ready to enter into yet another war. With only two tribes left standing in the South-East other than Domino, C.O.D and ASYLUM were very likely targets. Skirmishes preceded the war with C.O.D, with Domino’s first offensive wave seemingly landing on the 5th December 2009 with Domino taking over 100 villages from the 5th December to the 8th December. The onslaught would continue on until the 15th December 2009 when a chunk of C.O.D’s leadership decided to jump ship and join ASYLUM. Domino would continue attacking C.O.D, but also focused their sights on a new target – ASYLUM.

ASYLUM were a fairly new tribe, having formed over an argument and split in leadership in TIG. Eventually, ASYLUM either nobled or recruited the remaining smaller tribes in the area and went on to dominate the eastern rim. They remained generally quiet on the forums, except through the intelligent and witty postings by the one and only Lord Gibbo. There seemed to be no start of war between ASYLUM and Domino, except for the continuing of nobling players who had left C.O.D and joined ASYLUM. However, through their recruitment of C.O.D, ASYLUM had also opened up other members to be attacked by Domino, and on the 1st January 2010, Domino brought to the public’s attention the war that had been raging on for a couple of weeks. The declaration can be found here. The stats continued to heavily favour Domino and Domino once again brought their tribe into the limelight through confident (arrogant by some standards) postings on the forums. The first real verbal fight-back came from the man himself, Lord Gibbo, and in posting, the duke of Domino had someone who could potentially match him word for word on the PnP. Despite this, things remained cordial and both simply enjoyed the banter and language of argument/debate that the other provided;

“Thanks for posting Gibbo – you have made some of the better posts I’ve seen on W38, you’re the first real poster from ASYLUM and I enjoy reading what you’ve got to say. So I hope you keep it up and stick around =]” – Internal Server Error, ex-Duke of Domino.

That’s the end of the second part of “Battle For Dominance; The South-East”. Again, I’m well aware that there was a large emphasis on Domino, but Domino were involved in all three aspects of todays article – the [O] war, the recruitment of LOKI and the ASYLUM war.

NOTE: The images are thumbnails – to see the larger version, just click the image.

Interview: JB4-Slayer

This week I’m happy to present you lot with an interview with JB4-Slayer. Having held an influential position in Art, he finally called the tribe to an end after an exodus of players. He now currently resides in NUTS! where he has quietly but surely been making his way up the rankings and into the top 20.

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the account(s) you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    JB4-Slayer: Well i have only ever played one account on W38 and that is JB4-Slayer, I started this world just on 2 months after the starting date up in K15 and have just been eating villages for a long time now.
    -i have been in a few tribes, my 1st tribe on any real not was of course Art. I was there for quite a long time. I held a position on the council for a wile there and in the end finshed off the tribe when all of the good players such as llehar, w38 noob and a few otheres left. After that i joined NUTS with olaf and have been playing on and off since then.

ISE: One of the first major wars in this world was [O] vs Domino. How did you rate both tribes during this war?

Also, eventually a gangbang occurred with BANNED and Sweet jumping in, and [O] collapsed within 2 weeks. Why do you think [O] collapsed so quickly, and what outcome would the world have potentially seen if a gangbang never occurred and it was just [O] vs Domino?

    JB4-Slayer: as i remember [O] and Domino were two of the best tribes in the world at the time, for a rating i would give [O] 8/10 and Domino 9/10
    -the fast collapse of [O] i think would mainly be due to the fact that players just got board of having so many incommings from so many tribes for such a long time. I obviously was not a part of the war but i would say that wore down the members of [O] and they got sick of it. If the gangbang had not occured i think the 2 superpowers of today would be [O] and Domino. BANNED or WTF as they were then would have been beaten same to sweet and i think most ppl in Art would have quit
    -Its hard to give an exact opinion on what would have happened tho as there are so many diffrent outcomes that could have happened

ISE: True true. Art recruited a good chunk of [O] players. It wasn’t the first time they bulk-recruited as they did with CoFfEe.Its been said that W38 was a merge-world. Do you feel Art merged alot of times? And if so, how did this have an effect on Art in general?

Also, how do you feel about W38 having very few really exciting wars and most of the time merges are more commonplace?

    JB4-Slayer: Art did recruit and merge a lot at the start it wasnt so bad but it got out of hand eventually. way to many people were recruited and merged into Art. In the end Art just was not what it once was and there was a limeted number of players that knew what they were doing. W38 was dominated by a lot of merges which was a shame. It was more a world that players did not really fight till the end. When they saw they were going to lose they gave up and either quit or begged to join the tribe attacking them. This just ruined the world
    -W38 did have some great wars but all halted. I would have loved to see what E could have done to Art but instead a truce was caused. If W38 had more players like atasmrk who just did not give up it would have been much more enjoyable
    -To add to that i suppose gangbangs ruined really good wars aswell with everyone jumping in on the Domino v [O] war

ISE: After all the merges took place, and there was 4 major tribes left, a gangbang was organised on Domino. The same two tribes who gangbaned [O] gangbanged Domino. At the start of the war, Domino were losing quite heavily in stats; how did you feel DOmino would do after losing the early war?

Quickly, Domino started destroying the BANNED frontline with G@R@voLLi leading by over 100 conquers himself, and within 2 weeks Domino were hammering ??E?? by over 300 conquers with Matt- and payinduez to hit delete soon after. Did Domino’s turn-around surprise you, as many had considered Domino a shadow of itself and incapable of surviving the gangbang..?

    JB4-Slayer: Domino did lose a lot of ground at the start but i would say that was because they were surpirsed. The side that strikes 1st always gets the lead at the start. Domino have always been one of the best tribes in the world. In my opinion ??E?? was very overated after they did so much damage to Art or the players Art had just recruited. As of this everyone saw ??E?? to be better than they were. Domino comming back was no real suprise i just think they needed time to plan and strike back which is what happened
    -Domino was weaker as if i remember correctly AZ had just gone barb just before the gang bang on Domino. If he was still there i think we would have seen Domino turn the war around a bit farster

ISE: Thats true. Right before the war, several key players had quit like Az, and noobking on the frontline. This coupled with a change of leadership certainly let ??E?? have an early start.

-The leadership did a fantastic job and quickly changed it around. What is your opinion of Matt-, after deleting without telling his tribe and abandoning them in a war he started?

    JB4-Slayer: At the start i thought that Matt- was a great leader. But really all i saw him as at the end is someone who just left as soon as things got hard. No one heard from after he abandoned his tribe which is almost sad considering the amount he talked himself up

ISE: With the ??E??/BANNED gangbang ending, the two tribes split up. Art were quick to jump in and recruit a handful of players? Again, how did this affect Art?

With the recruiting of refugees, a war with Domino was surely going to come. Did this not excite players enough to want to play TW again?

    JB4-Slayer: taking more players was a mistake for Art, they should only have taken olaf, sok and vodca back really no one else. A war with Domino did excite a few but with 90% of Art to far away to fight more people were not really intrested. As a result most people just quit which was a shame

ISE: In the end, most frontline players quit and Domino walked through Art with easy stats until Art finally disbanded. This left Domino as rank 1 and over double the size of second place. Do you feel Domino deserved to be so-called winners of the world?

    JB4-Slayer: i wouldnt say winners of the world is the tribe that is last standing, i would say that Domino won the 1st half of the world. To me its just the 1st half that matters as all that is left now is a handful of players with most fairly inactive. The winners is the last tribe standing but the Domino have proven they are the best tribe as they are the only ones left from the very start.

ISE: You’re doing a bit of a disservice to KNIGHT and NATO, who have both been around just slightly less than Domino :P

How do you feel the other rim-tribes have performed? We know ASYLUM lost heavily to Domino, but have since expanded rapidly. NATO have also always held BANNED to a stalemate. How do you rate NATO, KNIGHT and ASYLUM?

    JB4-Slayer: 2,3,3 out of ten respectivly
    -i have fought NATO myself and found that 80% of their villages at least are D, they are not offensive type players and just stack to defend. Looking at most of their stats they noble a huge amount of barbs indeed looking at a plan map of the world there is so little barbs in the area that NATO and KNIGHT are it clearly shows that they have nobled way to many of them. They have never been agressive and been the 1st to strike. They are just Turtles who sit there in my opinion. I cannot just ASYLUM so much as i have had no 1st hand experience against them but judging by the way that Domino tore them apart they cant be that good

ISE: We have seen a lot of the players that came into W38 through pre-mades claim this world has not been too good. As a normal player who worked his way up outside pre-made status, whats your opinion on W38 thus far?

    JB4-Slayer: Overall its been a world that had huge potential and never reached it. Yet i still love it as so many good people have played it who i have gotten to know.

ISE: The forums on W38 have never been great, and lately they’re non-existent. This seems to reflect the general state of W38 to a degree that the intensity/some activity is gone.
-What do you feel needs to be done by W38 tribes to liven things up? (Give examples)

    JB4-Slayer: more smaller tribes and more wars
    -i would love to see Domino split into 3 and have more tribes around 80 mill with 10 or so members
    -no recrutiment and the tribes just fight it out
    -i doubt that it would ever happen but i think that would make things exciting once again

ISE: If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    Duke: Jarkku
    Baron: llehar
    Baron: mcgonagr

    Member: World38 n00b
    Member: Azazel Aziz
    Member: PurpleDurple (origional)
    Member: ImortalSmurf (Starkiller)
    Member: mnov
    Member: Matt- (no matter what he did he was a damn good player)
    Member: JB4-Slayer (couldnt leave me out :D)

    -so many more players i could put in but something like that

ISE: What forum poster annoyed you the most, and why?

    JB4-Slayer: Praetorian97 beacuse all he posts is very annoying and no one really cares about, he thinks he is funny but is really just annoying and has an ego larger than alexs

ISE: Haha fair enough. If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    JB4-Slayer: Dear Current duke of Domino
    Please split your tribe into 3 for it would make the world soooo much more intresting.
    Much love

-Out of curiosity, where did your name come from?

    JB4-Slayer: well when i was 10 and playing another game i made this name after something… i cant remember what, since then ive just kept it but if i ever move on i doubt ill keep it as i have no idea what it came from :D

ISE: Heh, kk. Well mate, thats the end of the interview.
-Thanks for agreeing to do it and last minute =]

    JB4-Slayer: np :)

Active Players in World: 2,337 / Loss of 120
Active Tribes in World: 189 / Loss of 6

Players above 5 million: 45 / Loss of 1
Players above 7 million: 14 / Loss of 2
Players above 9 million: 5 / Loss of 1
Players above 11 million: 3 / Remains the same

I hope y’all enjoyed the read, but thats the end of the sixth edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. I really hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and, as always, if you have any suggestions, please PM me on the forums as I won’t be able to access in-game mails. I also plan on doing Battle For Dominance for the other corners; SW, NW and NE. However, my knowledge of those areas isn’t as good, so feel free to add me on skype and give me your account of events that occurred.