Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

August 13, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! ISE here and happy to welcome you back to the fifth edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. Due to the lack of current events, I’ll be once again doing an article on past events. The article will be based on events in the South-East of the world. Joining the Battle For Dominance; The South-East we also have an article from the duke of long-standing ASYLUM who were rank 2 until the formation of NUTS.

Battle For Dominance; The South-East

W38 started off with many potentially great tribes situated in every corner of the world. The South-East corner of W38 was no different with several tribes vying for dominance. The major contenders early-game were HoG, Domino and WOD. However, as the rim grew, other tribes began to consolidate and expand, and examples of such tribes were C.O.D, PAX, Lost.., TIG and LOKI. Things started off vocally on the forums, mostly by claims-to-greatness made by HoG members. Along with that, people predicted that while Domino had potential, they wouldn’t be able to survive against HoG later on when nobling commenced.

“It look Domino will have hard time in in k65 later against HoG ;)” – khatab

“The question is “how long will domino last” .. I think they are already falling. Epic fail. Failboat. Disband.” – stoneslinga

Comments such as these were made continuously throughout the forums. With a low profile, except through the postings of Togepi., there was very little to rebutt the claims made except for a minority of comments that were made by members of the TW community who actually knew enough about Domino to formulate an opinion.

“Domino has a lot of things in their favour – good players, good dedication, good loyalty, good friendship, good leaders, good location.” – Shlomzi

Despite all the forum talks, battles commenced in-game. HoG’s recruitment steadily continued until they had a pretty even spread across several continents. Through their early dominance came arrogance, and they started to engage local continent tribes in cat wars. This, would ultimately be their un-doing.

Towards the end of June 2009, conflict between HoG and Domino had reached the public forums. Clearings and catting’s were more prominent features of this war, with ennoblement statistics remaining low at 8-0 in favour of Domino. However, the precise co-ordination and constant pressure from Domino, and WoD, began to take its toll on HoG. Nine days after the conflict had been made public, HoG were no more after the disbandment of their tribe.

After the HoG war, the south-east quietened down in terms of public wars. Domino picked up the spoils of war through recruitment of HoG members who had impressed in the conflict. They also selectively recruited the better members of WoD, and this provided them with a larger home base to expand from. The effort by the WoD members was often under-emphasised by users of the public forum with Domino gaining the vast majority of the congratulations and respect. WoD contained some very good players such as ERZ-XIII who would go on to being one of Domino’s most feared fighters. They also had good council members such as Darth Daver who would nail down a council position in Domino and continue on in W38 successfully. While this recruitment was going on with Domino, there was also a constant change of tribes elsewhere, with tribes like UVD failing and Care! popping up in its place, through the emergence of TIG and the growth in size by LOKI.

However, conflict was soon to arise with the moving of samsam23 to [O] and his expansion in Domino-dominated areas. A compromise couldn’t be worked out, and so an escalation of the conflict seemed likely. A pretty large operation from Domino was launched on samsam23, but little gains were made and samsam23 was pushed to the top of the ODD charts. [O]‘s skill and size difference over the seemingly weaker Domino seemed to give them the advantage, but neither tribe was making much headway in K65. Stats remained a stalemate with [O] (138 ennoblements) leading Domino (135 ennoblements) by 3 conquers. This would all change when a gangbang of [O] would emerge through the declaration of both Sweet and BANNED. At the same time, Domino had also started another Operation on matress11, who was one of the last standing [O] members in K65. Domino recorded a pretty successful Op, taking 29 villages in 24 hours and losing 3. This then put [O] on the back foot completely as Domino had gained the momentum for the battle for K65.

While the conflict between [O] and Domino raged on, another South-Eastern tribe had started to make itself a name. Having comfortably beaten a coalition of rim-tribes, LOKI had secured a nice cluster for itself, and with its back to the rim, looked secure. However, hostilities would arise between Domino and LOKI, and the timing couldn’t of been worse for Domino with them engaged on two other fronts; [O] to the west and Nubs to the north. While Domino were leading the Nubs skirmish, and were able to force the [O] conflict into a stalemate, this surely would have tied up alot of troops, and so LOKI had an opportunity to catch Domino off-guard and hit their soft under-belly. This turned out to be the case.
LOKI, despite being a seemingly “noobier” tribe, had alot going for it. They had dedicated, loyal members. They were fresh, and enjoyed their first taste for war and they were led by a good leader in the form of Danjer (Chase X) who was supported by an ambitious council with the likes of SoshiMariko and rocketrider who would later go on to hold council positions in Domino. LOKI took the early lead, leading Domino by 10 conquers. The war abruptly stopped, and the thread was closed on request, and this was the last the public heard of it. Behind the scenes, Domino council opened talks with LOKI council on bringing the war to an end. LOKI had proven themselves as a potential force to be in this world, and they certainly seemed destined for greater things; the only hindrance being that they were surrounded by a tribe, who, if they beat [O] and Nubs, would have no distractions if LOKI were to declare again. However, this didn’t seem an issue at the time, with respect between the two leaderships being extremely high.

“The truth is I <3 Domino. Not to mention respect the hell outta you guys. And I really like some of your members personally." – Danjer/Chase X, Duke of LOKI".

“I do like LOKI from the early days of me speaking to Danjer before I quit and came back, so again I want to wish you guys the best of luck.” – ISE/Jarkku., Duke of Domino.

That’s the end of the first part of “Battle For Dominance; The South-East”. I’m well aware that there is probably some bias in this due to me having quite a large focus on Domino. I tried to give each tribe its own focus, with particular emphasis on HoG, WoD and LOKI. The fact remains that in the early-stages, Domino were the more prominent South-Eastern tribe, and this fact remains true to today.

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Interview: Pebo83, Duke of ASYLUM

This week I travelled to the crazed land that is the eastern rim of the South-East of the world. This area has been a hotbed for numerous tribes sprouting up and dying off such as TIG, Care!, UVD, Lost.., PAX, C.O.D and yada-yada-yada. In the end, ASYLUM was formed out of a split in TIG leadership, and recruitment took place. Pebo83 went on to take a leadership position, and has brought ASYLUM a long way from its first foundations to its first major war with Domino and onto the tribe it is today, the ex-rank 2 tribe until the emerging of NUTS.

ISE: Ok, so before we start, can you tell us the accounts you have played on W38, and a bit of your W38 history so the community can know more about who you are and what you did.

    Pebo83: I have only ever played the one account here, that is as Pebo83. I started off with KoD but quickly found my way to Lost.. where I learned the game, this being my first world.
    -I then skirted between Lost.. and PAX before finally moving to ASYLUM where I took a duke position.
    -I have been running ASYLUM for 9 months now mainly with Witman as my co-duke.

ISE: Their used to be no main tribe in the south-east, with plenty of tribes like Pax, C.O.D, TIG etc. occupying the territory. How did it come to be that ASYLUM was formed?

    Pebo83: I believe ASYLUM came out of a disagreement in leadership within TIG, Gummer4england was leading the tribe at the time. I was leading PAX after a merge from Lost.., the tribe formed as a breakaway tribe and in my speaking with Gummer I agreed that I would merge PAX with them and take a number of players with me to strenghten the tribe.

ISE: This put ASYLUM in a strong position, and through recruitment they began to dominate the south-east rim. However, with BANNED and Domino to both sides, expansion must’ve been tough.
-What are your thoughts on ASYLUM’s position, and how did you keep your players motivated and willing to grow despite being hemmed in?

    Pebo83: It is quite a difficult position to find yourself in as a tribe, but the main thing is we have operated and grw well as a tribe.
    -Initially we had a lot of smaller tribes that we could eat out but they have all but disappeared
    -the expanding rim was always a benefit for us as we could always grow outwards
    -and more recently we have moved into ‘new’ K’s for ASYLUM with our moves both north and south.

ISE: In the end, war with Domino happened. Publicly, the stats seemed to show Domino as expanding at will through ASYLUM..
-Whats your thoughts on the war, and how do you feel ASYLUM performed in their first major war? Also, why did you feel ASYLUM benefited from ending the war when BANNED/??E?? had just declared on Domino?

    Pebo83: Domino clearly won, there is no denying that, we lost some decent players but gained a lot of experience from the tactics employed against us.
    -I dont feel that ASYLUM were portrayed in a great light as a result but I feel that we have since rectified that by staying strong as a tribe, continuing to grow in new areas and hold the number 2 position on W38 until the recent emergence of NUTS.
    -Our decision to end the war as BANNED/??E?? declared was only delayed by my own stubborness … I refused to admit defeat at the time and it took a good TW friend to make me accept that the only way we could move forward and hold ASYLUM together was to admit we had lost. I realise that the attentions from BANNED and ??E?? together with ASYLUM might have seen a different end to that but I think overall the right decision was made

ISE: We have seen a lot of the players that came into W38 through pre-mades claim this world has not been too good. As a normal player who worked his way up outside pre-made status, whats your opinion on W38 thus far?

    Pebo83: I have started with premades on a few worlds after this and I honestly can say w38 is my favourite, not just because it was my first but the people who are still here are the ones who I have learned a lot from one way or another. World 38 seems to have lost a lot of the players who liked to complain for the sake of it…. that is something I do not miss, however it did make the forums a little more interesting. :P I believe that it is now a world where players with true skill in the game will really begin to emerge.

ISE: The forums on W38 have never been great, and lately there non-existent. This seems to reflect the general state of W38 to a degree that the intensity/some activity is gone.
-What do you feel needs to be done by W38 tribes to liven things up? (Give examples)

    Pebo83: I think that the world needs to be closed for new joiners, I realise that there is still space for new players but I think that the world has reached its natural capacity for players. Also this would force ‘Rim’ Tribes to look inwards and maybe start a few new wars. In turn this would force any less active players who are maybe getting an easy run of things to manage their account properly.
    -I remember recently there was a poll to that you carried out for 1/2 price nobles, I think this would be a great idea. As already proven a few older worlds it has generated a renewed interest in the world for players who have reached a certain size.
    -The forums on W38 hve never really been the most active, I dont think the intensity of the world however can be judged on that basis. The world as a whole is still active and if you actually play the game as tribal wars then you will never be bored
    -sorry for the long reply…. you asked for examples, it is more justification than examples but I hope it explains my opinions.

ISE: Sure, thats fine =] If you could make a tribe of 10 players, who would you pick? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and then 7 other players.

    -Queencat(Duke) – my first proper duke and teacher, a name that may not be known to many on the world and an early loss to it due to family reasons but a helluva player.
    -Pebo83(Baron) – oh yeah, I am putting me in there too :D
    -Queen Aphrodite(Baron) – A good TW friend, a horrible enemy and another great leader

    -Witman – my asylum co-duke
    -Prussia Empire(Andrea) – a true friend
    -Jarkuu. – Yeah you make it too :)
    -Gummer4England – he was missed from this world when he quit too soon
    -Azazel Aziz – same as Gummer, AA was a nemesis for me early in the world
    -Noche – a long time friend on the world and one who has stood by me when I needed it
    -Olaf Schleif – a Machine….. when will he stop? lol

    -there are others who could have made it in there too… I hope noone is offended if I missed them out of my top 10 lol

ISE: You mentioned there were a lot of “complainers” on W38.. What forum poster annoyed you the most, and why?

    Pebo83: I wouldnt single out one in particular, but more highlight that Non-educated or knowledgable comments were most irritating for me.

ISE: Fair enough. If you could say anything to anyone on W38 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    Pebo83: I havent really thought about this… I normally say what I think regardless… I am quite open with my opinions so normally when I have something to say I just say it

ISE: Out of curiosity, where did your name come from?

    Pebo83: it is a nickname I have and my year of birth… my Name being Pete and 83 my year of birth …Pebo83

ISE: Ok mate, thats the end of the interview. I really appreciate you coming on and participating =]

Active Players in World: 2,457 / Loss of 75
Active Tribes in World: 195 / Loss of 1

Players above 5 million: 46 / Increase of 2
Players above 7 million: 16 / Loss of 2
Players above 9 million: 6 / Remains the same
Players above 11 million: 3 / Remains the same

And so we come to an end of the fifth edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. I really hope you enjoyed this weeks blog. If you have any suggestions, please PM me on the forums as I won’t be able to access in-game mails. I also plan on doing Battle For Dominance for the other corners; SW, NW and NE. However, my knowledge of those areas isn’t as good, so feel free to add me on skype and give me your account of events that occurred.