Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

July 5, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! ISE here and glad to welcome you back to the second edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective”. Due to time constraints, I’ve had to move away from the traditional template of ‘Article/War Stats & Interview’. Instead, I will be doing an in-depth analysis of the top 10 tribes of W38.

W38 Tribal Analysis; Ranks 1-5

(1) Domino:

    -Domino have only recently taken rank 1, having reached it on the 2nd June 2010. Domino have remained a top 5 tribe through much of W38, having been their since there victory over HoG. Since then, Domino have been in the trenches and through the wars, having fought several top tribes. Domino held a slight advantage over [O] before BANNED and Sweet declared and [O] disbanded within weeks. Then Domino tore through ASYLUM with very convincing stats. It wasn’t long before the NAP between both ??E?? and Domino and BANNED and Domino was ended, with Matt- orchestrating a two-front war on Domino. The war lasted for several weeks, with Matt- and several other key figures hitting delete and BANNED disbanding. Since then, the world has died out, with Art disbanding due to inactivity. Domino recruited a chunk of members from ??E?? and BANNED and have increased in size, hitting over 70 members – their largest member count since the start of the world. Domino are 3 times the size of second place, and nothing at all seems to be able to topple Domino from their deserved rank 1.

Avg. Points: 3,468,411
Major wars: (1) [O], (5) ASYLUM, (1) BANNED, (4) ??E??, (1) HoG
ODA Per Player: 14,765,671
ODD Per Player: 8,869,104


    -ASYLUM have been the dark-horse of W38, in my opinion. Despite a turbulent start, they have reformed themselves and appear stronger than ever. Their existence early on is when I was away from W38. From my knowledge, the emergence of TIG didn’t start off too successful. Penned in between two top tribes; Domino and BANNED, TIG had an extremely tough location. It wasn’t long before a rift occured, and some of the leadership of TIG left and formed ASYLUM on the 14th November 2009. Since then, ASYLUM have been mostly involved in rim-cleansing, trying to secure their position. They did find themselves in a brief war with Domino after the recruitment of refugees from C.O.D, and the stats were piled against them. However, that war was ended and an alliance was ensured by the leadership of Domino. ASYLUM have a capable leader in pebo83 and some quality members, and while they are rank 2 and the worlds second biggest tribe, I don’t think that ASYLUM has the skill level to win Domino in a war in a focuses 1v1 war. None-the-less, this is just my opinion and I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Avg. Points: 1.146.076
Major wars: (1) BANNED, (2) Domino, (12) WEBASH
ODA Per Player: 4,887,391
ODD Per Player: 3,651,159

(3) NUTS:

    -NUTS is the second version of olafSchlief’s tribe. They were first formed after the Matt- was given duke-powers over BANNED and they left to form their own tribe. They then joined Art, but due to the collapse of Art, they left and once again reformed NUTS. NUTS remains a small tribe, consisting mostly of olafSchlief’s friends. NUTS don’t partake in any PnP efforts, and so any war efforts have not been made public. Looking at their ennoblements, NUTS seem more concentrated on nobling out their inactives, and this is since through their tribal growth. Over the past 7 days, NUTS have nobled 123 villages and lost 87. This includes villages gained, villages lost, and villages gained/lost due to internal nobling. As you can see, NUTS actual growth is only a small 36 villages over a week, which is just over 5 villages a day – for a tribe of 12 members. NUTS appear to be one of the more successful tribes to emerge from the ashes of Art, but their growth hasn’t been impressive. None-the-less, they have several top members, and could surely hold their own in terms of skill, despite their size.

Avg. Points: 5.690.357
Major wars: None that I’m aware of.
ODA Per Player: 2,732,500
ODD Per Player: 1,467,500

(4) NATO:

    -NATO are one of W38’s longest lasting tribes, having been first founded by daddykeebs on the 12th July, a month after the world opened. NATO have always been present throughout this world, and due to their high tribe-change count and lack of “pre-made” status, they have always been labelled as the “noob” outcast on W38. None-the-less, those who have labelled them “noobs” are no longer here, while NATO are. And in terms of winning a world, longetivity is vital. NATO have never participated on the public forums, and as a result not many actually know much about these. NATO have always been skirmishing with BANNED/WTF? since the start of the world, with stats never being impressive from either side. NATO have one of the highest tribal ODD’s in W38, showing good defensive capabilities. Recently, we have seen WTF? declare war on NATO to come to the assistance of WEBASH, but stats currently favour NATO. Over the last week against both WEBASH and WTF?, NATO have conquered 64 and lost 22 in this war.

Avg. Points: 1.019.438
Major wars: (1) BANNED, (7) WTF?, (12) WEBASH
ODA Per Player: 4,726,818
ODD Per Player: 8,541,969

(5) PwNd:

    -Similar to NUTS, PwNd are another tribe to emerge from the ashes of Art. They are mostly made up of the remnants of ??E?? who have decided to stick out this world. PwNd appear to have the best location out of the smaller tribes, having plenty of expansion space on the west of the world; with their main competition coming from smaller rim-players or inactives left over from Art. Future conflicts may arise due to expansion from Domino, however this conflict has been ever-present since the declaration by ??E?? on Domino. PwNd have some quality players such as Bibby, however it will be interesting to see how PwNd would fare in a proper war, with 2 or 3 members being unable to carry a whole tribe.

Avg. Points: 1.263.521
Major wars: None I’m aware of.
ODA Per Player: 905,476
ODD Per Player: 1,306,190

W38 Tribal Analysis; Ranks 6-10

(6) n00b!:

    -Once again we have a splinter tribe of the now-dead Art. There’s not much to say about this tribe, other than of the 30 members in the tribe, only 12 of their players have grown by at least 10,000 points over the last 5 days. That being said, they have an ok-ish position, located by the inactive/potentially-inactive CoFfEe members, which would provide nice expansion space. That being said, they are close to NUTS, and have several players near Domino. This tribe will quietly exist as long as internalling and barb-nobling is a possible avenue, but in my opinion, I feel they will collapse at the first sign of a major test.

Avg. Points: 1.650.993
Major wars: None I’m aware of.
ODA Per Player: 784,333
ODD Per Player: 985,333

(7) WTF?:

    -WTF? are a small tribe with some members from Art and WEBASH who were previously in WEBASH. They claim inactivity, yet declared a war against NATO. None-the-less, if WTF? remain active, they certainly do have some skill and while they may not dominate their enemies, they are certainly good enough to be a torn in most tribe’s sides. That being said, I’m unsure of WTF?’s dedication to this world and I don’t really believe they have the motivation to succeed, more to simply stick around and annoy as many people as possible with as minimal effort needed. WTF? have a hard expansion area, surrounded by their allies WEBASH. They have NATO to their east, who stats suggest they are struggling against, the skillful NUTS to their North and the crowned winners Domino to their South.

Avg. Points: 3.051.289
Major wars: (4) NATO.
ODA Per Player: 2,197,500
ODD Per Player: 1,442,500


    -KNIGHT are another pretty old tribe, having been formed in August 2009. Similar to NATO, their forum presence is minimal, although they do visit the public forums more often through members such as Truper17. They also have a pretty high member change count to their actual member size, and as a result, they have been looked down in terms of skill in comparison to other smaller “leet”er tribes. That being said, KNIGHT are still around despite this supposed image, and have continued to grow. However, their growth is slightly slow, only growing 150 villages in the last week. That is 3 villages a week per member. This, compared to the rest of the world, is not bad. In my opinion though, I feel they’ll need to expand at a quicker rate to increase their size to keep up with the other skilled, larger tribes. None-the-less, KNIGHT have a high ODD count, which displays a unity in the tribe and a good support network.

Avg. Points: 591.849
Major wars: (1) BANNED, (12) WEBASH
ODA Per Player: 2,412,181
ODD Per Player: 3,614,909

(9) BONE][:

    -BONE][ are the second version of their tribe, having existed previously before merging into Art. I’ll admit, my knowledge of the new BONE][ is sketchy due to my inactivity on W38 over the past month or two, but the original was a good, aggressive tribe. I feel that it had 6 or 7 really aggressive, solid members; while the rest were decidedly average players who were carried along. We seen this aggression from BONE][ as they remained a small tribe and continued to expand in the North-West until they dominated that area. This domination was challenged when ??E?? declared war on them, however, ??E?? were unable to break down the much-smaller BONE][. BONE][, in my opinion, went on to win this war despite not forcing ??E?? to collapse; due to the fact that they survived, and grew, when they were expected to simply be crushed.

Avg. Points: 1.733.740
Major wars: (4) ??E??
ODA Per Player: 2,015,000
ODD Per Player: 212,777

(10) CofArt:

    -CofArt is a break-away tribe of a break-away tribe. CoFfEe contained the ex-leadership of Art, along with some other large players like Hellmind and ex-[O] like Von Hallander and reltihmd. CofArt was formed when World38 n00b left CoFfEe and re-joined the dead Art and renamed it. They are more active than they have been for a long time, but alot of their ennoblements is through barbarian villages and ex-members of Art; possibly inactives. I personally don’t see CofArt going anywhere; it seems more a tribe made to simply barb-noble and grow as much as possible without actually investing too much into the world. That being said, crankster, World38 n00b and llehar are all skilled players, and would it be would be extremely difficult to remove them if they wanted to fight – but given their continuous comments regarding quitting W38, I doubt their motivation to put up much resistance if they were indeed to be launched on.

Avg. Points: 5.680.337
Major wars: None that I’m aware of.
ODA Per Player: 34,323,975
ODD Per Player: 12,156,638

Weekly Challenge!

The winner of last week’s challenge was Praetorian97; but this was more down to him being the only person to compete. The goal he picked was a simple tap-in, so it’s sad that such a bad goal in terms of skill actually won this challenge. None-the-less, I’ll do another challenge this week. If a good response isn’t received, thats fine; I’ll just remove the challenge for future editions.

This weeks challenge is to find the coolest/funniest video that can relate to online forums. An example of one can be found here.

And that concludes this week’s edition! First off, I know that rankings have changed due to the emerging of uNiTe. This is accounted for in my maps, but not in my article. I’m not at home, so this is being done in what little spare time I have.

The top 10 analysis came from a suggestion from others. If you have any suggestions, can you please PM them to me on the forums, as I won’t be able to access them in-game. Any and all suggestions are welcome.