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August 27, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Special Features, Strategy:TW, World 064 News


Hey, I’m Malreaux or Steve, and welcome to my in-depth review of the flag system, with information and tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your flags!

Firstly, what are flags?

The flag system is a system newly introduced to .net on W64.  It will be present on most .net worlds from now on and has been used on others servers already.

Flags are an extra utility you can add to your village in Tribal Wars to give you an advantage in a specific field or area, such as giving your resource pits an extra production bonus, or making you Barracks, Stable and Workshop produce troops at a faster rate.

The different categories for what flag bonuses do are as follows:

Resource Production-Makes your resource pits produce more as an additional percentage of the whole.
Troop Recruitment Speed-Lowers the recruitment speed of all units by a percentage of the whole
Attack Strength-Increases the attack strength of all units by a given percentage
Defence Strength-Increases the defence strength of all units by a given percentage
Luck Balancing-Balances the luck factor of a battle closer to zero by a given value. So if the flag, for example balanced by 18%, 25% luck would be balanced to 7% luck, and minus 25% luck to minus 7% luck
Extra Population Capacity-Increases the population capacity of the farm by a given percentage
Cheaper Noblemen-Lowers the cost of packets/coins by a given percentage
Extra Troop Haul Capacity-Increases the resource haul capacity of all units by a given percentage

(You will notice that all bonuses are percentages, so no farming with rams quite yet)

Flags also come in different levels per category of flag.
There are nine levels and each one gives a larger bonus than all those before it. Each tier is also colour coded. Regardless of the type of flag, each tier will always be the same colour.

Here are the colours of the nine levels in ascending order, omitting the logos for the type of flag:


Here is the effect each level of each type of flag will have:


There are a number of different ways to earn flags of various levels. Each time you earn a flag, the type is completely randomised, the only thing set in stone is the level, so here are the ways to get them:

1) Quests , certain quests give low level flags as rewards

2) Awards, awards give flag rewards depending on the tier of the award, ranging from level one to level 5 for Gold awards.
Daily awards of any type always give a level 3 award.

3) Producing Noblemen , every time you successfully train a nobleman you will be awarded a level one flag.

4) Trading, there is a trade screen as part of the flag window (top right hand corner of the screen, next to the paladin icon), here you can trade a flag of any type for another flag of any type, as long as both are the same level.

5) Combining, you are able to combine three flags of the same level and type and exchange them for a single flag of the next level up, eg. Three level one flags can combine to make a level 2 flag.

6) Promotions, Innogames offer free promotional flag codes at certain times, for example at the moment three level one flags are available for little effort, just go like the Innogames Facebook page and you will receive a free code! Click here for more details.

7) OD At certain amounts of OD you will be awarded a flag, it is always level 2.


When you earn the flag you have the option of assigning it to your village.

Each village can have only one flag assigned to it at a time, and prior to exchanging the flag for another (they will not disappear, flags are permanent unless traded or combined) you must wait 24 hours since the last change. This applies to each village individually.

And here’s perhaps the most influential and consequential point concerning flags, The flags you have on one world carry over to another world, meaning you have the same flags to put on your villages in W64 as you would in 65, 66 and all the following worlds. You have to choose which flag to apply to which village in which world at which point in time, and all the rules apply as though each of the villages was on the same world.



So now you know how the flag system works, time for some tips on how to use it.

Firstly, what is the fastest way to get high level flags? I will examine each of our methods from earlier.

1) Quests

Quests, whilst being quick to complete and easy to do, only give low level flag awards and can only be completed once per world, therefore they are not a good way to get high level flags, but they are certainly worth doing for the extra bonuses they offer

2) Awards

Awards are the fastest way to get an individual high level flag, ie. level 5, but like quests they can only be done once. They can also be harder to obtain than quests, as the Gold tier is the only tier that awards a level 5 flag.

Before the 8.6 update, the “Beloved Friend,” award was by far the easiest way to gain flags, but since then this has been changed, as it was deemed far too easy. Now none of the awards stand out as particularly easier than another in terms of the time it takes, but the ones which require the least resources and effort are perhaps the market awards (spamming 10:10 trades with a neighbour can be very efficient) and using the little known trick to get Reliable Commander.
Instead of sacrificing a unit and getting a friend to attack the village, you can in fact get this award with zero losses. Simply place a single unit (anything but a scout) in a barbarian village and send scouts at it over and over. Each scout attack will count towards reliable commander.

3) Producing Noblemen

Producing noblemen is easily the most reliable and consistent way to get flags, but it is also one of the most expensive.
If you get a single level one flag for producing a noble, that means you can combine  3 of them to get a level 2, so 3 nobles means a level 2 flag. Seeing as you need three flags to combine, for each level we multiply by three, so:

=lvl 1 flag

 lvl 2

 lvl 3

 lvl 4

 lvl 5

 lvl 6

That right there is 243 nobles

A single level 7 flag would be 729

A single level 8 flag would be 2187

A single level 9 flag through producing solely noblemen would be a minimum of Six thousand, five hundred and sixty one nobles.

The faces of all the nobles that must die for you to get your flag SelectShow




If that doesn’t have you convinced it’s too much, on a packet world that means 19683 academy levels.

It also means, brace yourself,

21,526,641 packets (that’s 21 and a half million)

Just to terrify you more, this would be 2187 Level three academies

And the icing on the cake, the cost, assuming your villages all have level three academies, the cost, by producing solely noblemen, of one level 9 flag would be

602,975,583,000 wood
646,181,955,000 clay
538,319,115,000 iron

And on top of that, seeing as the chance of getting the flag you want is 1/9, if you have a specific one in mind, it could cost ten times that. :D

So if you want to spend months of your life farming and nobling thousands of villages, at the end of it one of your 6000 will have a level 9 flag.

That concludes this first part of the Flag Review, part two will come tomorrow, or the next day if it’s extra good ;) Click HERE to go to it

And to all those wondering about the 64 blog, that’ll also be coming very soon.

Last but not least, some of you may know that i’ve been putting Easter eggs in my posts, in the form of a link somewhere (anywhere throughout the post), well from now on the first person to send Malreaux a forum mail with the words printed on the Easter egg wins 50pp! There will also be a hint every week. Today’s hint: It’s in a very noble place ;)