Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective

June 26, 2010 in World 038 News, World News

Hola! ISE here with W38’s first blog. Hope you enjoy the read, and as always, if you have any comments, opinions or suggestions regarding the blog – feel free to send me a PM and I’ll take it on board for future editions =]

<W38; A Dying World?

There have been many comments expressed over the past few weeks that W38 is dead. This certainly seemed the case after both ??E?? and BANNED collapsed during their war with Domino, and Art recruited them. This move was seen to kill off the world as it left “two superpowers”. It wasn’t long, however, before World38 n00b and llehar decided to leave Art and go back to their roots; by finding CoFfEe. Since then, several smaller tribes have been founded such as PwNd, CoFfEe, Nuts and n00b!. It appeared that finally, there would be excitement once again in W38. Alas, this wasn’t to be. Alot of the smaller tribes had a lot of inactive members held up by one or two active players. This week, I will be showing the growth/nobling statistics of the top tribes on W38.

(1) Domino:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 571
    -Net nobling per player 8.52
    -Net nobling per player per day 1.22


    -Net nobling of tribe: 124
    -Net nobling per player 1.69
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.24

(3) NUTS:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 57
    -Net nobling per player 4.75
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.68

(4) NATO:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 172
    -Net nobling per player 2.46
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.35

(5) CoFfEe:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 33
    -Net nobling per player 3
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.43

(6) PwNd:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 102
    -Net nobling per player 2.55
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.36

(7) n00b!:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 107
    -Net nobling per player 3.57
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.51


    -Net nobling of tribe: 148
    -Net nobling per player 2.69
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.38

(9) WTF?:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 47
    -Net nobling per player 6.71
    -Net nobling per player per day 0.96

(10) BONE][:

    -Net nobling of tribe: 131
    -Net nobling per player 7.71
    -Net nobling per player per day 1.10

WTF? & WEBASH vs NATO; A war to be remembered.

This week saw the escalation of attacks between WTF? and NATO. WTF? entered this war for several reasons, one of them being to aid their ally WEBASH.  WTF? declared on the 9th June, but it wasn’t until around the 16th/17th that, according to nmason930, WTF? actually started to become actively involved in this war. Up to this stage, NATO is continuing to lead the stats against WTF?/WEBASH. It will be interesting to see if there is any organised form of counter-attack from WTF? and whether these stats will turn around, or whether NATO will continue on with their own current pace and wrap this war up.

As you can see from the map, the frontline between NATO and WTF?/WEBASH isn’t that big. As a result, there will probably be a chunk of stacking from both sides and also alot of re-takes. None-the-less, its our most exciting war of W38 currently; although, that paint drying does look pretty interesting as well..

Interview: The mastermind behind the master-NATO!

This week I interviewed the leader of the current 2nd longest tribe standing. daddykeebs founded NATO on the 12th June 2009, and over a year later, NATO have survived against all odds.

ISE: Hey mate, delighted you could take part in the interview. For convenience sake, can you tell us what tribe you are in and what position you hold?

daddykeebs: I am the founder Duke of NATO

ISE: NATO has been around since 2 weeks after the world started. How did it come about to be made and did you intend for it to live this long?

daddykeebs: It was formed by me because several players in my area became tribless and nobody seemed to know what to do i came on this world with no intentions of starting a tribe but i opened my big mouth lol

ISE: Compared to alot of other top 5 tribes, NATO has a pretty large Tribe Changes count. Why is this? Don’t you think the constant flux of members would affect communication?

daddykeebs: The tribe as been run differently to what most tribes normally do ie we dont look for the large players as they are not very relible so we take on small players and help then to grow but this sometimes means they dont stay very long but the tribe counciull as been together for a long time and work well together.

ISE: We seen lately WTF? declared on NATO. This, however, isn’t the first time skirmishes broke out between NATO/WEBASH/WTF? and those general players. Care to enlighten us on how it started? Also, what are your opinions on the current war between you, and how do you think it will progress?

daddykeebs: The war with WTF started over 9 months ago When they recrueted Purple Durple as i was scouting his villages at the time after that it escalated into full scale war and as not really stpped since then, the current conflict is going in our favour at the moment and i see webash and WTF collapsing within the next two months.

ISE: W38 is said to be a dying/dead world, and with alot of members deleting this may well be the case. Whats your opinion of W38?

daddykeebs: W38 is no different than all the other worlds and if alot of the large players decide to leave then its more villages for NATO to take lol

ISE: NATO has never been very active on the PnP, and has never broadcasted its skirmishes/wars. Why is this?

daddykeebs: As i am a 54 year old male i have nothing to prove to anybody i play this game for fun and cannot be bothered with all the testosterone talk from all the young male players in the game .

ISE: If there was one thing you could change about W38, what would it be?

daddykeebs: The stupid tech levels on the villages its a damm nusance lol

ISE: Who do you believe is the best tribe/was the best tribe on W38? And why?

daddykeebs: I can only give one answer to that NATO of course

ISE: What’s your favourite programme/series that you like to watch?

daddykeebs: Im a scifi fanatic and my favourite programes are the star trek ones

ISE: Who do you fancy to win the world cup?

daddykeebs: I would like England to win but the way they are playing at the moment i cant see it being them.

ISE: Where does your in-game name originate from? What was the inspiration/thinking behind it?

daddykeebs: When i started on world 12 i was starting a tribe up with my daughter so i wanted a new name from the one i was using on world 4 keebs is short for keeble my surname and as im a dad i thought daddykeebs sounded good lol

ISE: Anything to say to the community before we wrap things up?

daddykeebs: Yes come on guys and gals lets get some wars started we need to have fun

ISE: Ok =] And thanks again for doing the interview.

daddykeebs: No probs mate glads to help out

Weekly Challenge!

With it being World Cup time, this weeks challenge will be to find either (A) The best bit of skill / tricks shown in this World Cup or (B) The best goal scored.

The winner of this challenge will be interviewed for the next edition of “Tribalwars News; A W38 Perspective” =]

That’s all we have for today folks! I hope you enjoyed the read, and remember, feel free to PM me with any suggestions/recommendations for future editions.Until then, adios! <3