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November 24, 2010 in Announcements, Special Features, Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

Hello W1! With the arrive of fall come the many featured hot-chocolate Sundays and snuggling with the girlfriend for a romantic movie. However, with this fall came the new movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It seems Controleng was so excited about the new Harry Potter movie, that he skipped our interview and got drunk on butter-beer. In light of recent events I have an exciting post with the Duke of ToRe, enjoy!

  • Hello we are here with siimiks. Please tell us about yourself, and introduce yourself to our readers.
  • I’m a 19 year old guy who goes to College and likes to use his free time to destroy/conquer stuff in a virtual world. I mean it’s cheaper than breaking stuff in the real world.
  • Other than that I am the Founder and Co-Duke of ToRe. I play the account HOMM and like to generally cause mayhem on the external forums.
  • Well 19 and not bored of this game yet?
  • I have considered quitting many times; players usually get the urge to quit at least once a year. Somehow I still take pleasure in destroying/nobling my enemies or heck, even barbs if I don’t feel like committing.
  • I know how you must feel, I myself have quit several time but came back, Its too addicting!! Tell us, do you play others worlds? and if So is W1 your favorite or just another day in the life of siimkis?
  • A while back I was stuck home with the flu; I started a new world, made some farms for myself and was quite successful. Of course not as successful as some of those guys who only play until they get to 50k, but I digress. My point is that I only play other worlds when I have a excessive amount of time on my hands. Every so often I get offers to take over accounts on other worlds, but I wouldn’t want to let my TW friends down by letting the account I took over go inactive. To sum up, no, I don’t play other worlds currently.
  • Very good. I like that in a player, it is very admirable. Do you agree W1 has been going on for a long time? Do you see an end to it soon?
  • It’s old, damn old. When it started I still had braces..Depending on world politics I guess, if one tribe should switch sides it would lessen our world’s lifespan dramatically. With our current politics I predict at least 18 months.
  • Yes, I remember it when it first came out. So being the leader of ToRe who has no more than 17 members, how do you see your tribe evolve?
  • ToRe has a complicated future ahead of it. The main goal is to prevent inactivity and poor O/D skills from ruining the tribe. We have to maintain a good number of active players while moving forward and taking over enemy territory. Luckily we have Mr.Hyde to figure out the perfect battle plans and Gouge to provide expert help with running the tribe, the man knows his tribe ABC’s. Unless we decide to mass press the Delete button, we’ll be here for quite some time.
  • I see, and it would be a shame to lose such devoted players. Everyone knows from the extensive forum discussion that there is no love between WLE and ToRe. How do you see WLE in the next few months?
  • For the record, I love WLE; excellent leadership. I have the utmost respect for WLE. HELL is another story. WLE will be here til’ the end, if Seren stays that is. She is the glue that holds WLE together in my eyes. WLE will keep on doing what they do, noble a bit, show a sudden activity rise every now and then, the usual.
  • Seren has said she will see this to the end. She is a stubborn one. Tell us more about that relationship. Do you guys ever have a nice cup of coffee talk or just seriousness and nobling business?
  • I hope she does, a serious hardcore player as she is..Will be a sad day when she leaves. We don’t mail much, I mean it’s not like there is a lot to talk about. I did however mail her like a couple of minutes ago, due to boredom. I guess you could call it a friendly chat.
  • Haha. She is good at this game; really strategic. Now let’s delve into the HELL realm. Seeing from the forums ToRe and HELL are just going at it. Talks about whose better and whose bad. How do you see HELL honestly?
  • HELL as a tribe? They have a few decent players with a lot of free time. If Mercuary can stand his ground against thousands and thousands of attack, while being drunk..Well either Mercuary is magical or the attacks weren’t that good. If Controleng wasn’t the leader of HELL I’d probably have a more positive view of them, but Contro does all he can to make his tribe look like a clan of baboons.
  • I understand he is Turkish? Do you see Contro as a bad leader or just too proud?
  • Indeed, he is Turkish. A leader should represent his tribe, both on the battlefield and on the forums. His accomplishments on the battlefield are meager at most and on the forums..Horrible. I wouldn’t call him proud..he has a giant ego and an unwillingness to accept any other view besides his own.
  • Well he does hold the number one spot for ODD as a whole. Is that not a accomplishment?
  • Sure it is, when you look at it like that. I honestly have no idea what Contro has been attacking to get such a high ODA score. I do however remember the back-story on his ODD gain. He had his villages stacked when DVADER launched at him. What happened? He gained ODD, HELL lost villages because they were empty. Of course he will counter this with stuff like “What proof do I have?” I don’t have any proof. Only the fact that villages were empty and troops were inside his villages. It’s not like I keep a detailed record of everything that has happened in W1.
  • I understand, but he is also proud he survived; most would stack against a whole tribe. Let’s talk about TRaP. I hear there is no alliance between you. How come?
  • I’m not sure I could be proud of making my tribe mates lose villages just so I could boast about it later, it’s just sad. I guess this as good a time as any to informally announce our alliance. It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but I guess HELL and WLE don’t have as many spies in TRaP as they used to. We thought that we should form a alliance to counter HELL/WLE joint ops against us, so that’s exactly what we did.
  • I admire this fact from you. Most would just make it end quickly. Have ToRe and TRaP ever worked together to counter WLE? Friendly terms I mean.
  • Maybe some small skirmishes? Can’t be sure, I don’t tend to stick my nose into ToRe members private businesses. However, anything large-scale? No.
  • I see I see. I admire both tribes, in fact all tribes, they all have some imperfectness about them. Lastly, do you see any new tribes come up from the ashes or its just a straight forward shot from here on?
  • Hmm..I highly doubt it. For a tribe to be born a tribe has to break apart, I don’t see any tribe doing that, it’s just impractical. While ToRe favors all sorts of changes, it does not seem that other tribes do.
  • I like the current tribes personally; I want to see them finish, whichever way the outcomes come. For our female reads, boxers or briefs?
  • Boxers of course, why would anyone in their right mind wear briefs?
  • I am boxer’s fans also, I enjoy the air lol. Well siimikis it has been a pleasure having you here, and Im sorry for keeping you up so late!
  • It’s been a pleasure; do not attack me for the next ~3 hours. Thank you.

You heard it from the Duke of ToRe; who is an awesome guy, full of fun and lots of nukes! Please remember to thank him for his time spent with us and if anyone sees Controleng, tell him that I can get him an autographed copy of Emma Watson poster if he interviews with me.  That is all for this week, I will see you all here next week, take care!